Spitfire Scout 4-Wheel Travel Scooter

by Drive

Spitfire Scout 4-Wheel Travel Scooter

Drive Medical’s Spitfire Scout 4-Wheel Travel Scooter is engineered to meet the needs of various types of users. Its features ensure that you will have the most comfortable mobility scooter experience at an affordable price.

Key Features

Key Specs

• Padded delta tiller
    • 300 lbs weight capacity
      • Padded, adjustable armrests
        • 4.25 mph top speed
          • Large, plastic carry basket
            • 9 miles drive range
              • Adjustable swivel seat
                • 94 pounds total weight

                  If you prefer a 3-wheel scooter, the Scout model also comes in a 3-wheel version, the Spitfire Scout 3, which is lighter and conveniently portable.

                  Easily customizable

                  Drive Medical understands that comfort is highly subjective. That’s why Spitfire Scout 4 can be customized and adjusted in several ways to meet the user’s needs.

                  Swivel seat

                  The height of the swivel seat can be adjusted from 17 to 19 inches floor-to-seat height. It can also be rotated in 180-degree angle for easy mounting and dismounting.


                  The scooter comes with a padded armrest which you can slide inward or outward. This ensures that you have enough room to sit in. You can also adjust the armrest to your desired angle for additional comfort.


                  The Tiller height can be adjusted so that it comes to a comfortable level with your arms. You can also adjust the angle of the tiller so you won’t have to extend your arms and can simply drive with your back against the backrest.

                  Sturdy and portable

                  As a 4-wheel mobility power scooter, the Spitfire Scout 4 has better stability compared to 3-wheel scooters. It has a total weight of only 94 pounds and its heaviest piece, the front section, only weighs 39 pounds.

                  With an overall dimension of 42.5 inches L x 21.5 inches W, this scooter allows you to maneuver easily in tight corridors and passageways.

                  You can also disassemble the scooter into 5 easily transportable sections: the seat (with a fold-down backrest), the battery pack, the front section (which is the heaviest part), the rear section, and the basket. This makes transporting and storing the mobility scooter simpler and easier.

                  Safety and security features

                  When choosing a mobility scooter, safety should always be one of your priorities. Drive Medical recognizes this so it has equipped the Spitfire Scout 4 with the following safety features:

                  Anti-tip wheels

                  The anti-tip wheels help prevent accidents by ensuring that you don’t accidentally tip over, especially when you go on an incline or a tight turn. The wheels are also flat-free, making the scooter safer and low-maintenance.

                  Freewheel and drive modes

                  The Spitfire Scout 4 has manual freewheel levers which allow you to use the unit without consuming power:

                  • The freewheel or “disengaged” mode enables the scooter to roll freely even without power as it releases the lock on the gearbox.
                  • The drive or “engaged” mode doesn’t allow the scooter to roll freely because it keeps the gearbox locked.

                  Drive Medical warns against putting the scooter on freewheel mode while you’re sitting in the unit. You should also never activate the freewheel mode when you are driving on an incline as you might lose control.


                  Releasing the throttle will put the Spitfire Scout 4 into a complete stop. It is also equipped with two types of braking systems:

                  • Regenerative brakes decelerate the scooter by applying electricity. It is activated when you return the throttle to the neutral position.
                  • Park brakes are automatically activated when the scooter comes to a complete stock, locking the wheels.

                  Positioning belt (Optional)

                  The scooter can also come with a positioning or a safety belt as an added safety feature. If you believe that you need one, you can get a go signal from your healthcare provider.

                  Diagnostic light and battery indicator

                  The diagnostic light guides you in performing basic troubleshooting. It displays flash codes that help you determine technical problems. You can find the diagnostic light in the control panel of the scooter, together with the battery indicator.

