Inogen One G4 AC Power Supply

by Inogen
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Inogen One G4 AC power supply is an accessory particularly designed to be used for the Inogen One G4 oxygen concentrators. The AC power source provides power voltages for safe charging of the G4 portable oxygen concentrator.

The adaptation to input voltages from 100V to 240V is automatic, which only means that this power supply can be used by many patients across the world. The manufacturer of this product is Inogen, a company that helps oxygen users have a better quality of life.

Inogen One G4 AC Power Supply Special Features

  • Weight: 2 lbs
  • Cable length: 5 feet
  • Connector size: Barrel tip
  • Single battery charging time: up to 3 hours
  • Double battery charging time: up to 5 hours
  • Power input: 100-240V, 50-60 Hz
  • 90-day warranty
  • FAA approved
  • Works with most conventional outlets
  • Easy to store

    The G4 AC power supply is not the only way for the Inogen concentrator batteries to recharge, but it for sure is the most used charging method. The reason most of the patients and users prefer the AC power supply is because it allows them to have better mobility in their own homes without worrying about their concentrator's battery.

    One can really do all the housework, take a nap or watch a TV while their oxygen tank batteries are getting recharged. The patients are free to use their concentrators while charging, and also are not restricted to stay in one place while the process of charging is active.

    About the Inogen One G4 AC Power Supply

    One thing that makes portable oxygen concentrators better than tanks is battery operation. You don't have to schedule weekly delivery of cylinders that are just too bulky and difficult to bring places.

    In particular, the Inogen One G4 AC power supply is used to recharge the Inogen One G4 units, one of the many models manufactured by the reputable company. These chargers are efficient and make it much easier to use the machine at home at no extra cost.

    They are specially designed to cater for people who require supplemental oxygen. The voltage provided is safe for home charging and perfect for your Inogen One G4 oxygen concentrator.

    This charger adapts from 100V to 240V, catering to all model usage outside of North America. One of the company's main goals is to provide a machine that promotes a better quality of living and enjoying life as it should be.

    Another feature of this power supply cord is that it allows you to charge while using the machine. When you are just at home and watching TV, cleaning the house, taking a nap, or reading a book, you can safely use your device without worrying that it will be out of charge at the end of the day.

    It is compatible with most wall outlets worldwide and allows more practical use of supplemental oxygen. 

    Easy to use

    Inogen One G4 AC Power supply is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to charge the batteries of the oxygen concentrator. All you really need is a conventional wall power source and the work is done.

    To properly use your AC power supply, you will need to connect both ends of the supply; one end should be connected to your concentrator and the other with a wall outlet.

    The G4 AC power supply works pretty much the same as any power supply, meaning it is in a feature of intermediary in the whole charging process. This is due to the converting of the level of electricity it is sending back to your oxygen tank, which makes it charge completely.

    Undisturbed oxygen therapy

    The Inogen One G4 power supply allows users to have undisturbed oxygen therapy even while charging their oxygen concentrators, making it a really useful oxygen concentrator accessory. This means that the patients are free to move around the room while the concentrator's batteries are being recharged. Therefore, the charging process and the oxygen therapy can be done simultaneously.

    Regardless of which pulse flow the patient is using whether it is 1, 2, or 3, the G4 concentrator will be able to continually charge.

    However, the charging cycle is different regarding the type of the battery. If you are fully recharging a double battery, the drained battery can take up to 5 hours. If you are fully recharging a single battery, it can take up to 3 hours to finish the process.

    Compatible with different wall outlets

    The Inogen One G4 AC power supply is composed of two main parts: AC power supply and AC power cord.

    The AC power cord requires being connected to a conventional wall outlet in order for it to properly do its function. Since it is designed to work for types of plugs such as the ones that can be found in Canada and USA, the Inogen G4 AC power supply meets the needs of millions of patients.

    Cover of common voltages

    The power supply that is used for the Inogen One G4, in this manner, is very similar to the universal Inogen AC power supply. The G4 power source is able to automatically adapt to input voltages starting from 100 volts to 240 volts.

    Such voltages are the most common voltages across the world, which means that the users and patients have the ability to use the power supply in many countries worldwide. The product has an auto-sensing technology and is allowed for use by a wide range of patients.

    Portable AC power supply

    The Inogen One G4 oxygen concentrator, as well as the Inogen One G4 AC power supply, are portable devices. This allows easy use and allows the patients to either use the power source at home or while traveling.

    However, keep in mind that the AC power supply does require a conventional wall outlet in order to work. The good part is that those kinds of outlets can be found almost anywhere you go, such as hotels, rooms or inside the homes of the people you are visiting.

    When staying at home, you are free to move around while the power supply is plugged and running.

    When traveling, you can carry your AC power supply seamlessly everywhere you go. It has a very compact design and weighs only 2 pounds, which allows the users not to worry about the device taking up too much space or being too heavy.

    Inogen One G4 AC Power Supply Frequently Asked Questions

    Can Inogen be used without a battery?

    Yes. Most of Inogen's portable oxygen concentrator units can be used without a battery as long as it is connected to a power source, either with an AC DC adapter.

    Usually, all packages come with both chargers, but you can always purchase them again in case it gets damaged over time. 

    Unlike other oxygen supply equipment, using POCs is much easier for mobility and freedom. They are not constricting and allow you to enjoy life even under oxygen therapy for various diseases like COPD, sleep apnea, and more. 

    Can you use Inogen One while charging?

    Yes. You can use your Inogen units like the Inogen One G3 in all settings, even when charging with or without a battery. The device will continue to charge even if it is operating.

    However, keep in mind that the charging time may be longer when you use it than leaving it for a few hours until it reaches 100%. 

    How long does an Inogen G4 last?

    A typical portable oxygen concentrator like the Inogen One G4 concentrator can last for around 4 to 7 years, depending on the user's maintenance and frequency of use. If you want your machine to last long, you will need to pay attention to its components that need replacement.

    Each component's lifespan differs from the unit itself, like the column pairs, which only have 18 to 24 months of operating time.

    How many years do Inogen batteries last?

    The Inogen One G4 portable oxygen concentrator batteries typically have a lifespan of 5 years, equivalent to around 500 charge/discharge cycles. On the other hand, it can last for up to 13 hours of continuous use on a double battery if you have it fully charged.

    Still, the life of your portable oxygen concentrator solely depends on your maintenance and how often you replace the sieve beds and other damaged components.

    The sieve beds have a life expectancy of only one year, as they require changing over a certain period.

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