EW M81 Power Chair


EW M81 Power Chair

If you are looking for a power chair, also known as a power wheelchair, to help with your mobility issues, you might wanna take a look the EW M81 power chair manufactured by EWheels Medical.

Key Features

Key Specs

• Right/left exchangeable joystick controller
    • 300 lbs weight capacity
      • Foldable, stadium-style seat
        • 4 mph top speed
          • Disassembles into 5 main components
            • 8 miles drive range
              • Available in red and blue colors
                • 105 pounds total weight

                  This power chair is a great choice for people who lack the strength to operate a mobility scooter as well as those who need full-time mobility assistance. With the EW M81 power chair, you’ll be able to practice your independent mobility and attend to your daily routine with ease.

                  Why the EW M81 Power Chair is Probably What You Need?

                  Power chairs are great mobility aids for people who have balance problems and poor lower body strength as well as those who have poor dexterity and upper body strength, making it hard for them to push a manual wheelchair and operate a mobility scooter.

                  The EW M81 4-Wheel power chair is practically an electric wheelchair controlled by a joystick. It has everything you need in a basic power chair but with additional features and practical specifications:

                  The EW M81 4-Wheel Power Chair is stable, durable, and portable

                  This power wheelchair has a stable design as it is intended for people with poor balance. Its front wheels are 5 inches in diameter while its rear wheels are 8 inches in diameter. To further enhance the EW M81’s stability when running on downslopes, upslopes, and curves, this power chair has anti-tip wheels in the rear to prevent you from tipping and losing balance.

                  This electric wheelchair’s stability and durability didn’t cancel out its portability. In fact, it is very lightweight with only a total of 105 pounds, batteries included. Transporting the EW M81 power chair is also easy as it can be disassembled into 5 main components with just a touch of a button. You can easily fit these individual pieces in the trunk of your car, van, or truck.

                  Likewise, you can reassemble this power chair in seconds as the individual components can snap together easily, making this variant perfect for people with an active lifestyle.

                  The EW M81 4-Wheel Power Chair has great specifications

                  This power chair is sure to provide you with the power and capacity to match your active lifestyle as it has the following specifications:

                  Overall dimension and weight

                  The EW M81 power chair has a total dimension of 31.9” (L) x 23.6” (W) x 36.8” (H), so traveling through narrow indoor hallways and corridors is not a problem. It is lightweight as well with only a total of 105 pounds for easier storage and transport. Its batteries weigh only 23 pounds.

                  Weight capacity, speed, and mileage

                  Although this power wheelchair is lightweight, it can carry a maximum load of 300 pounds. Its 150 W 2-motor rear-wheel drive can give you a maximum speed of 4 mph. When fully charged, the EW M81 power chair can give you up to 8 miles of driving range.

                  To enjoy the best capacity of the EW M81, it is best to use it on a dry, even, and flat surface as uneven terrain and inclines can reduce its driving range.

                  Climbing angle and turning radius

                  This power chair can climb inclines and ramps that have a maximum angle of 6 degrees. Navigating through crowded areas and tight curves is a breeze as well for it has a turning radius of 27.4 inches.

                  The EW M81 4-Wheel Power Chair is safe and secure

                  EWheels Medical considers the safety of its customers to be of vital importance so the company has installed several safety features to the EW M81 to ensure that its users can enjoy a worry-free ride:

                  Anti-tip wheels

                  If traveling on inclines and sharp curves is giving you anxiety, worry no more since the EW M81 has anti-tip wheels to ensure that you don’t tip over and lose balance. This feature also adds stability to the wheels that further reinforces your safety.

                  Speed control buttons and speed gauge

                  The EW M81 4-wheel power chair has speed control buttons on the controller so you can set up how fast your power chair can go when you engage the joystick. The left button is for slowing the power chair’s maximum speed, while the right button is for speeding it up until you reach the maximum speed of 4 mph.

                  The speed gauge lets you know what setting your speed control is currently at. The power chair will follow the maximum speed that you set on the control buttons, no matter how far you engage the joystick.


                  You use the joystick to control the speed of acceleration and deceleration of the EW M81 power chair. It is strategically located near the armrest so you can easily reach it even with your forearms resting on the armrests.

                  To accelerate, simply push the joystick forward. Releasing the joystick to the neutral position will trigger the power chair to decelerate and stop completely.

                  Electromagnetic braking system

                  The EW M81 power chair uses an electromagnetic braking system to ensure your safety when you’re on the road.

                  Battery indicator

                  A battery indicator is an important feature in any electronic mobility aid. The EW M81’s battery indicator is located on the controller assembly, above the green power button. Never disregard the warning from the battery indicator to avoid inconvenience.

                  Horn button

                  The horn button of the EW M81 power chair is located on the control assembly, beneath the power button. A horn is an important safety and security feature to let people know of your presence as well as a tool to call for help when you need assistance.


                  The EW M81 has reflectors installed on either side of the battery pack for better visibility and safety.

                  Lap belt

                  This power wheelchair also has a lap belt to secure you to your seat.

                  The EW M81 4-Wheel Power Chair is customizable, comfortable, and stylish

                  Adjustable Controller Assembly

                  To accommodate both left and right-handed users, the EW M81 has an exchangeable controller assembly. You can change the location of the controller either on the left or on the right armrest, whichever provides you with more convenience.

                  You can also adjust the length of the controller assembly to a comfortable distance from the armrest.

                  Storage basket

                  This lightweight power chair has a storage basket below the seat and in front of the battery box where you can put your belongings and personal items.

                  Armrests, seat, and backrest

                  The EW M81 4-wheel power chair has padded armrests for your comfort. It also has a stadium seat with 18.5 inches width. The ergonomically designed seat is adequately padded, upholstered, and foldable. The curved backrest is also padded to help reduce back pain when sitting for long hours.


                  This power chair has a foot plate where you can rest your feet comfortably while on the road.

                  Two color options

                  The EW M81 power chair has two available color options you can choose from: red or blue. You can pick whichever color matches your personality. Regardless of which, this scooter guarantees you a stylish look.

                  EW M81 4-Wheel Power Chair Key Features:

                  • Maximum speed: 4 mph
                  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs
                  • Driving range: 8 miles
                  • Stadium-design, foldable seat
                  • Joystick controller
                  • Battery indicator
                  • Horn button
                  • Speed control buttons
                  • Speed gauge
                  • Right/left exchangeable controller
                  • Length-adjustable controller assembly
                  • Lap belt

                  EW M81 4-Wheel Power Chair Specifications:

                  • Overall Length: 31.9 inches
                  • Overall Width: 23.6 inches
                  • Overall Height: 36.8 inches
                  • Front Wheels: 5 inches
                  • Rear Wheels:  8 inches
                  • Total Weight w/ Batteries: 105 lbs
                  • Ground Clearance: 1.6 inches
                  • Climbing angle: 6°
                  • Turning Radius: 27.4 inches
                  • Brake: Electromagnetic
                  • Seat Width: 18.5 inches
                  • Motor Size: 150 W
                  • Drive train: 2-Motor Rear-Wheel Drive
                  • Battery Size: two 12V 14AH
                  • Battery Weight: 23 lbs
                  • On/Off Key Switch: Yes
                  • Battery Indicator: Yes
                  • Speed Control buttons: Yes
                  • Disassembles: Yes
                  • Reflectors: Yes, rear
                  • Storage basket: Yes, under the seat
                  • Anti-tip wheels: Yes



                  If you have any more questions about the EW M81 4-Wheel Power Chair, please give us a call at 1-800-314-8225 or email us at hello@sprylyfe.com.