Inogen One G4 Replacement Columns

by Inogen

Inogen One G4 Replacement Columns  

The Inogen One G4 Replacement Column set contains two replacement sieve beds for the Inogen One G4 mobile oxygen concentrator. The RP-406 replacement columns are only compatible with the G4 Portable Oxygen Concentrators.

The G4 Concentrator comes in an extremely small and portable size, providing independence for the users 24/7. However, in order to provide the ultimate functionality and comfort, the concentrator accessories include several features in the package.

The removable metal columns are an important accessory due to the fact that they contain the sieve beds responsible for the oxygen concentration level.

Key Features:

  • Two metal column sieve beds
  • 2" Wide x 2" Long x 5" High
  • Each column weighs 10 ounces
  • Should be changed every 12-18 months
  • No tools are required for replacement
  • Only compatible with the Inogen One G4 Portable Oxygen Concentrators
  • FAA Approved

The main function of the sieve beds is to convert normal air into the air with high oxygen concentration. More exactly, they filter out the nitrogen from the air coming into the concentrator. Considering this fact, the replacement of the sieve beds may reduce the need for repairmen or maintenance of the whole device.

The lifespan of the G4 Replacement Columns

In order to maximize the life span of the Inogen One G4 Oxygen Concentrator, the replacement columns need to be replaced every 12-18 months. However, as a user, you will get a low priority alert – “O2 Service Soon”. After you receive the alert, you have up to 30 days for maintenance. More exactly, the columns need to be replaced within 30 days. After this period, the concentrator will fail to function properly.

Speaking of the maintenance of the columns, there is no need to hire a repairman. The replacement process doesn’t require any special tools or training. What’s more, the replacement of the sieve beds is usually compared to the process of changing a battery. It is as easy as that!

The Inogen G4 Replacement Column Procedure

Switching out the column pair doesn’t require tools. Furthermore, there is a clear, step by step procedure and instructions intended for this cause.

The first and most important step is that the concentrator must be shut down. This can be easily achieved by pressing the power button to shut down the device. Next, the concentrator needs to be removed from the carry case. Afterward, the battery needs to be removed from the Inogen One G4 Concentrator. After you remove these parts, you can continue to the columns part.

The Inogen One G4 Concentrator needs to be placed on a side so that the underside is visible. To unlock the columns assembly, you need to push the lash button away from the columns. To slide out the column assembly out of the device, you need to hold the button open and simultaneously pull on the handle.

At this stage, both of the columns can be removed. However, they are removed as one piece.

Next, you need to remove the dust caps of the new column assembly. It is highly important to completely clean the area of the dust caps, meaning there should be no dust or debris left. As soon as the dust caps are removed, you need to insert the column assembly. It is extremely important to never leave the columns ends exposed.

In order to insert the column assembly into the device, the columns need to be fully seated into the G4 concentrator. This means that the latch button needs to be fully returned to its closed position.

The final step consists of checking whether you have done the procedure correctly. First, you need to connect the Inogen One G4 to the AC power supply cord and the cord into an electrical outlet.

Next, you need to press and hold 2 buttons for 5 seconds. More specifically, the plus and minus button. After the screen displays "sieve reset" message, you can release the buttons.

After you press the alert button once, "sieve reset successful" message will be displayed. After this step, you can turn on the device and use it as usual.

The process of Oxygen Concentration

As mentioned before, the main function of the replacement columns is to convert normal into high oxygen concentration air. For this cause, the sieve beds are responsible for filtering out the nitrogen which is coming with the air into the concentrator. After passing the second filter, the air gets concentrated into oxygen.

However, this is where you can spot the importance of the sieve beds. If the sieve beds are not functioning properly, the oxygen coming through will be less pure, simultaneously not enough nitrogen will be removed.

As a consequence, patients who require special care because of their disease (especially if the disease affects the lungs) may not get their oxygen dosage. The final result is that a patient may not get their therapy due to malfunctioning of the sieve beds.

Lightweight, compatible and cost-efficient

The dimensions of the replacement columns are 2" Wide x 2" Long x 5" High. As part of the G4 Oxygen Concentrator, they are famous for their size and functionality on the market. In addition, the columns weigh only 10 ounces.

Apart from its lightweight, the accessories of the G4 are famous for their cost-efficiency. With so many products on the market, finding one which suits you in every aspect isn’t usually an easy task.

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