EW 72 4-Wheel Recreational Scooter


EW 72 4-Wheel Recreational Scooter

The EW 72 4-Wheel Recreational Scooter can provide you with a luxurious and stylish travel experience through its state-of-the-art features, powerful 700-Watt motor, 500-pound weight capacity, 43 miles mileage, and so much more. If you are looking for a scooter that is a combination of comfort, style, power, and capacity, look no further than the EW 72.

Key Features

Key Specs

• Twist-control throttle
    • 500 lbs weight capacity
      • Anti-theft alarm
        • 15 mph top speed
          • Full suspension
            • 43 miles drive range
              • Lockable trunk compartment
                • 221 pounds total weight

                Designed and manufactured by EWheels Medical, the EW 72 is a high-quality and heavy-duty scooter. Its stylish aluminum alloy rims and sporty overall look will surely turn heads wherever you go. Its safety and comfort features are also at par with other scooters way above its price range.

                On the other hand, if you are looking for a 3-wheel recreational scooter with almost the same specifications and capability, the EW 72 also comes in a 3-wheel version, the EW 36 3-Wheel Recreational Scooter.

                Why the EW 72 4-Wheel Recreational Scooter is probably what you need?

                The EW 72 recreational scooter is packed with features that are engineered to make the user’s experience as comfortable and luxurious as possible.

                If you are someone who has an active lifestyle and are looking for a recreational scooter that can match your energy, the EW 72 4-wheel might be the right fit for your needs. It can provide you with a remarkable performance due to its fast travel speed, long driving range, and top-notch security features for a luxurious trip around town.

                Convenient power on option

                To turn on the scooter, you have two options. You can either put the key in the ignition and turn it on like you normally do or you can simply press the fourth button on the key fob twice to power your scooter even without putting the key on the ignition.

                High-level performance and capacity

                The EW 72 is a 4-wheel heavy-duty recreational scooter with a 257-pound total weight. This scooter can carry a maximum load of 500 pounds, which is perfect for users who have a heavier body build or for those who regularly go shopping.

                This recreational scooter has an overall length of 56 inches, a total width of 27 inches, and a total height of 52 inches, which is reduced to 46 inches if the seat is folded down. The EW 72 is not known for its portability but its power and functionality more than make up for its bulk. Its 700 Watt Transaxle differential brushless motor can let you enjoy a maximum speed of 15 mph.

                This 4-wheel scooter is powered by four 48V 20AH SLA batteries that can provide you with 43 miles of travel range in a single charge, although this varies depending on the road condition, terrain, and weight of the total load.

                Built for indoor and outdoor use

                EWheels Medical understands the different needs of its users in terms of mobility and functionality, so it has many available designs for various user demands. The company has designed the EW 72 to be a powerful scooter for both indoors and outdoor mobility needs of users through the following specifications:

                Turning radius and ground clearance

                In its effort to meet the needs of its users, the EW 72 is engineered to last indoor and outdoor conditions. This 4-wheel scooter has a 92-inch turning radius for navigating hallways and making turns. Its amazing 6 inches of ground clearance enables it to tolerate any type of terrains such as gravel, grass, and cobblestone.

                4 large wheels for stability

                4-wheel scooters are known to be more stable than 3-wheels scooters. The EW 72 has 4 bigger, durable wheels with tubeless tires for better traction and control. Its front wheels are 14 inches while its rear wheels are 16 inches in diameter. It also has anti-tip wheels in its rear for additional stability.

                Shock absorbers

                The EW 72 4-wheel scooter has rear shock absorbers and front frame suspension bars to decrease shaky movements when traveling on uneven terrains. This feature not only lets you enjoy a smooth ride but also helps prevent the scooter from wearing down easily.

                Braking system

                The EW 72 has an electronic braking system, which makes the scooter decelerate and stop by simply releasing the throttle back to the neutral position. It also has front and rear drum brakes so activating the braking system will make all 4 wheels come to a stop.

                This 4-wheel recreational scooter uses levers in front of the handgrips to engage the brake. You simply have to pull the lever towards you to activate the braking system. This model also comes with brake lights for added safety.

                Safe and secure user experience

                User safety is a top priority when buying any form of transport vehicles. With the EW 72’s functionality and capacity to take on a whole day’s worth of activities in a single charge, Ewheels Medical made sure that the scooter is safe to use every single minute. With the following security and safety features, you can use the EW 72 4-wheel recreational scooter with a worry-free mind.

                Anti-theft alarm

                You can leave this scooter outdoors without worrying about it being stolen. Simply enable the alarm system using the button on the key fob and you’re all set. When someone attempts to move the scooter, the alarm will automatically be activated to attract attention until you disable it again.

                Variable Twist Control throttle

                The EW 72 uses a standard tiller with straight handgrips on each end for navigation and control. The throttle is the right handgrip itself and is engaged by simply twisting it towards you, just like a motorcycle. When you release the throttle to its neutral position, the electromagnetic brakes will be activated, prompting the scooter to decelerate and stop completely.

