EW 44 3-Wheel Recreational Scooter with Canopy

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EW 44 3-Wheel Recreational Scooter with Canopy

The EW 44 heavy duty scooter is a product designed and manufactured by EWheels Medical, a company that enjoys the trust of scooter users all across the US. Once again, they managed to create a unique scooter model, filled with premium accessories and an excellent look.

The EW 44 is essentially an upgraded version of the EW 42 model, as the main difference between the two of them is the all-weather canopy and a windshield this model offers. That makes it a perfect choice for all-weather travel. However, there is much more to it.

Key Features

Key Specs

• All weather canopy
    • 500 lbs weight capacity
      • Anti-theft system and digital dash
        • 15 mph top speed
          • Cargo box & under seat storage
            • 45 miles drive range
              • Front and rear suspension
                • 308 pounds total weight

                  The first noticeable thing about the EW 44 is its modern look. This recreational scooter model was designed with a canopy and a windshield, fitting for every type of weather. It offers plenty of storage and excellent amenities that make it a more desired choice than other recreational scooters.

                  With an excellent drive range and weight capacity, the EW 44 is suitable for long rides, without too many limitations. From a modern, eye-catchy sleek design, to some quite advanced features, this scooter will meet all of your expectations.

                  Advanced features for a smooth ride

                  The EW 44 recreational heavy duty scooter has many top-notch features that make it simple to use and provide users with extra security. Starting from the electronics on the vehicle, it’s necessary to specify that the EW 44 model comes with an alarm system that protects it while it is not in use. Besides, you won’t have to worry too much where you park your scooter.

                  Another important feature is its electronic dash that allows you to read at what speed you are going and whether the battery is at full capacity or needs charging.

                  Additionally, you get a remote key fob, which can be used to start up your scooter automatically.

                  Comfortable and safe

                  Considering the speed of the scooter, it’s almost impossible for the users to harm themselves while riding it, as long as they are following the rules.  However, to increase the safety and comfort of the passengers, EWheels has designed the EW 44 with a large adjustable comfort seat, with armrest included.

                  Moreover, the scooter has full front and rear suspension, floor clearance of 6 inches and a turning radius of 150’’.

                  Scooter capacity


                  When it comes to the weight capacity, it’s safe to say that the EW 44 heavy duty scooter is pretty impressive. It can hold up to 500 lbs., and it’s also very spacious. The scooter’s dimensions are 68 inches in length, 27 inches in width, and 45 inches in height. That leaves plenty of room for all sized riders to use it and feel comfortable while driving around town.


                  You can drive the scooter up to 45 miles. If the batteries are fully charged, this is the scooter’s optimal travel range. However, this can be changed considering that there are other factors involved as well. For example, if you travel on a bumpy road, the travel will decrease. 


                  The same goes for speed. While the maximum speed of the scooter is 15 miles per hour, this can change depending on the user’s weight or the terrain. That aside, the scooter’s speed is considerably good. Depending on your needs, you can choose whether you want to travel slow, at medium speed, or use the maximum potential of the scooter. To do that, there is a speed switch near the handle. Here, you will also find the reverse controls that are an excellent addition to the overall set of features.

                  Compatible for every type of weather

                  What sets the scooter apart from other models is its design. More precisely the fact that it comes with an all-weather canopy and a windshield. It is clearly a modern and unique look that is also very convenient.

                  Electric scooters are not designed for bad weather. Water, for example, can severely damage the electronics, the motor, or the batteries of the vehicle. That is why it is advised to use it only on dry surfaces. The same goes for the EW 44 scooter. However, due to the canopy and windshield, it has its advantages. For example, it will shield you from wind when traveling at a maximum speed of 15 miles per hour.

                  EW 44 comes in two colors, blue and red. Both models look sleek and stylish.

                  The storage compartments of the scooter complete the design, giving it a final touch of convenience and making it more practical.

                  Battery & Motor Power

                  The EW 44 is a powerful heavy duty scooter. With its 800-watt transaxle differential brushless motor and the deep cycle batteries, the model can reach maximum potential and provide its users with a long and smooth ride.

                  When you purchase the EWheels’ scooter, you will get five 12 volts, 20 AH deep cycle batteries, that will power the vehicle up to 60 volts, enough for it to last up to 45 miles on a single charge. This depends on other factors as well, such as the weight of the user, or the smoothness of the road. A heavy user or a bumpier outdoor terrain will reduce the travel range and slow down the scooter.

                  As an electric scooter, the package includes a 60-volt smart charger as well. Make sure you follow the instruction manual when you are charging your vehicle. It’s the best way for increasing the endurance and life of the batteries and your scooter as well.

                  To understand whether your scooter is on full capacity or needs charging, just check the battery indicator.


                  • Cane Holder
                  • Cup Holder
                  • Oxygen Tank Holder
                  • Saddlebag, rage or standard size
                  • Flag with Mounting Hardware


                  • Dimensions: (L) 68” x (W) 27” x (H) 45”
                  • Weight Capacity: 500lbs.
                  • Speed: Up to 15mph 
                  • Distance: 45 miles per charge, depending on the terrain, riders weight, road surface, etc.
                  • Adjustable Comfort Seat / Size 19” x 17” x 19” 
                  • Front Windshield  
                  • Steering Height: 37” from Floor 
                  • Power: Electric 60 volts 
                  • Motor Type: 800 Watt, Transaxle Differential Brushless Motor 
                  • Batteries: (5) 12 Volt, 20 AH, Deep Cycle, Maintenance Free, SLA with a battery indicator
                  • Charger: 60-volt Smart Charger 
                  • Floor Clearance: 6” 
                  • Rear cargo box & under seat storage
                  • Forward/Reverse switch: Yes 
                  • LED Lighting Package: headlight and rear lights
                  • Electric horn
                  • Front tire size: 3” x 10” 
                  • Rear tire size: 5” x 12” 
                  • Variable Twist Throttle 
                  • Forward/Reverse Controls
                  • Braking System: Front Disc Brake, Rear Drum Brake 
                  • Front & Rear Suspension
                  • Anti-theft system



                  If you want to learn more about the EW 44 3-Wheel Recreational Scooter, apart from this brief explanation, you can easily reach us by giving us a call at 1-800-314-8225 or emailing us at hello@sprylyfe.com.