Backpack for SimplyGo Mini


Backpack for Simply Go Mini Oxygen Concentrator

The Philips SimplyGo mini Backpack is a stylish accessory for all the portable oxygen concentrator users who are regularly on the move. The backpack is perfect for the respiratory products the company produces.

Phillips is a company founded in 1891 and ever since then it is changing the lives of patients drastically. Through meaningful innovations, their mission is to improve the quality of the lives of the people who constantly deal with breathing problems.

The SimplyGo mini Backpack is lightweight and designed to fit anyone's taste. It is a great alternative to go hands-free while using the needed portable oxygen tank. This product is a perfect choice for all the oxygen users who want to avoid shoulder pains and aggravated mobility.

Why Choose the SimplyGo Mini Backpack

  • Lightweight
  • Stylish
  • Durable
  • Adjustable

Key Features

  • Weighs 13 ounces
  • Compatible for standard and extended battery
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Machine washable
  • Cutout for oxygen tubing
  • Padded bottom for additional protection
  • Available in two colors; black and brown

The backpack, not being heavy at all, means that it can be easily worn without any difficulties regardless of age or sex. It makes a great company for the trip to the market or for outdoor activities. The users hardly notice the oxygen concentrator tanks, since the backpack offers a feeling of both, comfort and freedom in their movement.

To all of those who refuse to stay at home and not move around, this fashionable piece of equipment will become their best friend.

Comfortable to Wear

Due to its lightweight and perfect design, the SimplyGo Mini Backpack allows comfortable transportation of the Phillips Respironics SimplyGo Mini. The backpack is perfectly suitable not to cause back of shoulder pains of the wearer.

It is ideally created to initiate a good feeling and that is exactly why the oxygen users do not feel either, the backpack or their oxygen concentrators. Additionally, it has padded and adjustable shoulder straps that only add to the comfort, as well as a convenient top handle.

Easy to use

Not a lot different from any other backpack, the SimplyGo Mini Backpack requires a little to no effort to serve its purpose. All the wearers have to do is place their portable SimplyGo Mini oxygen concentrator inside the backpack. Then zip the main compartment and adjust the straps as pleased.

On the backpack itself, there is a cutout where the oxygen tubing should go and connect the concentrator with the patient. If not worn on the back, the backpack can be also carried manually using the top handle.

On-The-Go and Hands-Free Solution

For the carriers of oxygen tanks, traveling even for a day is not always the most pleasant experience. Many obligations come with the responsibility to be connected to the tank at all times and wear it around while taking care not to damage it. Some users practice wearing the oxygen concentrators on their shoulders using straps and bags but that can, more often than not, cause serious pains.

This is where the SimplyGo Mini Backpack comes most handy. It keeps the concentrator in a still position and it is safely placed inside the backpack. This coverage also protects the device of any kind of damage, fall downs, breaks, and scratches.

The SimplyGo Mini Backpack is a perfect option for traveling, visiting nearby places or simply moving around. There are no restrictions of when the backpack is best to be used at, nor how much the users can wear it.

If you are an oxygen user, you can wear it on your trip to the supermarket, to visit your children or simply at home. Because it is very comfortable, the patients can wear the backpack every time they are on the go with the purpose of feeling good and having their hands free.

Having free hands is extremely crucial when carrying around an important and gentle device such as oxygen concentrator. The carrying can be tiring and sometimes very dangerous for the concentrator and the patient. Thus, the higher the protection of the device, the better. Thanks to the backpack, the oxygen users can freely use their hands, which ultimately increases their feeling of freedom and easier mobility.

Storage for Accessories

When navigating around, whether it is inside or outside the home, it is essential to have a place to store additional accessories. The users of oxygen tanks deal with the same issues even more.

The SimplyGo Mini Backpack is an all-in-one resolution for similar concerns. It has one main compartment, which is designed for storing the SimplyGo Mini oxygen device. However, the backpack also includes additional small zippered pockets. Inside these pockets, the wearers can store any kind of accessories starting from keys, phones, batteries and so on.

This backpack, basically, offers a space for everything an oxygen concentrator user needs to function and move around perfectly. There is room for everything you might need, so you will not have to worry about forgetting something in the places you visit.  

Stylish and Durable

The SimplyGo Mini Backpack not only feels good but it looks good too. The backpack is available in two different colors. Depending on the users’ preferences of color, they can choose between black or a brown backpack. The backpack goes well along with any outfit, and it can be worn any season.

Another compelling feature is the backpack's durability. It is made out of materials that are meant to last for a long time. Due to these materials, the SimplyGo Mini Backpack is a machine washable. The users can wash their backpack in the comfort of their own homes, as it does not require special care or cleaning services.

The backpack also features a padded bottom. Such bottom can fit both kinds of batteries such as a standard and an extended battery. The bottom is also designed to protect the batteries of damaging.

With the SimplyGo Mini Backpack, the oxygen concentrator users do not have a thing more to worry about. They can look good and stylish while being comfortable and providing a safe placement for their devices. This backpack can be an everyday companion and will surely last a long time.


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