EW 29 3-Wheel Recreational Scooter


EW 29 3-Wheel Recreational Scooter

How do you feel about riding a trike around town? It’s an excellent way to both exercise a little bit, and be able to switch it over to full power at any time. The EW 29 Recreational Scooter is an excellent mixture of these two things.

It’s a one of a kind scooter that combines both pedal power and battery power. That makes it a perfect fit for more agile people that want to do light exercise from time to time. Unfortunately, some features are reduced like the seat comfort.

Overall, it’s much better than a bike, but a little less comfortable than some other scooters on the market. However, if you're an active person, this scooter might the right fit for you.

Key Features

Key Specs

• Manual pedal & electric-power operated
    • 400 lbs weight capacity
      • Front suspension fork
        • 15 mph top speed
          • LED Headlight and reflectors
            • 20 miles drive range
              • Front and rear baskets
                • 128 pounds total weight

                EWheels Medical is a great developer, manufacturer and distributor of quality, electric powered scooters. They focus on every aspect of their scooters, such as comfort and performance. However, they also value uniqueness and style and try to implement that into their models.

                The EW 29 scooter model designed and manufactured by EWheels is in one word -- convenient. The implementation of the pedals on this scooter make it beyond unique and preferable for many users that want to use a bike, but get easily tired of cycling.

                The best thing is that this transition from a tricycle to a scooter is as simple as it gets. You only need to twist the throttle handle and the electronic power will completely take over, allowing you to take a breath and enjoy the rest of the ride.

                Convenience over comfort - both a good and a bad thing

                As previously mentioned, this scooter is convenient in every aspect. This was most presumably the company’s priority when they designed the unique model. It’s advantageous on some aspects and has its drawbacks on others. The EW 29 scooter can fit very well with people’s needs, but it is surely not suitable for everyone.

                If you are a more energetic person and have no problem paddling from time to time, we recommend you this EWheels model. Coming with two baskets, one of which is much larger and covered, EW 29 is excellent for a casual ride around town, even with a pet. However, if you have limited agility or trouble walking, then you will be better off with a mobility scooter, which they also have in many shapes and sizes.

                The scooter resembles a bicycle, therefore the seat is designed in a similar matter. That means that instead of a usual extra comfortable and large seat, you will get a type oversized seat with backrest only. Besides, it is in no way adjustable.

                The size of it is 10 inches in length, 12 inches in width, and 9 inches in height.

                Scooter Capacity

                Weight Capacity

                It’s impressive how much this scooter can handle. The weight capacity is 400lbs. That is great considering that the scooter's overall weight is 128lbs. That means that the scooter can carry more than triple its weight. EW 29 is excellent even for heavier users that want to travel without any difficulties, and at the same time use the scooter to exercise.


                The speed of the scooter can reach up to 15 mph. It’s up to you to determine at which velocity you want to travel and how. To control the ride, the scooter has a variable twist throttle.

                Travel Range

                Considering the design of this scooter, it’s safe to say that there isn’t a travel limitation unless you set up one. The battery, however, will last up to 20 miles on a single charge. This is not an accurate number though, as it can vary depending on the terrain, the rider’s weight, and the surface of the road. It’s advised not to use the scooter for long rides unless it is fully charged before that. However, even if the empty battery leaves you in the middle of the road, you can always make an effort and paddle back to your destination.

                Battery Type

                The scooter comes with 4 - 12 volt 12 amp hour SLA batteries. Besides, the tiller has a control panel with a battery indicator that will show you if the batteries are full or the scooter needs charging. If the battery indicator shows red, make sure you put your scooter on a charger for a few hours before using it.

                Your scooter purchase comes with a 48-Volt smart charger.

                Safety-Related Features

                Apart from the other specifications, the EW 29 scooter is relatively safe. This is thanks to several features including the following:

                • Lights, including reflectors and a LED headlight  
                • Front V brake and rear expansion brake 
                • Variable twist throttle


                The warranty of the EW 29 recreational scooter is not the usual EWheels one. This scooter comes with a limited warranty that covers the following:

                • One year warranty on the frame components, which include the platform, the seat post, and the scooter frame.
                • One year warranty on all the electronic components.
                • The batteries, in this case, are not warranted, neither are the consumables (seat cushion, tires, tubes, etc.)


                • Dimensions: (L) 67” x (W) 29” x (H) 38”  
                • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs.  
                • Scooter Weight: 128 lbs. 
                • Speed: Up to 15mph
                • Distance: 20 miles per charge (distance varies on terrain, riders weight, road surface, etc.) 
                • Front Seat: Type Oversized With Backrest, Size (L) 10“ x (W) 12“ x (H) 9”
                • Steering Height: 38” minimum, 38” maximum  
                • Power: Electric 48 volts 
                • Watts: 500-750 Watt power peaks 
                • Motor Type: 500w Direct-drive hub motor/ Amps: 12 AH / Volts: 48 Volts 
                • Floor Clearance: 6” 
                • Front Basket: (L) 8”x (W) 10” x (H) 7”
                • Batteries: 4 - 12 volt 12 amp hour SLA  
                • Front tire size: 22” x 1.95” 
                • Rear tires size: 20” x 1.95” 
                • Charger: 48-volt Smart Charger Included 
                • Variable Twist Throttle  
                • Key Start: Yes 
                • Braking System: Front V brake, rear expansion brake 
                • LED Headlight  
                • Battery Indicator Included 
                • Front suspension fork 
                • Reflectors Included



                All in all, this is definitely a unique and one of a kind scooter model. In other words, it targets a more specific customers’ group. 

                If you want to learn more about the EW 29 Recreational Scooter, apart from this brief explanation, you can easily reach us by giving us a call at 1-800-314-8225 or emailing us at hello@sprylyfe.com.