EW M92 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter


EW M92 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter

EWheels Medical is a relatively new company on the market, created under the brand EWheels. According to the features they offer, their products vary in performance and price. However, one of the best products they have produced in their short existence in this industry is the EW-M92 scooter.

Key Features

Key Specs

• Full lighting package
    • 400 lbs weight capacity
      • Delta Tiller handlebar
        • 8 mph top speed
          • Luxury sliding swivel seat
            • 23 miles drive range
              • Available in red and gray shrouds
                • 246 pounds total weight

                  Its excellent features make it slightly more expensive than the others, including the EW-M91 scooter. It’s a stylish four-wheeler designed for maximum comfort and security while operating on longer distances. Besides, for users who are bored of the typical average scooter look, the EW-M92 comes in two colors, red and grey, that give away a modern and more unique look to it.

                    If you are searching for a scooter for both outdoor and indoor use, you are looking at the solution. Just by taking a glance at the features, you will notice that the EW-M92 has immense potential and can quickly become an excellent companion to many types of medical scooter users. The combination of speed and travel range makes it perfect for longer trips, while the other features and specifications indicate that the scooter is great for both indoor and outdoor use.

                    Not only this, but the scooter guarantees a safe and pleasant drive with its luxury adjustable seat and flip-up armrest. One of the few shortcomings is that the scooter lacks some small features, for example, a headrest. However, EWheels Medical’s EW-M92 overcompensates this with its remaining excellent features and the superb performance.

                    Enjoy a Smooth Ride Around Town

                    The EW-M92 Scooter allows users to take a longer ride. With a single battery charge, the scooter can go up to 23 miles. The maximum speed, on the other hand, is 8 miles per hour. By combining these two, you get to enjoy a pleasant ride while taking the time to run your errands or finish your chores.

                    Satisfying Dimensions

                    EWheels Medical EW-M92 scooter is mid-sized, with 55 inches in length, 26.6 inches in width, and 40 inches high.  With a scooter this size, it is easier to navigate through the streets. The width of the seat can be 19 or 22 inches, depending on your needs. The wheels are in different dimensions. The two front wheels are 11 inches, while the rear ones are 13 inches. 

                    Delta Tiler Handle

                    The delta tiler handlebar is a great addition for people who have limited dexterity or hand strength. The handle is in a wrap-around style, that allows the wrists to relax on it, minimizing the strain on the hands.

                    Good Ground Clearance

                    The ground clearance, or the space between the lowest point of the scooter and the ground, is 3 inches. A taller scooter sometimes means a safer scooter. This will add extra smoothness to your ride. In addition to this, the vehicle can climb grades at 12 degrees and has a turning radius of 59 inches.

                    Full Lighting Package

                    The full lighting package allows you to easily navigate through traffic. This means that the EW-M92 scooter was designed with a headlight, rear lights, turn signals and hazard lights. This and the mirror on the tiller are going to provide you with a dependable transportation mean.

                    Full Body Suspension For Extra Comfort

                    The EW-M92 model was designed with the intention to provide the users ultimate comfort, with one exception. The seat does not offer a headrest. However, everything else is included in the deal. EWheels scooter was produced with a full body suspension for extra comfort. That means it is cushioned, and the seat was made in a large executive swivel style. This allows the user to easily get on and off of the scooter.

                    What’s best about this is that the scooter’s seat is completely adjustable in order to fit with your needs. Besides, it has a flip-up armrest.

                    The scooter itself can endure up to 400 lbs. This makes it an excellent choice for heavier users, who have difficulties walking.   

                    Sleek and Stylish

                    All medical scooters and scooter brands put the main focus on security and comfort. However, EWheels Medical also thinks of the way you will look while riding one of their scooters. They design their three-wheelers and four-wheelers in a more stylish way, giving them a sleek look. Many of their models offer a choice between two colors, and they can even make you a custom scooter.

                    The EW-M91 also comes in two colors, red and grey. They are both very modern and can definitely catch the attention of people walking by you, as you pass through with your stylish scooter.

                    For those who want a combination of style and functionality, this scooter is a great choice. Not only it looks good but it provides an excellent performance.

                    Now let’s take a more serious approach to this model.

                    Performance and Strength 


                    As with most of EWheel Medical scooters, the electronics on the EW-M92 model include an on and off key switch, a speed control knob, and a battery level indicator. The first two are fairly easy to navigate, and you won’t need any kind of experience, only paying extra attention. The battery indicator, on the other hand, will tell you whether you should charge your scooter or not. We advise you to play your longer trips carefully and to charge your battery prior to that.


                    While on the subject, the EW-M92 comes with 50 AH Batteries. They will allow you to travel up to 23 miles on a fully charged scooter. Usually, such batteries require recharging them every once in a while if you don’t use your scooter regularly, or after every ride, if you use it on a daily basis.

                    Motor Strength

                    For longer and more demanding rides, you need a scooter that has a good motor power. The EW-M92 boasts with a 700 W motor size, which is better than the 500 W motor of the EW-M91 and much better than many other models this company produces.

                    Overall, the scooter can satisfy the needs of the more demanding users, providing them with excellent stability, performance, and look.

                    EW M92 4-Wheel Features and Specifications:

                    • Maximum Speed: 8mph
                    • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs.
                    • Range: 23 miles
                    • Delta Tiller Handle Bar
                    • 19” or 22” Wide Tall Back Luxury Swivel Seat- Sliding Adjustment
                    • Full Lighting Package
                    • 50 AH Batteries
                    • Dimensions: (L) 55“ (W) 26.6” (H) 40”
                    • Wheels: Front - 11” Rear - 13”  
                    • Weight: 246 lbs.
                    • Ground Clearance: 3”
                    • Grade Climbable: 12 degree
                    • Turning Radius: 59 “
                    • Electromagnetic Brake
                    • Motor Size: 700 W
                    • Battery: (2)12V 50AH
                    • Electronics: On/Off Key Switch, Battery Level Indicator, Speed Control Knob


                    If you are in need of a more detailed explanation about the specifications of EWheels Medical EW – M92 scooter, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time. You can do that by giving us a call at 1-800-314-8225 or emailing us at hello@sprylyfe.com.