Flyp Nebulizer


Flyp Nebulizer:

Smaller and lighter than a smart phone the Flyp Nebulizer is truly pocket portable. Having the ability to dispense 3mL of medication within 7 minutes of treatment time. Flyp has created a design, dispensing of cumbersome tubes and control units. Patients just fill, click, breathe.

Why choose the Flyp Nebulizer?

The Flyp Nebulizer is lightweight, portable, and small enough to fit in your pocket. Having the ability to dispense 3ml of medication within 7 minutes of treatment time allows you to have the ability to not have to worry about slowing down. Designed with HypersoniQ™ technology which utilizes an internal disk at an ultrasonic speed, making Flyp virtually noiseless. The disk has 1,000 microscopic holes fit onto the disk which is the size of a dime produces an ultra-fine inhalable aerosol.


  • Small, lightweight fitting conveniently in your pocket.
  • Includes USB dual voltage wall-charger.
  • No masks, tubes or filters - just fill, click, breathe.
  • 8-10 Treatments between recharges.
  • Treatment time, approximately 7 minutes.
  • HypersoniQ™ technology, which utilizes an internal disk that vibrates at ultrasonic speeds.
  • 3-Year manufacture warranty.



  • Method of Nebulization - Vibrating Mesh Technology
  • FDA Approved - Yes
  • Power Supply - Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
  • Particle Size - 5 Microns or Less
  • Product Weight - 3.6 oz (With Battery)
  • Sound Level - < 35 dBA
  • Note - Do NOT use with Hypertonic Saline.

If you have any additional questions about the Flyp Nebulizer, please give us a call at (800) 314-8225 or email us at

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