Cobra GT4 Heavy Duty 4-Wheel Power Scooter

by Drive

Cobra GT4 Heavy Duty 4-Wheel Power Scooter

The Cobra GT4 Heavy Duty is a Drive Medical 4-wheel mobility scooter that presents users with a convenient and secure outdoor drive. The scooter is stylish, relatively fast, and with a long-lasting battery.

The most distinct feature about the Cobra GT4 is that it’s ideal for long rides, and it is designed in a way that the scooter can be adjusted to your needs. It’s an excellent heavy duty model that Drive Medical designed for the distinct needs of more types of customers.

Key Features

Key Specs

• Premium, sporty design with a delta tiller • 450 lbs weight capacity
• Lighting package and rearview mirrors • 10 mph top speed
• Seat features: swivel, recline, slides backward and forward • 35 miles drive range
• Full front and rear suspension • 340 pounds total weight


    Considering everything above, it’s safe to say that the Cobra GT 4 Heavy Duty is one of the more superior products Drive Medical has designed over the years. What the scooter lacks in some features, it certainly compensates in speed and performance.

    It’s best for older citizens that want to complete their chores quickly and get from one place to another in no time. All this while staying safe and protected thanks to the great design, the 14” X 4” air-filled tires, full front and rear suspension, and the braking system.

    Comfort above everything

    Drive Medical has really tried to make a scooter that is both comfortable and fast. Their product is highly adjustable to the customers’ needs.

    Seat, Headrest & Backrest

    The captain’s seat comes at the regular 20” width, and can go up to 22”. The depth of the seat can also be rearranged by bringing it forward or pushing it back from the tiller. By pulling the lever up you can manage the angle of your seat. The headrest, on the other hand, can be altered in height and, combining this with the ability to adjust the height between the floor and the seat makes the Cobra GT4 excellent for tall people.

    For additional comfort, the backrest of the scooter can also be rotated and adjusted.


    It’s necessary for your arms to stay rested, particularly if you have limited agility. The armrest of the scooter can be adjusted by flipping it in the up position, and then carefully rotating the knob, which can be found under the armrest. This way you will get your desired angle and enjoy the comfort of your scooter.


    The tiller can also be customized to any angle. To do this you need to pull the lever on the tiller, adjust it, and then put back the lever to lock it in the desired place.

    Cobra GT4 Performance

    Besides comfort, the scooter has a remarkably sophisticated look. However, what really makes the Cobra GT4 worth your while, is its performance. There are some slight drawbacks, however, the scooter overall is an excellent choice for users that want quality above everything. With a backlit control panel that allows you to keep an eye on your ride and a powerful 950-watt motor, the Cobra GT4 promises excellent performance.

    Apart from this, you need to pay close attention to the following features:

    Weight capacity

    This Drive Medical Scooter was designed to hold up to 450lbs. of weight, which makes it excellent for heavier users. However, when it comes to the scooter’s weight, it’s not the most lightweight scooter that you can purchase. This makes the Cobra GT4 hard to transfer as it doesn’t offer the option to be disassembled, as some Drive Medical scooters do.

    Brakes & Tires

    For elders or people with limited agility, one of the most valuable things in a scooter is to have good brakes which can be easily controlled. The braking system of the Cobra GT 4 Heavy Duty four-wheeler is electromagnetic, making it easier for the driver to steer the scooter. For further safety, the scooter was designed with a full front and rear suspension and was enhanced with four 14” X 4” air-filled tires.   


    As previously mentioned, the Cobra GT4 scooter is relatively fast and it can reach a speed of 10 mph. Compared to many other scooters, this is a much better speed that, combined with the durability of the batteries, can provide you with a pleasant trip around town.

    Batteries & Charging

    A pair of 12V x 75AH batteries is included in the scooter purchase. However, they are not hooked up and it’s up to you to handle this upon shipping. What you need to do is remove the battery cover and activate them by connecting the red battery harness. If you face any difficulties or have questions, make sure you contact Drive Medical.

    The batteries are powerful and when fully charged, they can last up to 35 miles. As with any other scooter, there are three lights, green, orange, and red. Each one indicates whether the battery is charged. Before using the Cobra GT4 for a longer trip, make sure that the light is green, which means that the scooter is charged.

    The charge port for your scooter can be found on the tiller. The process of charging your scooter is simple, however, if you want long-lasting battery life, you will need to follow the instructions carefully.

    What you need to do is charge the scooter immediately after hooking up the batteries, for 8 hours. Once you’ve fully charged your scooter, operate it until it’s at half capacity and then recharge it again from 8 to 12 hours. It’s a common practice to ensure the functionality of the batteries.

    After this, charging the batteries of your Cobra GT4 depends on how much you use it.

    Key Features

    • Overall dimensions: (L) 63” (W) 28.8” (H) 53’’
    • Four wheels
    • Weight Capacity: 450 lbs.
    • Drive Range: 35.00 miles
    • Speed: 10.00 mph
    • Turning Radius: 82"
    • Ground Clearance: 7.00"
    • Max Incline Rating: 8 °
    • Seat Width: 20" 22"
    • Back Height: 22"
    • Max Seat to Ground Height: 30"
    • Max Seat to Deck Height: 21"
    • Multiple Seating Options
    • Height Adjustable Seat & Flip-Back Armrests
    • Delta Tiller
    • Front Wheel Size: 14"
    • Rear Wheel Size: 14"
    • Air-Filled (Pneumatic) Tires: Yes
    • Battery Included: 12V x 75AH (pair)
    • Drive Type: Rear-Wheel Drive
    • Suspension: Yes
    • Braking System: Electromagnetic
    • Headlight: Yes
    • Motor: 24V x 950W x 5200 rpm
    • Controller: Dynamic Rhino 2 160A

    Additional Accessories

    • Dust cover
    • Trailer
    • Oxygen Tank Holder
    • Crutch/Cane Holder
    • Drink Holder
    • Rear Basket
    • Armrest Bag
    • Backpack


    If you have additional questions about the Cobra GT4 Heavy Duty Power Scooter, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can to that by just giving us a call at 1-800-314-8225 or emailing us at