EW 42 3-Wheel Recreational Scooter with Windshield


EW 42 3-Wheel Recreational Scooter with Windshield

The EW 42 3-Wheel Recreational Scooter is a luxurious, heavy-duty, feature-packed scooter that is perfect for users who want to up their level of convenience, safety, and comfort on the road.

This stylish scooter is designed and manufactured by EWheels Medical, a company that is dedicated to providing mobility solutions to a variety of users. If you want to travel with a scooter that has a top-notch performance and incomparable comfort, fix your eyes on the EW 42.

Key Features

Key Specs

• Digital dash & anti-theft alarm
    • 500 lbs weight capacity
      • Windshield 
        • 15 mph top speed
          • 3-position speed switch
            • 45 miles drive range
              • Trunk storage and rear cargo box
                • 308 pounds total weight

                Why the EW 42 3-Wheel Recreational Scooter is probably what you need?

                If you want to upgrade your scooter experience, the EW 42 3-wheel is all you need to have. This sporty-looking recreational scooter not only has impressive features that will surely give you a luxurious travel experience but it also has a powerful performance and capability to match your daily productivity.

                The EW 42 is also rich in accessories that you won’t see in regular scooters. With its long mileage, above-average weight capacity, and 15 mph top speed, this 3-wheel recreational scooter is what you need to have in an action-packed day.

                Key vs keyless power-on mechanism

                The EW 42 allows you to power on your scooter using the traditional way of putting the key into the ignition or you can opt for the keyless way by simply pressing a button on the key fob.

                High-level performance and capacity

                The EW 42 heavy-duty recreational scooter only has an overall weight of 308 pounds, frame and batteries included, but it can carry a maximum load of 500 pounds. This makes this scooter a perfect choice for people with a heavier body weight as well as those who need to carry a lot of items during their travel.

                This 3-wheel scooter has an overall dimension of 68” (L) x 27” (W) x 45” (H). Although it’s not exactly portable or compact, the scooter’s overall functionality more than makes up for its bulk.

                It uses a powerful 800-watt Transaxle Differential Brushless motor that lets you enjoy a fast speed of up to 15 mph.

                The EW 42 uses five 12 Volt, 20 AH deep cycle SLA batteries that can give you a mileage of up to 45 miles on just a single charge. This still depends, however, on the road condition, terrain, and load.

                Built for outdoor use

                The EW 42 is a great choice for people who love to explore around town as it is designed to last outdoor conditions through the following specifications:

                Turning radius and ground clearance

                This scooter has a 150-inch turning radius for taking a smooth turn in curving pathways. You can also use on any terrain, thanks to its 6-inch ground clearance.

                This scooter’s front tire is 10 inches in diameter and 3 inches thick, while its rear tires are 12 inches in diameter and 5 inches thick. These big tires have better traction over rough surfaces so you won’t lose control. Although you can use this scooter on any surface, you should still do so with caution.

                Suspension system

                This heavy-duty scooter has front and rear shock absorbers to help reduce jerky movements when driving on uneven ground and to let you have a steady ride.

                Braking system

                The EW 42 is equipped with a disc brake in the front and drum brakes in the rear wheels. To engage the brake, simply pull the brake lever located in front of the handgrip. Releasing the throttle to its neutral position will also trigger the scooter to slow down and stop completely, even without engaging the brakes.

                Safe and secure user experience

                Safety and security are very important when using any form of vehicle. Conveniently, the luxurious EW 42 recreational scooter has several safety features to keep you at peace when on the road:

                Digital display dash

                Unlike any other scooter, the EW 42 uses an elegant digital display that can give you the information on your battery power and speed at a single glance.

                The screen of the digital dash will light up once the scooter is turned on. The battery power indicator has 4 bars that each represents 25% of the scooter’s current charge status. When the scooter has only one bar left, charge it immediately as a completely discharged battery will have a reduced lifespan.

                Anti-theft alarm

                This scooter comes with a built-in anti-theft alarm system to alert you when someone is trying to steal your scooter. Simply enable the alarm using the button on the remote key fob and you can leave your scooter outdoors worry-free. When someone tries to move your scooter, the alarm will be activated to draw attention and will only stop when you disable it using the remote key fob.

                Variable twist throttle

                The EW 42 has a steering column or tiller similar to that of a motorcycle. This luxury recreational scooter uses a variable twist throttle located on the right handgrip, which you can engage by simply twisting the throttle towards you. The twist-control throttle lets you control the speed of your acceleration and deceleration with ease.

                3-position speed switch

                Setting the speed limit of the EW 42 is made possible using the 3-position speed switch located on the throttle itself, above the reverse button.

                • III - The scooter can travel up to 15 mph
                • II - The scooter can travel up to 12 mph
                • I - The scooter can travel up to 8 mph

                This is a great safety feature to prevent you from accidentally going full throttle in a crowded place.

                Emergency brake tab

                This luxury scooter has an emergency tab installed on the left-hand side handbrake. To activate the emergency brake, simply pull the tab towards the handle, then squeeze the left handbrake until the tab clicks. The emergency tab will keep the scooter stationary when it’s not being used.

