EW M35 4-Wheel Travel Scooter


EW M35 4-Wheel Travel Scooter

When it comes to the EW-M35 scooter model, EWheels Medical has dedicated special attention in order to provide the best possible balance between portability and quality. The EWheels brand has a long history with scooters, but they recently grew their business to medical products as well. For now, the company has proven to be a decent competitor on the market.

Apart from having a reinforced frame structure, the EW-M35 provides numerous features regarding comfort and functionality. The mobility scooter can be used outdoors, but make sure you avoid bumpy and uneven terrain. Its wheels and the overall scooter frame were not designed to withstand more difficult obstacles, making the EW-M35 suitable for a lighter ride.

Key Features

Key Specs

• Disassembles in seconds
    • 300 lbs weight capacity
      • Puncture proof tires
        • 4 mph top speed
          • Padded foldable swivel seat
            • 8.5 miles drive range
              • Delta Tiller
                • 88 pounds total weight

                The EW-M35 scooter weighs no more than 88lbs (batteries included). There is a possibility for the batteries to be removed. For those who want a medical scooter that is easy to operate and transfer, this would be a great fit. Even with batteries on, EWheels Medical has designed this scooter to be relatively light-weighted.

                Furthermore, the battery pack comes with a wireless connection and can be charged off the unit. The maximum range of EW-M35 is 8.5 miles and the power of the motor is 250W. The EX-M35 can be easily disassembled because of its compact design. The seat is swivel, padded, and foldable. The delta tiller makes this scooter even easier to control, and provides extra comfort.

                Now let’s have a closer look at these and the remaining features this medical scooter is offering.    

                Portability and an adjustable design

                These are definitely the two main advantages of this EWheels Medical scooter. As a light-weighted model, the EW-M35 is excellent when you want to transport it. You won’t have any problems, as it disassembles in seconds. Besides, many parts of the scooters are foldable and adjustable, which means you can assemble it according to your needs and for your ultimate comfort.


                When it comes to the scooter’s seat, EWheels Medical has dedicated special attention in order to provide the maximum comfort for each user. For that cause, the company has designed a swivel seat which can be adjusted to a suitable angle for each user. Moreover, the width of the seat is 17" which is pretty generous for a folding mobility scooter.


                The overall dimensions of the EW-M35 scooter are 39.4 inches in length, 20 inches in width, and 35 inches in height. It’s a smaller type of mobility scooter that should mostly be used for shorter trips to nearby destinations.

                Weight and Weight Capacity

                As mentioned before, the overall weight of the EW-M35 is 88 pounds, with 33 pounds being the heaviest part. On the other hand, the weight capacity of the Scooter is 300 pounds, meaning that the lightness of it does not affect the portability of the design.


                The EW-M35 is not the fastest model in the industry. The scooter can travel up to 4 miles per hour. In other words, it doesn’t even go over the average walking speed. However, not everyone needs a fast scooter. Besides, a slower one means more stability and a little risk of anything going wrong. At the end of the day, if you want a scooter that will assist you in your daily activities, this one can definitely be a good choice.


                The Scooter can be easily disassembled, therefore transferred whenever you have to. Besides, it’s also highly adjustable because of its foldable seat and a padded armrest. In addition to the functionality and compatibility, the batteries can be easily removed which makes the Scooter lighter, simultaneously allowing the user to charge the scooter off the unit.

                Safety and security features

                Apart from providing portability and comfort, the EW-M35 includes several features regarding safety and improved stability. For instance, the tires are puncture proof and the wheels are 8 inches, both front, and rear. In addition to safety, the brakes are electromagnetic, which allow the user to slow down the vehicle by to releasing the speed control lever. In addition to this, in order to stop the vehicle, the user needs to completely release the speed control lever which will automatically activate the brakes.

                Battery and charging

                The EW-M35 scooter comes with 2 batteries, each one being 12V 12AH. In order to reach the full capacity of each battery life, there are multiple rules to be followed. For instance, once you change the batteries, meaning before you use them for the first time, make sure to fully charge them.

                Moreover, the battery range decreases with time. However, you can take the most of it by charging them each day (if you use the scooter daily) or charge them at least once a week (even if you are not using the scooter).

                Another advantage regarding the batteries is that they can be charged both on and off the unit. So, if you don’t have enough space to put the EW-M35 scooter in, or you plan to travel, don’t hesitate to separate these parts.

                A battery indicator is a tool which shows at which power mode you are on. More exactly, different colors indicate different states of power. Red means that the scooter needs immediate charging. Also, make sure you don’t go out until the green light appears. This means that the scooter is on full capacity and that you are ready to take your trip.

                EW M35 4-Wheel Specifications:

                • Dimensions: 39.4" (L) x 20" (W) x 35" (H)
                • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.
                • Total Weight: 88 lbs. (weight of heaviest part is 33 lbs.)
                • Top Speed: 4 mph
                • Maximum Range: 8.5 miles
                • Puncture proof tires
                • Wheels: Front (8”); Rear (8")
                • Electromagnetic brakes
                • Motor Size: 250W
                • Batteries: (2) 12V 12AH
                • Removable Battery pack with a wireless connection; it can be charged on or off the unit
                • Turning Radius: 49”
                • Climbing Angle: 8°
                • Ground Clearance: 1.2”
                • Compact design which makes the scooter easy for transport and disassembling
                • Padded foldable swivel seat
                • Delta Tiller
                • Electronics: On/Off switch, Battery Indicator



                If you want to learn more about the EW-M35 Scooter, apart from this brief explanation, you can easily reach us by giving us a call at 1-800-314-8225 or emailing us at hello@sprylyfe.com.