EW M82 Power Chair


EW M82 Power Chair

When it comes to stability, efficiency, and comfort, nothing beats a mid-wheel drive power chair like the EW M82. This stylish power chair is manufactured by EWheels Medical and operates on 6 wheels to keep you on the right course and ensure your safety.

If you are looking for a power chair to help with your independent mobility, you might wanna consider the EW M82 Mid-wheel drive power chair as it has a great set of features engineered to improve user convenience all the while giving you the best performance.

Key Features

Key Specs

• Strong & responsive casters
    • 300 lbs weight capacity
      • Swing away joystick (optional)
        • 4.2 mph top speed
          • Captain seat with adjustable headrest
            • 12.4 miles drive range
              • Adjustable suspension and footplate
                • 180 pounds total weight

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                  Why the EW M82 Mid-Wheel Drive Power Chair is Probably What You Need?

                  Power chairs are specifically designed for people with poor body strength as well as those with balance problems in order to help restore their independent mobility. The EW M82 power chair is equipped with a mid-wheel drive mechanism for a better driving precision and a tighter turning radius.

                  The EW M82 mid-wheel drive power chair has two drive wheels in the middle and four caster wheels so it can provide you with the best stability and maneuverability. This power chair also has amazing features that let you keep up with your active lifestyle:

                  The EW M82 Power Chair is stable and durable

                  Mid-wheel drive power chairs are the most stable as their power base is in the very middle of the power wheelchair itself. For this reason, the center of your gravity and the center of the power chair’s gravity are almost in the same spot.

                  Drive and Caster Wheels

                  The two drive wheels of the EW M82, which are located in the middle, are 10 inches in diameter. This power chair also has 4 caster wheels, located in its front and rear. All of EW M82’s caster wheels are 6 inches in diameter.

                  The 2 front caster wheels prevent the power chair from tipping forward while the 2 rear caster wheels prevent it from tipping backward. These wheels reinforce the stability of the base of the power wheelchair for a safer ride when going downhill or uphill.

                  The EW M82 Power Chair has great specifications

                  In terms of capacity and functionality, the EW M82 power chair has a lot to offer as it has the following specifications to aid your productivity:

                  Overall dimension and weight

                  Driving the EW M82 power chair through narrow hallways and tight corners is a breeze because it only has an overall length of 39 inches, a width of 24 inches, and a height of 35 inches. It has a total weight of 180 pounds, including the batteries.

                  Weight capacity, speed, and mileage

                  This power wheelchair has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds. It uses a 420 W motor that lets you enjoy a top speed of 4.2 mph. The EW M82 is powered by two 12V 36AH batteries for a longer travel range of up to 12.4 miles when fully charged. This gives you the freedom to use the power chair for long hours without charging.

                  To fully maximize the capacity and mileage of the EW M82, it is recommended that you drive only on an even, dry, and flat surface. Rougher terrains and inclines can reduce the travel range of this power wheelchair.

                  Climbing angle, turning radius, and ground clearance

                  The EW M82 power wheelchair has a very tight turning radius of 24.4 inches, all thanks to its 6-wheel design, making it able to turn a perfect 360 degrees easily. This ability makes this power wheelchair a perfect option for when you need to travel to crowded areas as well as tight corners and corridors.

                  This power chair has a 6-degree climbable grade so you can use it on ramps and inclines without worry. Besides, it has an amazing ground clearance of 3 inches that allows for a smooth ride outdoors.

                  The EW M82 Power Chair is safe and secure

                  Despite all the convenience offered by the EW M82 power chair, its safety and security features are not compromised. It comes built with features to make sure that you can have a worry-free user experience:

                  Responsive caster wheels

                  The more stable the power chair, the safer it is. The front and rear caster wheels of the EW M82 keep the weight balanced so that you’ll always stay on course and avoid tipping accidents.

                  Speed control buttons and speed gauge

                  The EW M82 power chair lets you control its fastest speed through the speed control buttons, which are installed on the controller assembly.

                  The left button has a turtle icon and pressing it will reduce the maximum speed of the power wheelchair.

                  On the other hand, the right button has a rabbit icon and pressing it will increase the maximum speed that the power chair can run, but only up to 4.2 mph.

                  Even if you engage the joystick to its maximum angle, the power chair will only run up to the maximum speed you’ve set on the speed control. The speed gauge shows your current speed setting.


