Inogen One G2

by Inogen
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Inogen One G2

The Inogen One G2 was the first portable released by Inogen in their series of portable oxygen concentrators. The G2 isn't as popular as the G3 or G4, but it does work on a setting of 1-6, while the G3 only goes up to a setting of 5. 

Key Features

  • Pulse Dose Settings: 1-6
  • Lightweight & Easy To Use
  • Weight: 7 Pounds With The 12 Cell Battery Installed
  • Battery Life: Up To 8 Hours With The 24 Cell battery

The G2 is a little bit larger than the G3, but it does go up to a setting of 6, while the 3 only goes up to a setting of 5. 



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