ResMed Quattro FX Full Face CPAP Mask with Headgear

by Resmed

ResMed Quattro FX Full Face CPAP Mask with Headgear

ResMed is a company with many years of experience, dedicated to the health and facilitation of the most important process in the human body: breathing. Their hard work has created another innovative product designed to ease the everyday lives of patients who are experiencing respiratory illness.

The Quattro FX full face CPAP mask is a stylish and lightweight tool that does not create an extra load while you are wearing it and you can set it up in a few easy steps.

Key Features

  • Dual-Wall, Spring Air Cushion
  • No Forehead Support is necessary
  • Less obstructive full face mask
  • Fewer points of contact – reduced chances of irritation
  • Absorbs the patient’s movements, providing a good night of sleep
  • Great comfort and performance
  • 2 models: for Her and for Him
  • 3 sizes for Him: Small, Medium and Large
  • 2 sizes for Her: 3.5 inches and 4 inches

This CPAP mask is designed in order to ease the air flow, but also to provide the user with a comfortable experience. So let’s take a closer look to the features by which this top-notch mask stands out from the rest.

    This full face CPAP mask is excellent for all patients who do not want pressure on their nose bridge but need respiratory assistance.

    2 models: “For Him” and “For Her”

    ResMed has understood the key differences between their male and female patients. Apart from having specific bone structures and facial contours, the patients have also different preferences. For that cause, the company has improved their design and has created two different models.

    ResMed Quattro FX For Him

    The "For Him" version is designed for men in terms of the size, contour, and color.

    ResMed Quattro FX full face CPAP mask for him

    ResMed Quattro FX For Her

    The “For Her” version is specified for women and features a smaller headgear in pink color.

    ResMed Quattro FX full face CPAP mask for her

    The ResMed Quattro FX provides features and feelings not similar to a traditional face mask. What’s more, with the improved design it offers the mask fits the needs of women with both short and long hair. More specifically, this model is advanced to a level to provide comfort in each situation.

    Modern design and five-star quality

    One of the most important features of this full face mask is its neat, gentle design that covers only the part of the nasal bridge, creating a sense of calmness and enjoyment. When setting the mask, the eye area remains completely free without any blockage, making the use of this mask even more pleasant.

    The feeling of wearing this mask is almost imperceptible thanks to its gentle and easy workmanship. Therefore, you will be able to breathe freely without having to face additional obstacles that the heavier and full face masks create.

    The mask is designed to meet the needs of the users as best as possible, while not disturbing the peace and tranquility of those around you. ResMed Quattro FX, is a quiet mask that due to its advanced design will provide you with quiet nights without any interruption. Reduction of noise during breathing is achieved thanks to the built-in vents that softly redirect the breathing air through the mask. In this way, you and your partner will enjoy in a peaceful and quality dream together.

    SpringAir cushion

    Another thing worth mentioning that also contributes to the comfort of ResMed Quattro FX Full Face Masks is the advanced SpringAir cushion. The cushion keeps the mask in place without the need for additional support. The mask will remain on your face in the same position even during sleep.

    The cushion creates a soft feeling that also protects your skin from unpleasant prints. The soft pillow forms a balanced pressure on your mouth and nose that will enable you to sleep peacefully and comfortably throughout the night.

    No Forehead Support

    The combination of the SpringAir frame and SpringAir cushion eliminates the need of a forehead support. Due to this fact, the ResMed Quattro FX is considered to be even more straightforward and fast to adjust.

    Because of the improved technologies regarding the frame and cushion of the mask, the mask has become less obstructive, meaning it allows higher stability and angular adjustments.

    The 360° rotating elbow connected with the air tube easily adjusts to different head movements through the night, simultaneously providing a good night of sleep.

    Easy setting and maintenance

    The flexibility of the mask contributes to an easier setting, without uncomfortable clamping and additional damage to the sensitive parts of the skin. For this reason, the mask is it sufficiently durable and resistant to breaking, but also comfortable enough for wearing.

    As a result of the 360-degree rotating elbow, which is connected to the air tube, the mask easily adjusts to every movement you make and will not interrupt your dream.

    Mask Components

    • Frame
    • Swivel
    • Elbow Polycarbonate
    • Headgear Clip
    • Ports Cap
    • Mask Cushion
    • Valve
    • Valve Clip P
    • Headgear Foam Layer
    • Soft Sleeves

    ResMed masks are made of high-quality material and go through strict regulations. The mask is made of hypoallergenic material, which protects against irritations and swallows.

    The very design of the mask allows minimal contact with the face, so the comfort and the feeling of ease are guaranteed. For more detailed information on the materials, you can visit the official site of the ResMed.

    Choose your best fit

    ResMed offers masks of different sizes for the best fit on your face. ResMed Quattro FX comes in 3 sizes, large, medium and small. To select the perfect size, you need to measure the distance between the forehead point between the eyes and the chin section below the mouth.

    Setting up the mask is done with only a few simple steps. ResMed Quattro FX has a tensile headgear that allows tension adjustment which you can customize according to your needs.

    The refined and stylish look is easily seen on this mask. The headgear for her comes in a baby pink color and its stretching ability allows carrying the mask in combination with different hairstyles.



    Choosing the right type of mask depends on your personal needs and preferences. If you have any questions about the ResMed Quattro FX full face CPAP mask, all you need to do is contact us through mail or give us a call at 1-800-314-8225.