Used Inogen One G5 Backpack


The Inogen One G5 Backpack is a fantastic accessory to the G5 that allows you to carry your G5 on your back, while also storing extra accessories such as your charger, external battery charger, or additional batteries. The backpack also has compartments for your personal items as well. 

Inogen G5 Backpack Features

  • Ultra lightweight 
  • Custom and perfectly tailored for the Inogen One G5
  • Padded back support for optimum comfort
  • Adjustable straps
  • Thermoformed shell for enhanced stability and security
  • Durable fabric
  • Additional storage compartments

In need of a stylish backpack to carry your Inogen One G5 oxygen concentrator? Look no further, as Inogen has the perfect bag in its expansive inventory. The Inogen G5 backpack is an ideal accessory for any active oxygen user.

The Inogen G5 backpack is a brilliant solution that allows you to carry your concentrator everywhere while keeping your hands free to do or hold anything you want. Weighing only 15 ounces, you would barely feel its weight on your back.

It is a fashionable and ultra-lightweight bag with a thermoformed shell that can offer better protection and stability for your Inogen One G5 device. It is made of water-resistant polyester material and includes an EVA-protected compartment that can perfectly fit your device and protect it from bumps.

The newest design of the backpack includes backpack straps that are adjustable and comfortable. They are also triple-padded and ergonomic, making the bag easier to carry. All packs come with removable and adjustable chest straps and a lower belt strap that works to keep the bag in place.

The G5 backpack contains a plastic protective display shield that gives you easy access to the device’s LCD screen. Moreover, it has a mesh venting which ensures that the concentrator remains and stays cool while it is on and running.

The bag also has additional compartments that can easily and securely hold personal items, including your cell phones, wallets, and keys. The storage compartments also have a place for almost every basic need you have as an oxygen user — water bottles, a single or double battery, excess nasal cannula, cords, and masks. You can even fit a sweater or jacket in there.

The backpack also has a mesh of panels on the bottom and sides of the exterior pocket, ensuring the bag is well-vented. The Inogen One G5 backpack can fit your concentrator snugly on the front. 

You wouldn’t need to worry about overheating while using the bag as it has venting slots to help it stay cool. It even has an integrated charging and cannula port where you can quickly charge the unit while carrying it on your back.

Truly, this backpack can carry everything you’ll need for a day out in the sun. You can take it with you while doing errands like grocery shopping or hanging out with friends for a meal.

The Inogen G5 backpack is a full-size bag that combines durable and high-quality material with a modern and stylish look. You wouldn’t need to worry about it clashing with your outfit as its sleek design allows it to blend well with just about any fashion style.

If you’re looking to buy an Inogen G5 backpack, you can quickly get one from Sprylyfe. You can even enjoy money-back guarantees and affordable payment plans as additional benefits. For more inquiries or questions, you can contact us at 1-800-314-8225.

This backpack for the Inogen One G5 fits your unit snugly on the front, and then you have traditional backpack pockets on the backside. There are venting slots for the G5, so you don't need to worry about your G5 overheating while inside of the backpack. 

FAQs About the Inogen One G5 Backpack

Why Convert to POCs?

Portable oxygen concentrators offer you the freedom that oxygen tanks can’t. These mobile and compact devices allow you to spend time outside the comfort of your home while still receiving your regular dose of oxygen. Converting to POCs means no more getting stuck at home since you can take it almost anywhere.

Check out this guide to learn more about the benefits of converting to portable concentrators.

Why Choose Inogen?

Aside from having a long line of high-quality and innovative products, Inogen is also a company that highly prioritizes freedom and independence. Their primary focus has always been to develop and manufacture oxygen concentrators and products that can help change the lives of people with COPD. Inogen One G5 and G5 Backpack are just among their top products in the market.

You can trust Inogen to deliver unlimited oxygen using lightweight and portable devices. To know more about Inogen, you can check this guide about the company’s product information and company profile.

What material is the Inogen G5 backpack made out of?

Typically, these bags are made of breathable fabric superior to nylon material when it comes to breathability. These materials generally are constructed with the highest quality and embroidered using a machine. You can trust that it wouldn’t fade, rip, or tear so easily.

This post about the G5 backpack can help you learn more about the bag and its material.

For whom is the Inogen G5 backpack most suitable?

The Inogen One G5 backpack is explicitly made an accessory for the Inogen One G5. It means that this bag is well-suited for G5 users. You wouldn’t be able to find any other carry bag or backpack that would be able to fit the G5 perfectly. This backpack was made to fit and carry the concentrator perfectly.

With the Inogen One G5 Backpack, you could safely transport and even use the G5 unit on the road. To know more about the device, you can check this product review.

Are your products new or refurbished?

Sprylyfe has both a collection of new and refurbished items. You can opt for a used product if you’re looking for a lower and more affordable price. For that, you will need to reach out to our team to ensure that the product is available. Check out the price list here.

How can I place an order?

To place an Inogen One G5 backpack order, go to the page and click either add to cart if you’re not done or buy it now. It will direct you to another page you will need to fill out. The process is straightforward from there on.

Just fill out the information it needs and proceed to the next step, which includes shipping and payment information and details.

Get the Inogen G5 Backpack To Make Your Concentrator Fit For Travel

There is no other carry bag or backpack better for the Inogen One G5 than the Inogen G5 Backpack! This stylish and sleek backpack is custom made and fit to carry the concentrator. With it, rest assured that your G5 is perfectly snug, secured, and ready for traveling outdoors.

You can purchase the backpack directly from Sprylyfe’s website. We offer great deals, such as money-back guarantees, free shipping promos, and payment plans you can enjoy! If you need more help or assistance, you can contact us by email at or call us at 1-800-314-8225.