EW 54 Coupe 4-Wheel Recreational Scooter with Canopy

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EW 54 Coupe 4-Wheel Recreational Scooter with Canopy

The EW 54 Coupe is a luxurious recreational scooter, with over the top features and a distinct look. If basic features or an average performance is not your thing and you prefer something more advanced, it’s safe to say that EWheels Medical has designed just what you need.

The company offers users with a much-advanced experience through their EW 54 Coupe model. Besides, it’s one of the few recreational scooters on the market that has protection against all types of weather.

Key Features

Key Specs

• 2 stereo speakers & digital dashboard
    • 500 lbs weight capacity
      • Remote key fob, Anti-theft alarm
        • 15 mph top speed
          • Foot brake, full suspension
            • 43 miles drive range
              • Canopy for all-weather travel
                • 221 pounds total weight

                  With the EW 54 Coupe, you will truly enjoy your ride around town. With all of the features combined into one vehicle, the scooter becomes an invaluable companion when you want to take a quick spin around town or a longer more demanding trip.

                  The fact that this electric scooter has an excellent travel range of 43 miles, and the speed of 15 miles per hour, makes the EW 56 Coupe four-wheeler unique in many ways. It’s not typical for such scooters to achieve higher speeds. Besides, this EWheels model is entirely covered, with a hard top and a windshield for every kind of weather. That means you will stay protected on a sunny and a rainy day.

                  However, always keep in mind that this is an electric scooter and never use it at dangerous weather conditions. Instead, try to stay clear of large puddles of water or riding it while it’s pouring rain.

                  Another unique feature that will surely spark your interest is the radio built in the scooter. Enjoying a smooth ride around town has never been more fun and enjoying.

                  Fully covered, perfect for any weather

                  One of the best things about the EW 54 Coupe is that it is fully covered. The scooter is one of the few EWheels products that offer such a feature, and it’s by far the most advanced one.

                  With an all-weather canopy and a windshield, the scooter will keep you protected on the sun and rain. You will also stay protected from the wind while traveling at maximum speed.

                  Overall, it a great feature that gives the scooter a more unique look.

                  Eye appealing and comfortable

                  The scooter comes in three colors, green, red, and orange. No matter which one you choose, you will undoubtedly catch people’s attention with the EW 54 Coupe. The scooter has a unique appearance, and that’s precisely the thing EWheels are best at.

                  However, looks aside, this 4-wheel scooter is very comfortable too. With an adjustable seat including a backrest and armrest, you will enjoy your ride even more. Comfort is beyond important while riding your scooter, and when you are choosing a model, you should always check the seat.

                  For additional comfort and a smooth ride, the scooter has been designed with a full front and rear suspension.

                  Capacity and performance

                  When it comes to capacity and performance, there are several features which complete the design of the EW 54 Coupe.

                  Weight Capacity

                  The scooter can hold up to 500lbs., which makes this model perfect for all types of users.

                  Travel Range & Batteries

                  When you want to purchase an electric scooter, you should always check the travel range. Many designs can only support shorter destinations. The EW 54 Coupe is not one of them. If the conditions are optimal, such as a lighter passenger and a smooth surface, the scooter can travel up to 43 miles on a single charge.

                  The scooter comes with five lead acid maintenance free batteries. To see whether they are charged or not, you should always check the battery indicator on the digital dashboard. Never leave on a longer trip if the battery is not at full potential.

                  The batteries are charged with a 60 volts smart charger that is included in the purchase.


                  The speed this scooter can reach is excellent, considering the fact that we are talking about a 4-wheel model. The EW 54 Coupe can speed up to 15 miles per hour. However, if you want to enjoy a slower ride, there is a speed switch that allows the passenger to choose between three speeds, slow, medium, and fast.

                  Digital dashboard

                  Here is where the EW 54 Coupe excels. The digital dashboard on the scooter has all sorts of features, including a radio, speakers, a clock, and even a cruise control setting.

                  Here, you will see at what speed you are going, adjust it, see whether the battery needs recharging, etc. The digital dashboard has many features that might take some time to get a hold of.

                  Nevertheless, this part makes the scooter much more advanced and modern than any other similar 4-wheel model.


                  The foot brake is an attractive addition to the scooter’s features. It will provide the passenger with intuitive driving experience. Apart from this, this scooter also has front and rear drum brakes.

                  It’s necessary to read the instruction manual before using the scooter, to ensure maximum safety, especially when it comes to these aspects of the ride.


                  This EWheels model comes with the full lighting package, allowing you to easily navigate the scooter in traffic. The scooter has a 12V bulb headlight and rear lights, as well as reflectors.

                  Motor Strength

                  The motor of the EW 56 Coupe recreational scooter is 700 watt, transaxle differential brushless type, which means it’s more efficient and has an extended lifespan.

                  Overall, there is not much the EW 45 Coupe wouldn’t do. It’s cozy, secure, and modern. But the best of all is that it offers top-notch performance that will satisfy the needs of even the pickiest users.

                  Features and Specifications

                  • Dimensions: (L) 72” x (W) 27” x (H) 65”
                  • Scooter Weight Capacity: 500 lbs
                  • Speed: Up to 15mph
                  • Distance: 43 miles per charge (distance varies on terrain, riders weight and road surface etc.)
                  • Adjustable chair with backrest
                  • Seat size: (L) 22 ½” x (W) 17 ½” x (H) 23” and 27” from the ground
                  • Steering height: 41” from the ground
                  • Fully covered with a hard top and a windshield
                  • Motor type: 700 Watt Transaxle differential brushless
                  • Batteries: 5 Sealed Lead-Acid Maintenance Free
                  • Battery indicator: Yes
                  • 60-volt Smart Charger
                  • Floor Clearance: 5”
                  • Turning Radius: 164"
                  • Max Incline Rating: 12°
                  • Forward/Reverse switch: Yes
                  • High/ Low-Speed switch: Yes
                  • Speed switch with three possible speeds
                  • Front tire size: 13” Tire Type: 90/65-8 / pneumatic
                  • Rear tire size: 15” Tire Type: 120/50-9 / pneumatic
                  • Variable Speed Twist-control throttle
                  • Front and Rear drum brakes
                  • Headlight & rear lights: 12V Bulb; Reflectors



                  If you are in need of a more detailed explanation about the specifications of EWheels EW 54 Coupe recreational scooter, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time. You can do that by giving us a call at 1-800-314-8225 or emailing us at hello@sprylyfe.com.