                  Take note that when the light is steady, it means that the scooter is performing well. When there’s a problem, it will start flashing codes:

                  Flash code


                  Recommended Action


                  Thermal fault

                  Power off the scooter and wait for 15 minutes before you turn it on again


                  Throttle fault

                  Check the connection of the throttle and replace if needed


                  Speed pot fault

                  Check the speed pot connection and replace if needed


                  Low voltage

                  Charge the battery


                  Main fault

                  Contact an authorized Drive Medical provider


                  Brake fault

                  Engage the freewheel level into “drive” mode


                  Throttle fault

                  Put the throttle in the neutral position before turning the power on


                  Battery fault

                  Check the connections and charge if needed

                  The battery indicator, on the other hand, gives you cues on the scooter’s charge status:

                • Red light means that you need to charge immediately.
                • Orange light means that the battery charge is nearing critical levels.
                • Green light means that the battery is fully charged.

                • Horn

                  The scooter is also equipped with a horn button in the control panel as an additional safety feature. This will help you alert people that you are passing through to avoid accidents.


                  Weight capacity

                  The Spitfire Scout 4 scooter can carry a maximum weight of 300 pounds.

                  Travel range

                  The scooter can let you enjoy your daily activities without worrying about charging emergencies. It conveniently has a maximum travel range of 9 miles if you use 12AH batteries. With 20AH batteries, you can enjoy an extended range of up to 15 miles. The top speed of the Scout 4 is 4.25 mph.

                  Although the scooter is engineered in a way that it can be used nonstop for hours, you should still take a cue from the battery indicator.

                  Provides comfort and great functionality

                  Delta Tiller

                  A padded delta tiller makes it easy to maneuver the scooter using one hand. This design is also user-friendly and prevents wrist strain.

                  Carry basket

                  You can put your personal items in the large, plastic carry basket attached to the tiller post.

                  Battery and charging

                  Before charging the scooter, make sure that the power is turned off and the freewheel levers are engaged. Plug the charger into the scooter, then into the electrical outlet.

                  Available accessories (optional):

                  • Dust cover
                  • Oxygen tank holder
                  • Crutch/cane holder
                  • Trailer
                  • Drink holder
                  • Rear basket
                  • Backpack
                  • Armrest bag

                  Spitfire Scout 4-Wheel Travel Scooter Specs:

                  • Weight Capacity: 300 pounds
                  • Top Speed: 4.25 mph
                  • Turning Radius: 53.75 inches
                  • Drive Range: 9.00 miles
                  • Heaviest Piece: 39 pounds
                  • Ground Clearance: 2.5 inches
                  • Max Incline Rating: 6°
                  • Disassembles: Yes
                  • Delta Tiller: Yes
                  • Adjustable Tiller: Yes
                  • Seat Width: 16.5 inches
                  • Max Seat to Ground Height: 19 inches
                  • Lowest Seat to Ground Height: 17 inches
                  • Power Elevating Seat: No
                  • Height Adjustable Seat: Yes
                  • Wheel Type: 4-wheeled
                  • Front Wheel Size: 8” x 2” flat-free
                  • Rear Wheel Size: 8" x 2” flat-free
                  • Air-Filled (Pneumatic) Tires: No
                  • Overall Width: 21.25"
                  • Overall Length: 42.5 inches
                  • Transportable/Collapsible: Yes
                  • Battery Type: 12V x 12 AH (pair) / 12V x 21AH (pair, for extended model)
                  • Batteries Included: Yes
                  • Battery Charger Type: Off Board
                  • Larger Battery Option: Yes
                  • Motor Size: 24V x 270W x 4700rpm
                  • Suspension: No
                  • Braking System: Electromagnetic
                  • Weight Without Batteries: 74 pounds
                  • Battery Pack Weight: 20 pounds
                  • Seat Section Weight: 16 pounds
                  • Base and Tiller Weight: 58 pounds
                  • Charging Port Location: Battery Box
                  • Top Speed: 4.25 mph
                  • Turning Radius: 53.75 inches

                  Spitfire Scout 4-Wheel Warranty:

                  • Warranty on Frame: Lifetime
                  • Warranty of the electronic controller: 24 months
                  • Warranty on the batteries: 12 months


                  If you are in need of a more detailed explanation about the specifications of Spitfire Scout 4-Wheel scooter, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time. You can do that by giving us a call at 1-800-314-8225 or emailing us at hello@sprylyfe.com.