ResMed Mirage Vista Nasal CPAP Mask with Headgear

by Resmed
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ResMed Mirage Vista Nasal CPAP Mask with Headgear

The ResMed Mirage Vista or, as some wishes to name it, The Unobtrusive Choice, is one of the original ResMed masks for CPAP users, apnea therapy patients. More exactly, this mask was specifically designed for users who prefer not to wear a forehead crossbar.

What’s more, this nasal mask allows a completely unobstructed view. It is best for users who prefer to wear their mask while doing everyday activities such as watch TV or read a book. Patients can now finally read themselves to sleep, without having to stop reading in order to start their apnea therapy and then go back to bed.

Key Features

  • New headgear, redefined mask design (doesn’t require re-adjustments)
  • Mirage Dual-Layered Cushion
  • One Snap Elbow which swivels 360°
  • Quick Connect Cushion (instead of cushion clips)
  • Quick-release headgear clips
  • Breath-O-Prene
  • Fit Angle Selector – 20 available positions and 5 available angles
  • Headgear design (no forehead support)
  • A short tube which comes with a 6-foot tube (they can be connected for various uses)
  • Two options: Standard and deep
  • Baby blue color

The ResMed Mirage Vista Nasal Mask combines a streamlined, unobtrusive frame design with the already tested and trusted performance of Mirage cushion technology.

This nasal mask model has been around for years and has still remained one of the most required and worn masks on the market, due to its convenient features, such as the clear field of view which comes as a consequence to the fact that there is no forehead plastic between the patient’s face.

In addition to this, the cushion is positioned lower on the nose in comparison with other masks of this type. Apart from the revolutionary, advanced headgear mask design, there are several more features which keep this mask as popular as it is.

Two-Layer Cushion (simple assembling process)

The ResMed Mirage Vista features the Mirage dual-wall cushion. The design of this cushion allows quick connection and eliminates the need for cushion clips. What is more, the dual-wall cushion makes the assembling/disassembling process simpler than ever before. The silicone cushion also minimizes the pressure on the nose and in the nasal area, simultaneously achieves the optimal seal and stability. The process on which this feature works is through airflow that positions the mask and allows the optimal comfort for each patient.

One Snap Elbow (flexibility)

The mask elbow swivels up to 360 degrees in order to reduce the tension initiated by the headgear and to minimize leaks. Furthermore, this feature allows the ResMed Mirage Vista to always stay in place, even when the user wants to detach it from the tubing.

"Set it and forget it" Headgear

The "Set it and forget it" term is quite popular among patients who use the headgear of the Mirage Vista. This stems from the fact that the headgear of this model comes pre-assembled. In addition to this, once the headgear adjusts to a user’s face and structure, it will stay fit through the whole span of use. The patient doesn’t have the need to readjust the headgear through the night or after each use of the mask.

Quick-release headgear clips

In addition to the famous Headgear, the mask also features the quick-release headgear clips which allow the user to remove the headgear without the need to readjust it. Due to this feature, the user can attach the headgear when he/she needs to once again.

Breath-O-Prene headgear (freshness)

The ResMed Mirage Vista features the Breath-O-Prene headgear which is specially designed in order to draw the moisture away from the user’s face. More exactly, natural oils and moisture can harm the components in a traditional mask, which is not the case with this advanced design. The Breath-O-Prene also reduces irritation, meaning the patient can forget about the red marks and face wrinkles.

Fit Angle Selector (positioning)

The "Fit Angle Selectors" is used as a substitute for the forehead padding. When it comes to finding the best position of the mask, ResMed Mirage Vista users have the possibility to choose among 20 asymmetrical positions and 5 symmetrical headgear angles. This feature allows the pressure from the mask to be distributed evenly around your head.

Cleaning and maintenance

When it comes to cleaning the ResMed Mirage Vista, the process is the same as for any other ResMed mask. More exactly, the nasal masks first need to be disassembled by the user. Next, he/she needs to rinse each component of the mask separately. Once the user finishes with this step, the mask needs to dry out of direct sunlight because the material is heat sensitive.

The ResMed Mirage Vista Nasal Mask doesn’t support strong detergents or strong smelled ingredients. The mask is highly sensitive to both smell and heat.

ResMed offers a variety of face masks for apnea therapy, adjusted to a wide range of users. Moreover, the company has included different preferences and needs while designing different masks and devices. Due to this fact, each patient is able to find the optimum solution and the most comfortable mask. Even if you don’t feel like this mask is the most suitable choice for you, feel free to review the features of the rest of the masks from ResMed.



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