Inogen One G3 Backpack

by Inogen
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Inogen One G3 Backpack

The Inogen One G3 Backpack is the perfect accessory for the Portable Oxygen Concentrator. More exactly, almost any active oxygen concentrator user has the need for this product. What’s more, the G3 Backpack comes with many adjustable features, which allows every user to achieve the ultimate comfort and compatibility.

Key Features

  • 14" Wide x 6" Long x 17" High
  • Weighs 1.5 pounds
  • Easy for transport and carrying
  • Plastic viewing area suitable for seeing the G3 LCD screen
  • Ergonomic and adjustable shoulder strap
  • Adjustable straps (both high and low) – for proper fitting
  • Cooling vents (prevent overheating)
  • Lower zipper pocket (for storing accessories)
  • 2 side stretch-woven mesh pockets
  • 90 Day Warranty
  • Water resistant polyester

The G3 Backpack ensures that the Inogen One G3 oxygen concentrator will not overheat. This is due to the fact that the backpack contains a mesh shell with vents.

Also, there are specially designed openings on the top of the backpack. These allow the user to connect AC/DC power cords or cannulas without the need to take off the backpack. Apart from this, the backpack contains a side panel for external power connection and an easy to access cannula opening.


The Inogen One G3 is 14" wide x 6" long x 17" high and weighs 1.5 pounds. This makes the accessory extremely easy for transport and carrying.

In addition to being lightweight, it is important to mention that the weight is distributed evenly on the user’s body. More specifically, even though the Inogen One G3 system includes a carry bag, it only allows the user to carry the whole device on his/her shoulder.

Contrary to this fact, the backpack is worn on both shoulders and has a strap around the waist which also carries a part of the weight. So, the Inogen One G3 which is already light by itself, in combination with the backpack becomes one of the lightest devices for oxygen patients.

Adjustable and Compatible

Apart from lightweight, the G3 Backpack is ultimately compatible. More exactly, this accessory comes with multiple adjustable features which help provide comfort and a proper fit for each user.

For instance, the backpack comes with an adjustable, ergonomic strap which firmly holds the backpack in place, yet provides extreme comfort. In addition to this, there are both high and low straps for proper fitting. So, no matter the height, weight or size of the user, he/she could use these adjustable features in order to achieve ultimate comfort and functionality.

Apart from this, the backpack includes a lower zipper pocket. The zipper pocket is usually used in order to store accessories of any kind. More specifically, the user can store parts connected to the Oxygen Concentrator or personal stuff such as mobile. Furthermore, the Backpack includes 2 side stretch-woven mesh pockets used for the same cause.


The backpack is made of water-resistant polyester which extremely protects the Oxygen Concentrator. So, even in case of rain or unexpected water splash, the G3 stays in its primary position, not harmed in any way.

Apart from protecting the device from water, the backpack has open material where the intake filters are located. This feature allows the concentrator to get fresh air. The plastic viewing area is suitable for seeing the G3 LCD screen. So, even when the concentrator is in the backpack, the device can be operated because of the transparent window located on top. There’s also an opening next to the transparent window. The opening allows the nasal cannula to be connected easily to the device.

Fitting the Backpack

The fitting process of the Backpack is easy and made in order to be understandable of any user. More exactly, there are a few steps which need to be followed.

First of all, it is important if you are using a single or a double battery. If you are a user with a double battery (16-cell), you need to open the top half of the backpack and remove the battery spacer. However, if you have a single battery (8-cell), you need to skip this step.

The next step is to fully secure the Inogen G3 into the backpack. In order to achieve this, you need to carefully place the device and secure it by attaching the velcro strap around the concentrator. The sign that you have placed the concentrator into backpack rightfully is that you will be able to see the top display screen through the plastic window of the backpack. After checking this issue, you may zip up the portion of the backpack.

To continue with the process, you need to insert the cannula through the cut out of the top of the backpack. Then, attach the tubing securely onto the cannula barb. Note that the vents shouldn’t be blocked. There is a cut out on the top of the backpack so that you can connect it to external power. The lower bottom pocket is used for extra accessories.

After you finish the above-mentioned steps, you need to buckle and pull the straps in order to provide a proper fit and. Yet, the optional strap can be removed.

Ultimate Freedom

Apart from the above-mentioned features, the Inogen One G3 Backpack is mainly famous for the freedom it gives to its users. The customer’s reviews usually mention the word freedom, as if the device allows them to go out and stay active. Also, there are multiple customers who use the backpack for hiking or riding a bicycle.

If you are interested in purchasing the Inogen One G3 Backpack or need some extra information, feel free to contact us any time. You are free to do that by reaching out to us at or by simply giving us a call at 1-800-314-8225.