Inogen One G3 External Battery Charger

by Inogen

Inogen One G3 External Battery Charger

The Inogen One G3 Oxygen Concentrator is one of the most famous and useful portable oxygen concentrators on the market. More exactly, it’s the functionality and compatibility of the device which makes it as useful as is.

Apart from its lightweight and adaptable features, the Inogen One G3 products are compatible with an external battery charger. If you are wondering what benefit you may get from this charger, feel free to go through its features.

Key Features

  • 3.5" x Wide x 3.5" Long x 1" High Docking Station
  • 4" Wide x 2" Long x 1" High AC Adapter, 3 feet cord
  • 1 foot Power Cord
  • Weighs 2 pounds
  • 2 to 4 hours charging time for the 8 Cell Battery
  • 4 to 8 hours charging time for the 16 Cell Battery
  • LED Indicator Light - Full charge
  • Lightweight and easy for carrying
  • 90 Day Warranty
  • FAA Approved

Similar to any other accessory of the Inogen G3, the external battery charger is mainly designed in order to provide increased functionality for each user. More exactly, this part extends the battery life and protects the device itself. The Inogen One G3 external battery charger is compatible with both the single – 8 Cell and double – 16 Cell batteries.


As mentioned above, the G3 external battery charger is compatible with both the single and double batteries. For this cause, the G3 users consider it as the most practical and simple optional accessory for the device.

Charging time

8 Cell Battery (Single battery)

The main benefits of using the single battery are its lightweight and charging time. The charging time for the single battery is 2 to 4 hours. Even though many users prefer this battery, it is really important to consider the battery duration too. For instance, if you plan to travel, you definitely need to consider the double battery.

16 Cell Battery (Double battery)

The charging time of the double battery is 4 to 8 hours. Consequently, the battery duration is longer than the single battery’s one. However, the 16 Cell Battery is heavier and it is not recommendable for patients who don’t even need it.

All in all, each user needs to find an adequate battery for his/her needs. Then adapt to the charging time of the battery.

LED Indicator Light

As you can notice in the features of the G3 external battery charger, the manufacturer provides the estimated time for charging both the 8 Cell and 16 Cell batteries. However, as a user, you need the exact time. Furthermore, in order to prevent any complication, you need to track the process instead of constantly looking at the clock.

For that cause, Inogen has included the LED Indicator Light on the external charger. The main function of the LED light is to display the level at which the batteries are charged. Once you notice that the charging process is over, you can take your batteries and go!

AC power supply

Each Inogen One G3 Oxygen Concentrator comes with its own power cord. However, the external battery charger provides an extra cord in its package. As a customer, you need to understand the significance of this fact.

There are numerous possibilities for charging. For instance, if you own more than one battery, you can simultaneously charge more than one by using the regular and the external charger. Or you can charge your spare batteries while using the G3 device.

How to minimize the charging time?

The traditional charging process of the G3 device includes using a Single/Double Battery, accordingly AC Power Supply and a DC Charger. Even though this is the most accurate and famous process, it usually takes a lot of time and comes with its own limitations.

For instance, the regular charger required to be constantly connected to an outlet. This may result in staying at home for an extra hour or not being able to take the trip you planned for so long.

The external battery charger is extremely useful for those on the move. For example, the charger can be used for charging multiple batteries at once. As mentioned above, you can simultaneously use a battery and charge one on the side. This allows the user to minimize the charging and waiting time.

The Charging Process

The charging process with the external charger is quite fast and simple. What’s more, there is a step-by-step guide which you can follow for using this battery charger.

First of all, you need to connect the battery charger with the power supply cord and then plug it into an electrical outlet. Next, place the battery into the charger. Note that is highly important how you place the batteries. Each battery needs to click and lock into the charger. The sign that you have rightfully placed the battery is a solid red light. When you notice this light, it means that the charging process has begun. The charging process has ended when a green light appears.

Always be certain not to touch the recessed electrical contacts of the external charger. Apart from damaging the contacts, this action may affect and damage the charging process.

Moreover, once the charging process has finished, always make sure to remove the plug. This way, you completely remove the power from the external battery charger. In addition to this, you will protect your product and allow it to reach its optimal lifetime.


If the Inogen Oe G3 External Battery Charger looks like something you could use in your everyday life and activities, feel free to contact us and get additional information.

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