                Variable speed control dial

                This 4-wheel recreational scooter comes with a variable speed dial on the right side of the console to let you determine the fastest speed you want the scooter to run. This will limit your travel speed no matter how hard you engage the throttle. You can set the speed from 1 mph, which is recommended when traveling in crowded places, to 15 mph, which is the maximum speed capability of the EW 72.

                Rear view mirrors

                This scooter has left and right rear view mirrors to give you an idea of what’s going on behind you. You can also adjust the mirrors to an angle that suit your line of vision.


                The EW 72 has a bright LED headlight to guide your path on dimly lit places. You can switch it on using the button on the right side of the dashboard and set it to low beam or high beam using the button on the left side.

                Turn signal lights

                The turn signal switch is located near the left handgrip. It lets you warn people around you before you turn a curve by activating the turn signal lights. You’ll also see the right or left arrows on the dashboard flashing when you do.

                Horn button

                To alert people of your presence, you can press the horn button on the left side of the dashboard, below the turn signal button.

                Forward and reverse switch

                This scooter allows easier switching from forward to reverse and vice versa using the red switch found near the right handgrip.


                Easily track how fast you are going using the speedometer installed on the dashboard.

                Battery indicator

                To the right of the speedometer is the battery indicator. When the red needle is already pointing to the red lines and nearing the L (which means low), charge the scooter immediately. A completely drained battery will reduce battery life, not to mention cause inconvenience.


                An adjustable seatbelt helps secure you to your seat.

                Anti-tip wheels

                The EW 72 has anti-tip wheels in the rear to prevent you from losing balance when climbing upslopes or turning curves.

                Comfortable, Customizable, and Stylish

                The EW 72 is luxury in wheels as it offers a comfortable yet stylish travel experience for people who are always on the go. Its features are also adjustable and customizable to suit your personal preference:

                Seat with headrest

                The EW 72 has a plush captain seat that is 18.5-inch in width. It comes with an adjustable headrest and reclining backrest for your convenience. You can also adjust the seat forward or backward using the adjustment lever.

                Padded Armrests

                The scooter has comfortable padded armrests for your safety and comfort on the road, which you can flip up for easier mounting and dismounting.

                Lockable trunk compartment

                This recreational scooter has a lockable spacious compartment underneath the seat where you can keep your valuables.

                Rear basket with cover

                You’ll never run out of places to store your items as the EW 72 also has a rear basket to accommodate bigger stuff.

                Easy to charge

                The EW 72 is very easy to charge as its charging port is in an accessible location in the base of the scooter, directly beneath the seat. You can plug it into an electric wall outlet using a 48-volt Smart Charger that comes with the scooter. When the light in the charger turns green, it means that the device is already fully charged.

                This 4-wheel scooter uses 4 Sealed Lead Acid (SAL) batteries that are maintenance-free and safe from leakage.

                EW 36 3-Wheel Recreational Scooter Specifications

                • Top Speed: 15 mph
                • Turning Radius: 92 inches
                • Drive Range: 43 miles
                • Weight Capacity: 500 lbs
                • Ground Clearance: 6 inches
                • Overall width: 27 inches
                • Overall length: 56 inches
                • Overall height: 52 inches, 46 inches if the seat is folded down
                • Delta Tiller: No
                • Throttle: Variable twist control
                • Seat type: Folding captain seat with headrest, backrest, and armrest
                • Seat dimension: 18.5” (L) x 18.5” (W) x 30” (H)
                • Seat distance from the ground: 26.5 inches
                • Steering height: 46” from the ground
                • Multiple Seating Options: No
                • Power Elevating Seat: No
                • Forward/Backward Adjustable Seat: Yes
                • Key switch ignition: Yes
                • Front wheel size: 14 inches, 90/70-10 tubeless tires
                • Rear wheel size: 16 inches, 3.0-10 tubeless tires
                • Transportable/Collapsible: No
                • Foldable: No
                • Anti-theft alarm: Yes
                • Battery type: four 48V 20AH
                • Batteries included: Yes
                • Battery charger type: Off-board, smart charger
                • Larger battery option: No
                • Drive type: Rear-Wheel Drive
                • Suspension: Yes, Front Frame Suspension Bars and Rear Shock Absorbers
                • Motor size: 700 W Transaxle differential brushless motor
                • Braking system: Front and Rear drum brakes with Electronic Braking (EBS)
                • Basket included: Yes, rear (plus an under-seat lockable compartment)
                • Headlight: Yes, with low and high beam switch
                • Brake lights: Yes
                • Battery indicator: Yes
                • Speed control dial: Yes
                • Horn button: Yes
                • Speedometer: Yes
                • Seat belt: Yes
                • Signal lights: Yes
                • Rear view mirrors: Yes
                • Forward and reverse switch: Yes
                • Anti-tip wheels: Yes
                • Charging Port Location: Base of the scooter


                • Warranty on all structural frame components: 3 years
                • Warranty on electronic components: 1 year
                • Warranty on batteries: 6 months
                • Warranty on battery charger: 30 days



                If you have any more questions about the EW 72 4-Wheel Recreational Scooter, please give us a call at 1-800-314-8225 or email us at hello@sprylyfe.com.