                Rear view mirrors

                The rearview mirrors allow you to see what’s behind you in just a glimpse. The angle of the mirrors is adjustable for better visibility.


                The EW 42 has a bright LED headlight so you can travel through dark places with ease. You can switch it on using the blue switch near the throttle. You can also set it to high beam or low beam using the blue switch on the right handgrip.

                Turn signal lights

                Warn people of your next move using the turn signal lights, which are activated using the blue switch on the left handgrip, above the red horn button.

                Horn button

                The EW 42 has a red horn button installed on the right and left handgrip, below the light control switches.

                Forward and reverse button

                The forward and reverse button is found in a very accessible location on the throttle. The button has a red color and with engraved a white R.


                The EW 72 has rear reflectors below the tail lights for added safety and visibility.

                Comfortable, Customizable, and Stylish

                The EW 72 has a sporty overall look with its two-tone colors and aluminum rims. This recreational scooter also has a lot of easy-to-access and roomy compartments for your convenience, a spacious foot plate and upholstered stadium seat for your comfort, and other customizable features that spell luxury:

                Padded stadium seat

                Since you’re probably going to use the EW 42 for hours at a time, you need to be comfortable while you’re at it. The EW 42 has a stadium-style seat that has an ergonomic design to prevent discomfort and back pain. You can also adjust the seat forward or backward, depending on your preference.

                Padded Armrests

                This scooter also comes with padded armrests on both sides to secure you to your seat. You can easily flip them up for a hassle-free chair access.

                Steering column compartment

                The EW 42 has a compartment below the steering column where you can put your keys, phone, and other valuables that you need easy access to.

                Lockable under-seat storage

                There is also a spacious trunk storage underneath the seat. To open it, you should first adjust the seat all the way forward. Then, put the key into the ignition and without pushing it inwards, turn it in a counterclockwise direction. This will release the seat latch and let you tilt the seat forward to reveal the trunk beneath it.

                Lockable rear cargo box

                This scooter also has a rear cargo box which remains locked until you open it using the scooter’s key. To open it, insert the key into the lock body (also known as the cylinder) and turn it 90° clockwise to release the lock and open the lid.

                Easy to charge

                Charging this recreational scooter is as simple as connecting the 60-volt smart charger to the charger port (located underneath the seat on the right side) and plugging the other end to a power outlet.

                The charger will flash a red light when the charging is ongoing, which can take up to 8 hours if the battery is almost empty. When the battery is already fully charged, the light will turn to green and the smart charger will automatically shut its high current mode. Unplug the scooter within 2 hours of being fully charged to avoid overcharging.

                The EW 42 uses Deep Cycle, Sealed Lead Acid batteries that are leak-free. As a precaution, do not let your battery go completely empty as this can lead to battery damage and reduced battery lifespan.

                EW 42 3-Wheel Recreational Scooter Specifications

                • Weight Capacity: 500 lbs
                • Top Speed: 15 mph
                • Turning Radius: 150 inches
                • Drive Range: up to 45 miles
                • Ground Clearance: 6 inches
                • Delta Tiller: No
                • Throttle: Twist control
                • Seat width: 17 inches
                • Seat height: 19 inches
                • Multiple Seating Options: No
                • Power Elevating Seat: No
                • Height Adjustable Seat: No
                • Forward/backward adjustable seat: Yes
                • Air-Filled (Pneumatic) tires: Yes
                • Key switch ignition: Yes
                • Key fob (keyless) ignition: Yes
                • Front wheel size: 3 x 10 inches
                • Rear wheel size: 5 x 12 inches
                • Overall width: 27 inches
                • Overall length: 68 inches
                • Overall height: 45 inches
                • Transportable/Collapsible: No
                • Foldable: No
                • Anti-theft alarm: Yes
                • Battery type: five 12V 20AH Deep Cycle SLA
                • Batteries included: Yes
                • Battery charger type: Off-board, smart charger
                • Larger battery option: No
                • Drive type: Rear-Wheel Drive
                • Suspension: Yes, front and rear suspension
                • Motor size: 800 Watt, Transaxle Differential Brushless Motor
                • Braking system: Front Disc Brake, Rear Drum Brake
                • Cargo box included: Yes, rear (plus an under-seat lockable compartment)
                • Headlight: Yes, with low and high beam switch
                • Brake lights: Yes
                • Battery indicator: Yes
                • 3-position speed switch: Yes
                • Horn button: Yes
                • Speed gauge: Yes
                • Seat belt: No
                • Signal lights: Yesw
                • Rear view mirrors: Yes
                • Forward and reverse switch: Yes
                • Anti-tip wheels: No
                • Charging Port Location: Base of the scooter


                • Warranty on all structural frame components: 3 years
                • Warranty on electronic components: 1 year
                • Warranty on batteries: 6 months
                • Warranty on battery charger: 30 days



                If you have any more questions about the EW 42 3-Wheel Recreational Scooter, please give us a call at 1-800-314-8225 or email us at hello@sprylyfe.com.