Inogen One G4 Hip Bag

by Inogen

Inogen One G4 hip bag is one of the easiest portable oxygen concentrator solutions. Besides being an easy way to move around while having oxygen therapy, this handy accessory is a very fashionable and innovative way to transport your oxygen units.

The manufacturer of these hip bags is Inogen, and that's the main goal of the company - to grant oxygen concentrator users better mobility and freedom.

The bag does not form any kind of pressure around the waist and due to it being lightweight, every user can comfortably wear it. The G4 hip bag is uniquely designed for the Inogen One G4 oxygen concentrator and it allows the device to be securely carried around the waist.

Inogen One G4 Hip Bag Special Features

  • Sturdy thermoformed belt
  • Rigid padded comfort and stability
  • EVA-protected pocket
  • Molded back panel
  • Mesh venting to prevent overheating
  • Adjustable waist strap
  • Two-side hip pockets
  • Comfortable
  • Hands-free mobility
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to remove and clean
  • FAA approved: Yes

If you want to find other ways to incorporate your Inogen One G4 into your everyday errands, you will ultimately love the convenience Inogen One G4 hip bag provides. It protects your unit from damage and requires no further support as you continue your activities.

This is the perfect bag to use if you are always on the go. You can bring it during hikes, walks, bicycle rides, and more. 

    This hip bag specifically made for the Inogen One G4 device provides hands-free mobility and at the same time protects the unit from possible damage. If you are an oxygen therapy patient who simply loves being on the go, traveling, and hiking, this is a must-have accessory for you.

    About the Inogen One G4 Hip Bag

    Have you ever been excited to wear a particular outfit on a special day, but your portable oxygen concentrator ruins the look? Luckily, there is something that can help you with that.

    You don't have to compromise your good look while still getting your oxygen supply with the Inogen One G4 hip bag available for your Inogen One G4 units. It makes it more convenient to carry around without being a burden.

    This portable oxygen concentrator accessory can be a fashionable addition to your overall outfit. One of the company's goals is to provide its clients with a bag to help them maximize their freedom and mobility.

    Regular carry bags may cause discomfort to your shoulder, especially if you carry them around for more extended periods. The hip bag is different. It is lightweight, so it would not add significant weight to your unit.

    The Inogen One G4 hip bag does not cause any pressure around the waist, so you can expect to be always comfortable. This accessory is specifically designed to carry the Inogen One G4 unit. It might not fit other models of Inogen portable oxygen concentrators because they differ in size and structure.

    Benefits of the Inogen One G4 Hip Bag 

    Great usage

    When it comes to the usage of the G4 hip bag, there are not many things different from any other hip bags. The main difference is that the largest front pocket in the Inogen G4 hip bag is used for placing the G4 concentrator.

    Because of that reason, there are two side hip pockets where you can keep your personal items. All you have to do is to put your G4 inside your hip bag, make sure it is stable and then adjust the bag around your waist. That is all.

    This hip bag is composed of five main parts. Here are they:

    1. EVA – protected compartment

    This pocket is the one that is specifically designed for the G4 unit. The EVA-protected compartment protects the device from scratches and damage. This is very important because you need to take care of your device if you want it to last longer. This compartment is strictly invented for that purpose - to allow the users better flexibility to move around with their concentrator while keeping it safe, stable, and secure.

    2. Side pockets

    There are two side hip pockets on the G4 hip bag. These pockets allow the carriers to bring personal items along with them. Because of the reason in the largest pocket of this hip bag, is where the G4 device is placed, users do not have an additional place to put money, extra batteries, keys, or their mobile phone. That is exactly why the two side hip pockets are used for.

    3. Protective shield

    The protective shield is placed above the EVA-protected pocket and serves as additional security for the unit. The protective shield does not allow any dirt, dust, or moisture to get inside the largest pocket and damage the G4 device.

    In addition, this protective shield grants the users access to the cannula port or the control panel. The display allows the users to keep track of their concentrator battery, which ultimately helps them not to run out of oxygen.

    4. Mesh venting

    Such nets can be found all over the EVA-protected compartment. The mesh venting ensures that the G4 device stays cool while it is operating. By this, the unit is prevented from overheating, which can, in fact, be very dangerous for the G4 and its function.

    5. Adjustable straps

    The Inogen One G4 hip bag will not be wearable without its adjustable straps. Of course, you can always wear it in hand, but it loses its purpose. The waist straps have an easy clip buckle and after you are done adjusting the tightness you prefer, all you have to do is just buckle up and you are ready to go.

    Device protection

    Thanks to the largest front pocket, the G4 gets the protection it requires to properly function. This EVA-protected compartment prevents any kind of damages to happen to the G4 unit. It keeps the device firmly stable while moving and being active.

    Moreover, here the mesh nets play a huge role too because they protect the device from overheating due to the quality allowance of the airflow to go in and out of the pocket. That helps the unit stay cool.

    Moisture and dirt can also seriously harm the G4, and that is exactly why there is a protective shield above the pocket as well as the mesh nets. The whole composition of this compartment makes sure to fully protect the G4 concentrator from possible accidents and destructions.

    Comfort, mobility, and stability

    In order to gain stability for your device, all you really have to do is adjust the waist straps. Every user is allowed to adjust their tightness according to their own preferences. It is extremely simple. With having a well-secured hip bag comes the opportunity for safe and better mobility.

    You will not have to worry about leaving your home or having to be on foot for a few hours. The hip bag will allow you to be flexible about your movements not worrying about damaging your unit.

    In addition, it is very important to mention that the G4 hip bag is also very comfortable for wearing. Since it is not heavy at all and can be adjusted as you please, it allows the users to have comfort while moving around. It does not initiate any kind of pressure and it will make you feel even like not wearing a hip bag at all.

    Accessibility to the control panel

    The accessibility to the control panel is granted through the protective display shield. This shield is on the top of the largest pocket where the G4 device is kept. Through this display, the users can have clear access to the control panel and adjust their device if they need to.

    Also, the display allows the users to see the battery life in order to prevent battery exhaustion. Constantly removing the unit outside the pocket and putting it back, can seriously injure its system. That is why this protective display shield enables the users to see their concentrator’s stats without even touching it.

    Travel companion

    The Inogen One G4 hip bag is made for travelers or oxygen therapy users that are constantly on the move. It signifies a safe place for the G4 device as well as a comfortable accessory to wear.

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