                  The joystick lets you control your acceleration and deceleration. It is strategically installed at the edge of the armrest so you can readily access it while resting your forearms on the armrests. This can let you enjoy a more relaxing ride as all you need are small wrist and hand movements to operate the power chair.

                  Electromagnetic braking system

                  When you release the joystick, it will automatically go back to its neutral position. Your power chair will decelerate until it reaches a complete stop.

                  Battery indicator

                  A battery indicator is a handy tool that lets you estimate the charge status of your power chair. The EW M82’s battery indicator is located above the green power button and it lights up once you turn on your power chair. Always consider the cues issued by the battery indicator so you won’t have to deal with a discharged battery.

                  Horn button

                  The horn button of the EW M82 is installed in the middle of the two speed control buttons on the controller assembly. You can use it to warn people of your presence as well as to draw attention when you need help or assistance.


                  The EW M82 power chair has reflectors on the armrests and on either side of the base to add further safety and visibility.

                  Lap belt

                  This power chair has an adjustable lap belt to secure you to your seat while you drive.

                  The EW M82 Power Chair is customizable, comfortable, and stylish

                  This power chair guarantees you a smooth ride as it has an adjustable suspension feature, which absorbs the vibrations and shock from the terrain. Aside from this, the EW M82 also allows customizability that adds comfort to your experience:

                  Adjustable Controller Assembly

                  Whether you are a left or right-handed person is irrelevant as the EW M82 has a customizable controller assembly that you can place either on the right or on the left armrest. You can also adjust the length of the controller until you are satisfied with its distance from your hand.

                  Swing-Away Joystick (Optional)

                  A swing-away joystick is an optional feature that you can add to your EW M82. This type of set-up lets the angle of the joystick controller swing in or out, giving you a convenient access to tables, counters, and desks.

                  Armrests, backrest, and seat

                  The EW M82 has a 19-inch width captain seat designed to provide you with utmost convenience and comfort. It has a stylish two-tone upholstery and ergonomically curved backrest to prevent discomfort when used for long periods. You can recline your seat to a comfortable angle of your choice as well.

                  This power wheelchair also has padded armrests for a relaxed and comfortable travel experience.


                  As if the spacious, comfortable backrest is not enough, the EW M82 also has a contoured headrest that you can adjust in height according to your preference.


                  This power chair has an adjustable foot plate that you can customize to suit your convenience.

                  Flat-free tires

                  The EW M82 is extremely low maintenance and practical as it uses flat-free tires instead of air-filled pneumatic tires.

                  EW M82 Power Chair Key Features:

                  • Maximum speed: 4.2 mph
                  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs
                  • Driving range: 12.4 miles
                  • Two-tone upholstered captain seat
                  • Adjustable headrest
                  • Joystick controller
                  • Battery indicator
                  • Horn button
                  • Speed control buttons
                  • Speed gauge
                  • Right/left exchangeable controller
                  • Adjustable lap belt
                  • Adjustable footplate
                  • Adjustable suspension feature
                  • Flat-free tires

                  EW M82 Power Chair Specifications:

                  • Overall Length: 39 inches
                  • Overall Width: 24 inches
                  • Overall Height: 35 inches
                  • Front Caster Wheels: 6 inches
                  • Middle Drive Wheels: 10 inches
                  • Rear Caster Wheels:  6 inches
                  • Total Weight w/ Batteries: 180 lbs
                  • Ground Clearance: 3 inches
                  • Climbing angle: 6°
                  • Turning Radius: 24.4 inches
                  • Brake: Electromagnetic
                  • Seat Width: 19 inches
                  • Motor Size: 420 W
                  • Drivetrain: 2-Motor Rear-Wheel Drive
                  • Battery Size: two 12V 36AH
                  • Battery Weight: 53 lbs
                  • On/Off Key Switch: Yes
                  • Battery Indicator: Yes
                  • Speed Control buttons: Yes
                  • Reflectors: Yes, rear and armrests
                  • Storage basket: No
                  • Flat-free tires: Yes
                  • Effortless single freewheel lever



                  If you have any more questions about the EW M82 Mid-Wheel Drive Power Chair, please give us a call at 1-800-314-8225 or email us at hello@sprylyfe.com.