EW 32 Recreational Scooter


EW 32 3-Wheel Recreational Scooter

Designed by EWheels Medical, the EW 32 model is a recreational scooter suitable for different occasions. You can use it for a casual ride around your neighborhood, for going grocery shopping, or to run all your errands around town without any difficulties.

There are many things that users will find appealing in this scooter. All in all, the EW 32 is speedy, highly practical, and pretty comfortable. Now, let’s see if it’s going to be a good fit for you.

Key Features

Key Specs

• Swivel seat & tiltable backrest
    • 350 lbs weight capacity
      • Adjustable & foldable Tiller
        • 10 mph top speed
          • Bluetooth, USB port & phone holder
            • 30-35 miles drive range
              • LED headlight
                • 200 pounds total weight

                For such a small scooter the EW 32 offers plenty of features. When designing the scooter, the main focus was set on making it as more practical and modern as it can be. Therefore it’s important to mention that this model comes with an electronic package that includes a Bluetooth speaker, a USB port, and a holder for your smartphone.

                Apart from this, the EWheels’ EW 32 recreational scooter is all about comfort and performance. This model can support up to 350lbs, and depending on your weight, the terrain you use it on, etc., it can achieve a speed of 10mph. That, combined with the fact that the scooter can travel for 30-35 miles on a single charge, makes it an excellent companion in finishing your daily chores. Besides, if you use it for longer rides, they are going to be quite pleasant thanks to its adjustable seat and tiller.  

                Performance Highlights

                Weight Capacity

                Considering that it is a slightly smaller model, this 3-wheel scooter has some impressive features. The weight limit this scooter can handle goes up to 350lbs. That is excellent for many users. However, the weight of the user defines how fast the scooter will go. A heavier rider will slow down the scooter speed.


                The speed range is interesting because this scooter can be adjusted to two maximum speed limits. The first one is 5mph, which is good for recreational rides and it is also safer. The other is 10pmh, for those who travel on long distances and want to be more mobile around town. As previously mentioned, a heavier user will slow down the speed. Apart from this, other factors such as the terrain and the road surface can also influence the maximum velocity of the scooter.

                Travel Range

                On a single battery charge, EW 32 can travel up to 30 or 35 miles. This, of course, depends on several factors. The scooter is perfect for outdoor terrain. However, with a heavier user and uneven terrain, the travel range can be much lower. In perfect conditions, your scooter can last for 35miles, as long as the battery was fully charged prior to your trip.

                Motor Type & Batteries

                The scooter is equipped with a powerful brushless motor. In other words, the engine is highly efficient, with a longer lifespan than brush motors, and it also requires lower maintenance. On the other hand, the battery is 48 Volt, 20AH and it comes SLA sealed. It comes with a 48 Volt Smart Charger.

                Sporty Look & Enhanced Comfort

                The EW 32 recreational 3-wheel scooter has a nice sporty look and is equipped with a larger covered basket, great for your groceries and personal belongings. Besides the look, the scooter is also very comfortable, and it can be adjusted to fit your likings.

                Adjustable seat

                The EW 32 seat is adjustable and can also be removed allowing the scooter to be easily transported and stored. The seat size is 18 inches in depth, 18 inches in width, and is 20 inches high. Overall, the cushioned executive swivel seat can tilt back, and if you want to be closer or further apart from the tiller, the seat has forward and back adjustments. Additionally, it also comes with an adjustable armrest.

                The seat cushion is 28 to 30 inches high measured from the surface. It’s also adjustable, and you can set it up higher or lower, depending on your preferences.

                Foldable Tiller

                The tiller is another part of this scooter that can be altered according to the user’s needs. It’s adjustable it can be set up depending on your height, together with the seat. This will provide you with maximum comfort while riding the EW 32. The tiller is also foldable.

                Pneumatic Tires

                Pneumatic tires have many benefits. In this case, they can absorb shock leads when you are traveling on a bumpy road. They can also be used on an off-road terrain, which makes the EW 32 scooter great for all kinds of use. Besides, thanks to them, you won’t lose your comfort.    

                Safety Features

                • Drum brake on the front wheel
                • Two rear hydraulic disc brakes
                • Lever-operated handbrake
                • Ground clearance of 3 inches
                • Twist-throttle controls
                • LED Front-Lighting Package


                With EW 32 you get EWheels' standard warranty. This means that there is a 3-year guarantee on the frame components of the scooter, which are the platform, the seat post, and the frame. On the other hand, there is a 1-year limited warranty on all electronic components and a 6-months policy on the batteries. The battery charger is excluded from this, and you will get only a one month warranty for it.


                • Cane holder
                • Cup holder
                • Oxygen tank holder
                • Flag with mounting hardware
                • Large or standard size saddle bag
                • Vented canopy

                All in all, this fun electric vehicle is excellent for people that require a little extra help in their daily chores. It’s suitable for older people, but should be ridden with precaution and used only after reading the full product manual.

                 EW 32 3-Wheel Recreational Scooter Specifications:

                • Dimensions: (L) 66” x (W) 30.5” x (H) 47.5”
                • Weight capacity: 350 lbs.
                • Speed: Up to 10mph but varies based on the riders’ weight, terrain and road surface etc.
                • Distance: 30-35 miles per charge (distance varies on terrain, riders weight and road surface etc.)
                • The electronic package includes Bluetooth, USB Port & Cell Phone holder
                • Oversized adjustable cushioned executive swivel seat, tiltable backrest, adjustable armrest, and forward/back seat adjustment
                • Removable seat, size (D) 18” x (W) 18” x (H) 20”
                • Oversized Rear Covered Basket: (D) 13”x (W) 19”x (H) 10”
                • Total Height with seat and tiller folded down: 36”
                • Adjustable Front Tiller
                • Seat Cushion Height: 28”-30”(adjustable) from surface
                • Adjustable Steering Height Scooter Floor:  32”- 34”
                • Adjustable Steering Height Floor Surface: 42”- 44”
                • Motor Type: Powerful Brushless Motor
                • Batteries: 48 Volt, 20 AH, SLA sealed
                • Turning Radius: 60”
                • Foldable Front Tiller
                • Floor Clearance: 3”
                • LED Front-Lighting Package
                • One Front Tire 3”x16” and Two Rear Tires 3”x11”

                If you have any questions, or you need a more detailed explanation about the specifications of the EW 32 Recreational Scooter, you can contact us by giving us a call at 1-800-314-8225 or emailing us at hello@sprylyfe.com.