Inogen One G3

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Inogen One G3:

The G3 is one of the most popular portable oxygen concentrators on the market. Inogen is a world leading brand that has consistently released some of the best respiratory medical devices on the market.  

This Package Includes:

  • Inogen One G3
  • Single Battery (Double Battery Optional)
  • User Manual 
  • AC Power Supply
  • DC Power Supply
  • Carry Bag

Why choose the Inogen One G3 Oxygen Concentrator? 

The G3 is packed full of luxurious features that allow you to experience the supplemental oxygen 24/7 without having to lug around heavy & difficult to use oxygen cans. 

The Inogen Oxygen Concentrator weighs just 4.8 pounds and there are accessories such as the portable backpack that allow you to easily carry this portable oxygen concentrator. Not only is this unit extremely light, this device is extremely small at only 8.25*8.75*3.0 inches. 

The G3 has two different battery options. The single battery will last up to 4.7 hours while the double battery will last you up to 10 hours. The exact battery life will ultimately depend on what settings you're using. One great thing about this unit is that it comes with a DC power supply, so you can simply charge this unit while you're traveling in your car. 

If you're traveling on vacation and will be flying, you can rest assured since the Inogen One G3 is FAA approved for airline travel within the United States. 

Using the Inogen One G3 is extremely easy and user-friendly. There is a large LCD screen that displays your current flow setting and battery life. To adjust the flow setting, you simply press the +/- button and your new flow setting will be reflected on the screen. 

Another huge benefit of this device is how quiet it is. This unit operates at only 39 decibels, so you can easily bring it with you to the library, church, or dinner without having to worry about the noise level your machine is putting off. 

One of our favorite features on the Inogen One G3 is the intelligent pulse dose delivery technology. Intelligent pulse dose delivery technology makes sure that oxygen therapy is always delivered efficiently. If a patient is breathing out of their mouth and no breath is detected by the Inogen One G3, an audible alert will sound and let the patient know that their breath isn't currently being detected. This safety feature offers a fantastic boost in the overall efficiency of this device. 

The oxygen flow settings on this portable oxygen concentrator range from 1-5. 

Accessories for the Inogen G3:

  • External Battery Charger - The G3 has an optional external battery charger that allows you to charge additional batteries when they aren't connected to your portable oxygen concentrator. The external battery charger takes approximately 3 hours to charge a single battery and approximately 6 hours to charge the double battery. 
  • G3 BackpackThe backpack allows you to easily slide the unit into the backpack. While the unit is inside of the backpack, you can still use the device and you can also access the settings to adjust your flow, turn the device on, turn the device off, and all of the other features that you'll need. The backpack for the G3 has two shoulder straps, a carrying case, and a waist belt if you would like to buckle the unit around your stomach. 
  • G3 Double Battery - This accessory allows you to double your battery life on the G3 Concentrator.

You can always purchase a new battery (or double battery) in the future if you find that you're having to charge your Inogen One G3 too often, though most of our customers are happy with the standard double battery. Extra batteries do come in handy when traveling or leaving the house for extended periods of time. 

If you have any additional questions about the Inogen One G3, please give us a call at (800) 314-8225 or email us at