Used Inogen One G5 Single Battery


The Inogen One G5 Single Battery is the smaller option between the two batteries for this portable oxygen concentrators. The single battery is the same battery that comes included with the Inogen One G5 portable oxygen concentrator. 

Inogen G5 Single Battery Features

  • Up to 6.5 hours of battery life at the lowest flow setting
  • It can be charged while the battery is attached to the G5 concentrator
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • Small and light enough to fit a backpack or the Inogen One G5 accessories bag
  • Can charge using the G5 external battery charger
  • 3 hours to recharge completely
  • Quick release button
  • Non slip grip base
  • Delivers the lightest available package for the Inogen One G5 portable oxygen concentrator
  • Charges and works on all settings with the AC and DC power supply

    Having additional batteries for your portable oxygen concentrator is extremely nice - you can have one battery fully charged and ready to use when your first battery depletes. If you're looking for even longer battery life, there is also the Inogen One G5 Double Battery which offers up to an additional 13 hours of battery life. 

     About Inogen One G5 Single Battery

    The Inogen One G5 is a step forward in portable oxygen therapy and is the ideal portable concentrator for any setting, especially while traveling and going outdoors. This concentrator is the newest addition to Inogen's award-winning line and portfolio of portable concentrators. It is a compact and robust oxygen device that can provide a range of flow settings (1 – 6) in a lightweight design.

    This portable oxygen concentrator is notable for being mobile and perfect for on-the-go trips. Though, for that, long hours of battery life are needed. Thankfully, Inogen has the solution.

    When it comes to enjoying and making good use of your portable freedom with Inogen One G5, you won't get too far without the help of a reliable and long-lasting rechargeable battery. Introducing the Inogen G5 Single Battery – the smaller battery option for the G5 that offers up to 6.5 hours of battery life at its lowest flow setting.

    The Inogen G5 Single Battery is an excellent power source that can give you mobility and independence for trips and other extracurricular activities away from home. With it, you won't have to dread being coped up in your home and constantly attached to your heavy and bulky oxygen tanks.

    The lithium-ion 8-cell battery with the G5 device is the lightest package and weight for this specific Inogen product. It means it's lighter than the G5 double battery and easier to carry around.

    Inogen G5 Single Battery Benefits and Advantages

    Here are the benefits of choosing the Inogen G5 Single battery for your device.

    It is the lightest possible package for the Inogen One G5

    Regarding batteries for concentrators, it's not a one size fits all scenario. There are specific batteries for most portable oxygen concentrators. The Inogen One G5 is no different.

    Inogen gives you battery options for your G5 device – the single battery and the double battery.

    If you're one to travel a lot and prefer to have a light and portable device that would hardly hold you down, then the single battery should be your top pick. Choosing the Inogen G5 single battery is tantamount to using the lightest possible package of the Inogen One G5.

    At the exact weight of 4.7 pounds, you can enjoy extended hours of battery life, which amounts to longer freedom and independence.

    It provides long hours of battery life

    The Inogen One G5 has a long battery duration, especially compared to its competitors. With the single battery, you can expect up to 6.5 hours of life at its lowest pulse flow setting 1.

    At its highest (pulse flow setting 6), you can expect it to last up to an hour. That might not seem long, but it's impressive, given the high flow setting.

    You can use the Inogen One G5 double battery if you desire even longer hours. The battery extends to an astonishing 13 hours at its lowest flow setting. At its highest, it can operate for close to 3 hours.

    It gives you the chance to charge without restrictions

    Just like how the Inogen One G5 restored your freedom, the same kind of freedom is experienced when charging the Inogen G5 single battery. With this battery option, you can effectively charge without any restrictions.

    You can charge using an AC power supply, DC power supply, or the G5 external battery charger. It means you can charge your device's batteries anywhere – at home, in your car, or while traveling.

    When you're at home, you can easily plug one end of the AC power supply into the concentrator and the other into a nearby outlet. The recharge time wouldn't take longer than 4 hours.

    If you're on the road, you can always use the DC power supply. This handy cord can allow you to charge your concentrator in your car, SUV, RV, truck, or boat as long as it has a typical cigarette lighter outlet.

    Finally, the optional G5 external battery charger is also available if you want to charge the battery externally. That way, you can use an extra battery while you charge this one on the side for interruption-free oxygen therapy.

    It can be used while still attached to the device

    One of the best things about the Inogen One G5 is that you can use it while it's charging. You can use the device while connected to the AC power supply and wall outlet. Though, in doing so, the charging time will increase and be longer.

    FAQs About the Inogen G5 Single Battery

    How long can the Inogen One G5 battery last?

    The battery life of an Inogen one G5 is dependent on the battery option you are using. If you're using the Inogen One G5 single battery, the run time can last up to 6.5 hours, given that it's on the lowest setting. At its highest, the battery life can last up to an hour at most.

    If you're using an Inogen G5 double battery, you can expect the longest run time of up to 13 hours. At flow setting 6, the operation time is almost 3 hours. Regardless of your battery option, the Inogen G5 will still offer you the mobility and freedom you need to travel and go on with your day.

    If you want to learn more about portable oxygen concentrators' battery life, you may check out this blog.

    Purchase the Inogen G5 Single Battery For More Hours And Better Freedom

    The second you take your Inogen One G5 out of the box and attach the single battery, you will feel this need to get out and about with your day. With this accessory, you can make the most of your experience with the G5 device.

    Having additional batteries on standby for your concentrator is an excellent practice for people with COPD. If you're looking for longer hours than the single battery offers, you can try the Inogen G5 double battery.

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