EW M45 Folding Power Wheelchair


EW M45 Folding Power Wheelchair

If you are looking for a lightweight power wheelchair that has an above-average weight capacity and a long travel range, look no further than the EW M45 folding power wheelchair by EWheels Medical.

Key Features

Key Specs

• Joystick controller
    • 350 lbs weight capacity
      • Sling seat with backrest
        • 3.7 mph top speed
          • Side reflectors
            • 24 miles drive range
              • Comes with a storage bag
                • 58.4 pounds total weight

                  This power wheelchair boasts of being the lightest long-range power chair on the market. Its portability is unchallenged as this 58.4-pound power chair can be folded in seconds into less than half of its total width, making it a perfect choice for users who travel a lot from one place to another.

                  Why the EW M45 Folding Power Wheelchair is probably what you need

                  Folding power wheelchairs, also known as electric wheelchairs, are designed to be portable and transportable. What sets the EW M45 apart from other folding power wheelchairs is it can give you a maximum mileage of 24 miles on a single charge.

                  Its large rear wheels are also ideal for people who need to use their power chair outdoors over gravel and rough terrains. Aside from these advantages, the EW M45 electric wheelchair also has a great set of features and specifications you’ll surely love:

                  The EW M45 Folding Power Wheelchair has a great driving capacity

                  This power wheelchair is extremely lightweight. The unit itself and the batteries only have a total weight of 58.4 pounds, making it an ideal power chair for people who want to enjoy its portability.

                  Despite being lightweight, this power chair has an above-average user capacity of 350 pounds, which can accommodate users with heavier bodyweight. Its two 180W Brushless Motors can give you a top speed of 3.7 mph.

                  The EW M45 is powered by two 12V/6AH Lithium Batteries that can provide you with a travel range of up to 24 miles.

                  This power wheelchair also has a tight 31-inch turning radius. You can use it to navigate places and turn around corners with ease.

                  You can easily use the EW M45 outdoors as its 8-inch front wheels and 12-inch rear wheels can take on rougher terrains without you losing control and traction. However, you should still observe caution when using this electric wheelchair on sandy, rocky, and grassy surfaces. To maximize the driving range of the EW M45, it is best if you use it on dry, flat, and even surfaces.

                  The EW M45 Folding Power Wheelchair values user comfort

                  EWheels Medical knows that comfort affects the quality of user experience. Although the EW M45 doesn’t have a captain-style or a stadium-style seat, it can still provide you with a comfortable driving experience in its own way through the following features:

                  Rear wheel suspension

                  A suspension system helps absorb shock so you can enjoy a smooth and steady ride on your power wheelchair.

                  Padded sling seat, backrest, and armrests

                  The EW M45 doesn’t have a captain or a stadium-style seat but it does have a padded sling seat, which has a similar mechanism to the one used in the traditional manual wheelchairs. This 19-inch seat not only enables the power chair to be folded into a portable 13-inch wide; it also has pressure management cushions that can adapt to your body’s prominent areas comfortably.

                  It also comes with a padded backrest, engineered to reduce back pain when sitting for long hours, as well as padded armrests on either side where you can rest your forearms while controlling the joystick.

                  Removable and washable seat cushion

                  You can remove the seat cushion easily for washing and disinfecting so keeping up with your hygienic practices is a breeze.

                  Transferrable controller assembly

                  Whether you are a left-handed or a right-handed person is irrelevant to the operation of the EW M45. This power wheelchair has a transferrable controller assembly that you can install on the edge of either the right or the left armrests, whichever you prefer.

                  Storage Bag

                  With the EW M45, you don’t have to keep your personal items on your lap all the time. You can safely stow them inside the storage bag located at the bottom of your seat, which is very accessible. The storage bag is also removable and washable.


                  You can rest your feet on the footplate of the EW M45, which has an adjustable angle for your convenience. You can also flip up the footplate which makes it easier to get on and off the electric wheelchair.

                  The EW M45 Folding Power Wheelchair is foldable and portable

                  The EW M45 is extremely portable as its overall folded dimension is only at 23” (L) x 13” (W) x 31” (H). You can even flip up the footplate for a more compact storage. This power wheelchair can easily fit the trunk of your car without taking too much space.

                  This electric wheelchair is ideal for people who love to travel as its folding mechanism and lightweight frame makes it easy to bring with you on public transports such as airplanes and cruises.

                  The EW M45 Folding Power Wheelchair is safe and easy to maneuver

                  This lightweight power chair is pretty straightforward and easy to maneuver. Likewise, it has the following safety features for your peace of mind:

                  Braking system

                  The EW M45 uses an intelligent electromagnetic braking system. If you release the joystick to its neutral position, the electric wheelchair will slow down and eventually stop.


                  This power wheelchair has reflectors on the side for added safety when you’re driving outdoors.

                  Battery indicator

                  The battery indicator lights up when the device is turned on. It tells you about the charge status of your power wheelchair. It is installed on the controller assembly, on the right side of the horn button.

                  If the battery indicator lights all the way up to the green level, the battery is fully charged. If it’s showing red, it means that you need to charge up immediately.

                  Never disregard the cue from the battery indicator as it can lead to reduced battery lifespan, not to mention inconvenience on your part.

                  Speed control buttons

                  These buttons give you the freedom to control the maximum speed of the EW M45. It also has a speed indicator in between the buttons to let you know which speed set-up the power chair currently has. This determines the fastest speed that the power wheelchair can run when you engage the joystick.


                  The joystick controls the speed of your acceleration, deceleration, and direction.

                  Horn button

                  Located at the center of the controller assembly, the horn button lets you alert people of your presence, especially in crowded places. You can also use it to call for help when you need one.

                  Flat free tires

                  The EW M54 has puncture-proof tires so you no longer have to worry about replacing them anytime soon. This gives you the peace of mind to use this power wheelchair outdoors.

                  EW M45 Folding Power Wheelchair Specifications:

                  • Overall Length: 38 inches
                  • Overall Width: 23 inches
                  • Overall Height: 37 inches
                  • Folded dimension: 23” (L) x13” (W) x 31” (H)
                  • Front Wheels: 8 inches
                  • Rear Wheels: 12 inches
                  • Total Weight with batteries: 58.4 lbs
                  • Turning Radius: 31 inches
                  • Brake: Intelligent electromagnetic brake
                  • Seat Type: Sling seat, removable and washable
                  • Seat Width: 19 inches
                  • Seat depth: 17 inches
                  • Seat height: 18 inches
                  • Motor Size: Two 180W Brushless Motors
                  • Battery Size: Two 12V/6AH Lithium Batteries
                  • Storage bag: Yes, removable and washable
                  • Reflector: Yes, sides
                  • On/Off Key Switch: Yes
                  • Joystick controller: Yes
                  • Battery Indicator: Yes
                  • Horn button: Yes
                  • Speed control buttons: Yes
                  • Flat-free tires: Yes



                  If you have any more questions about the EW M45 Folding Power Wheelchair, please give us a call at 1-800-314-8225 or email us at hello@sprylyfe.com.