Used Inogen One G4 External Battery Charger


Inogen One G4 External Battery Charger

Wanting to stay out of the house for more extended periods, but the thought of depleted batteries in your Inogen One G4 is scaring you? One perfect solution to your worries is the Inogen One G4 External Battery Charger.

One of the primary purposes of a portable concentrator is to experience more freedom and independence. It saves you from needing to be coped inside the comforts of your home for oxygen therapy. With portable oxygen concentrators, you won't need to be tied down to oxygen tanks or cylinders to get your dose of supplemental oxygen.

Though, it's not without worries. Being portable, these tiny machines rely on batteries to operate and function. As you would expect, batteries can get depleted. A fully depleted oxygen device is a total nightmare for any oxygen patient.

Fortunately, there are now solutions to prevent this exact scenario from happening. Introducing — the External Battery Chargers!

Are you an Inogen One G4 user? With it being one of the best portable concentrators on the market, it is no surprise that many oxygen patients turn to this device. If you're one of them, availing the G4 external battery charger is highly recommended.

This G4 External Battery Charger is a must-have accessory for any Inogen One G4 user. With this, you won't have to wait for your Inogen One G4 single or Inogen One G4 double batteries to get fully charged.

This external charger allows you to charge one battery on the side through any wall outlet with the included 110V power supply; all this while simultaneously using your POC with another battery. That severely cuts down the wait time!

With this external charger, a fully depleted G4 single battery will only need about 2.5 to 3 hours of charging. As for a G4 double battery, it will require only about 5 hours.

Moreover, you won't need to estimate the charging time of your batteries when using this external battery charger. Checking the battery status won't be a hardship, thanks to Inogen's customer-friendly idea of incorporating an LED charging indication system.

For any Inogen One G4 user, this external battery charger is a must if you want to stay on the go for more time. It is undoubtedly the most practical optional accessory you can have for this specific unit.

Inogen One G4 External Battery Charger Components

  • Inogen One G4 External Battery Charger
  • AC Power Cord

Inogen One G4 External Battery Charger Features

  • 3.5" High x 3.5" Long x 1" High Docking Station
  • 1" High x 2" Long x 4" Wide (3 feet cord AC Adapter)
  • It weighs only 2 pounds
  • 2.5 hours of charging time for a single battery
  • LED Light Indicator
  • 5 hours charging time for double battery
  • Small and portable
  • Easy to carry and transport
  • FAA approved
  • 1-year Warranty

    Charging time

    The Inogen One G4 External Battery Charger is considered as one of the most practical and simple optional accessories of the device. Inogen understands the needs of its customers so it continues to create high-quality products to improve your convenience and quality of life.

    No matter if you are at home or on the road, the external charger provides each user with the possibility to use the accessory anywhere, anytime.

    Fully charging the batteries outside the G4 unit takes less than 5 hours. More specifically, a fully depleted G4 single cell battery can be charged to full in 2.5 hours. When it comes to a fully depleted G4 double cell battery, the action can be completed in less than 5 hours.

    LED Indicator Light

    Even though the manufacturer provides the approximate time of charging, as a user you can determine the exact time that is taking your external charger to charge the batteries. In order to track the charging process, you can simply look at the LED Indicator light. Its main function is to display the level at which the batteries are charged. Once the process is finished, you are ready to go!

    AC power supply

    When it comes to power supplies, the Inogen G4 already comes with a power cord. However, the external battery charger comes with its own power supply. But what does this mean for you as a customer?

    The combination of two power cords works great while sleeping. While using the original power cord with the G4, you can simultaneously charge with the second power supply. So, the second battery can be charged while the oxygen therapy is still going on.

    Minimizing the charging time

    As mentioned above, the G4 device comes with its own AC Power Supply, a Single Battery and a DC charger. What this means is that the battery must be charged while connected to an outlet. Even though this is the traditional process, it is quite time consuming and may result in spending extra time at home while waiting the batteries to charge.

    The role of the external battery charger in this case is that the user may use multiple batteries with it. With the use of multiple batteries, the patient may charge one and simultaneously use the other on the side. This feature, along with a portable oxygen concentrator, is perfect for the ones on the move, no matter if it is work, vacation or simply daily activities.

    The Charging Process

    The charging process with the External Battery Charger is more than simple. First of all, the user needs to plug the power supply cord into an electrical outlet and into the battery charger. Next, slide the battery charger onto the battery. Be certain to click and lock the battery into the charger.

    The battery is in its rightful position when a solid red light appears. This indicates that the charging process has begun. On the contrary, a green light indicates that the batteries are fully charged and the process has ended.

    Even though the charging is ultimately simple, there are few issues that must be considered. As a user, always make sure to avoid touching the recessed electrical contacts of the external charger. This action may damage the contacts and affect the charging process.

    In addition to this, to completely remove the power from the external battery charger, always make sure to remove the plug.

    Even though the above-mentioned information provides you with a summary of almost everything you need to know about the External Battery Charger, you may have additional questions.

    Inogen One G4 External Battery Charger Frequently Asked Questions 

    How do I change my Inogen G4?

    You can use the Inogen One G4 External Battery Charger to charge your G4 unit fully. First, plug the external battery charger AC power supply cord into a wall or electrical outlet. Plug the end of the AC power supply into the battery charger.

    Then, slide the G4 unit's battery into the device by clicking and locking it. Once the battery is in the correct position a solid red light will turn on to indicate that the battery is charging. When the device's green light illuminates, the battery is fully charged and may be removed.

    Is the carry bag that came with the purchase intended to carry everything that came with the Portable Oxygen Concentrator too?

    No. Unfortunately, the carry bag or case that comes with the purchase of the Inogen One G4 unit is only intended to carry the concentrator — as well as a few additional light items like keys or cards. Larger and heavier items, like external battery chargers, would not fit.

    If you want a bag that can carry all Inogen One G4 components, then the G4 backpack would be a good choice.

    What sets the single and double battery apart?

    The main difference between single and double batteries would be the time they can last. As you would expect, the double battery would last longer than the single battery. You can avail additional batteries if you want to use your G4 unit for more consecutive hours.

    Is there an app available for the Inogen One G4 Portable Oxygen Concentrator?

    Yes. Inogen has an app available for Android and iOS phones called Inogen Connect. It is a free mobile app specifically available for Inogen One G4 and G5. This app allows you to connect and monitor your unit through your mobile phone.

    Your unit's crucial information is now at your fingertips! Inogen Connect will deliver real-time stats, like software updates, battery status, current settings, and maintenance reminders.

    What does the Inogen One G4 External Battery Charger package include?

    Typically, it includes a battery charger, a power supply, and an AC power cord.

    How long will it take to charge an Inogen One G4 Single Battery or an Inogen One G4 Double Battery using the G4 External Battery Charger?

    The charging time for G4's single and double batteries differ. The Inogen One G4 single battery can take approximately 2.5 to 3 hours to fully charge. As for an Inogen One G4 double battery, it can take about 5 hours to charge completely.


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