DreamWear Full Face Mask


DreamWear Full Face Mask

The DreamWear Full Face Mask by Philips Respironics is the most popular CPAP mask in the DreamWear series of masks. The DreamWear Full Face Mask fits extremely comfortably on your face and the innovative design prevents red marks, discomfort, and irritation on the bridge of your nose.  

DreamWear Full Face Mask Key Features: 

  • Clear Vision - You can easily read, watch tv, or even wear your glasses when you use this mask because you have a clear field of vision. 
  • Top-Located-Tube-Connection - This series of masks connect at the top, so you can move freely without getting tangled in the tubing. 
  • No Red Marks - This mask will not leave red marks on the bridge of your nose.
  • Simple Design - The design of this mask is simple and minimal, there's no extra straps or confusing pieces. 
  • Interchangeable - You can easily switch between the Full Face, the Nasal, and the Gel Pillow Cushions while using the same frame. 
  • Airflow Through Frame - The airflow travels through the frame of the mask which allows you to rest easier. 
  • Magnetic Clips - The magnetic clips allow you to quickly and easily remove the headgear from your face. 

DreamWear Full Face Mask Package Includes:

  • Mask Frame
  • Headgear
  • 2 Magnetic Clips
  • Full Face Cushion 
  • Includes a small, medium, large, and medium wide cushion

When it comes to comfort, it's hard to find a mask that's more comfortable than the DreamWear Full Face Mask. This mask can be used by back sleepers, side sleepers, and people who sleep on their stomach. This package includes a small, medium, large, and medium wide cushion to ensure that you get the proper fit. 

One of our favorite features about the DreamWear series is that you can easily switch between the Full Face, the Nasal design, or the Gel Pillows. 

How To Fit The Full Face Mask

DreamWear Fitting Guide


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