ResMed Mirage Liberty Full Face CPAP Mask with Headgear

by Resmed

ResMed Mirage Liberty Full Face CPAP Mask with Headgear

The ResMed Mirage Liberty is a full face CPAP mask which provides a seal at both the nose and the mouth of the patient. Even though the mask provides less skin contact and a light, unobstructed design, it allows a comfortable seal and a free field of vision.

Unlike many full face CPAP masks, the Mirage Liberty maintains an easy first-time fit. It contains minimalistic parts which make the mask easy for assembling, disassembling, cleaning and maintaining.

Key Features

  • Dual-wall mouth cushion in selected sizes
  • 3 Nasal pillows: Small, Medium and Large (no nasal bridge or forehead contact)
  • Stable and comfortable seal (liberty of adjustment)
  • Built-in vents which provide quiet performance
  • Minimalist design for increased freedom -  free field of vision
  • Lesser skin contact and reduced chances for irritation and face marks
  • Lightweight full face mask
  • Includes a support package with a travel bag, DVD, quick-fitting guide and user guide
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Convenient headgear clips and slots – easy detach
  • 2 sizes: Small and Large

The ResMed Mirage Liberty actually combines the greatest features from the full face mask and the nasal pillow system. More exactly, it is considered to be a better version of the restricting full face masks. Since this model doesn’t include a nasal bridge or a forehead contact, it is treated as a lightweight, quiet version by patients. What is more, the users have the liberty to choose among different sizes of mouth cushions and nasal pillows.

Adjustable and comfortable design

The combination of dual-wall cushion and dual-wall nasal pillows allows the patients to seal the mask at two points, simultaneously providing a comfortable seal and first-time fits.

Even though the headgear of the ResMed Mirage Liberty is quite strong and supportive, it is much different from the traditional, face tightening masks. So, when fitted correctly, the ResMed Mirage Liberty provides a suitable fit for each patient.

Quick release elbow

In addition to the functionality of the mask, ResMed has included a quick release elbow made by polycarbonate to the design of the Mirage Liberty. This means that headgear of the mask is connected to the tubing with an upper headgear clip (made by nylon) and lower headgear clip (made by polyester). These features make the detachment easier than ever before.

2 Mask sizes

ResMed has created two versions of the Mirage Liberty full face mask (the inlet tube and headgear are not included in the measurements):

  • Small 110 Width x 92 Height x 95 Depth
  • Large 110 Width x 100 Height x 100 Depth

In order to choose the best mask size for you, ResMed has created the fitting template which you can print and cut out. More specifically, the fitting template is 5 inch (width) by 3 inch (height) and needs to be positioned in front of the patient’s face while looking at a mirror. Using the template directions, the patient is able to determine the appropriate size of the cushion.

The decisive factor is the position of the chin crease, more exactly if it is positioned below or above the dotted line of the template. However, if the chin crease falls exactly on the line, it is recommended to choose the smaller size.

High level of freedom

As the name of the mask implies, the Mirage Liberty mask provides a high level of liberty. The design of the ResMed Mirage Liberty full face masks allows each patient the freedom to read, watch television and even wear glasses with it. This comes due to the fact that this model doesn’t contain a nasal bridge or a forehead contact.

The free field of vision in combination with the reduced skin contact also provides lowered chanced of irritations. What is more, the patient can forget about the red marks or facial wrinkles. According to recent studies, a large percent of the patients describe the Mirage Liberty as one of the lightest masks on the market.

Quiet performance

When it comes to full face masks, many patients face the problem of sleeping with a partner. More exactly, the design of the traditional masks complicates the breathing and creates a loud environment. As consequence, patients refuse to wear their masks near their bed or life partners.

The difference between the Mirage Liberty and other full face masks of this type consist in the breathing vents. More exactly, the Mirage Liberty contains built-in vents which disperse the air through small holes and implement it quietly and gently.

Easy to clean and maintain

The mask consists of a few parts and due to this fact it is really easy to clean and maintain. In order to clean the mask, the patient needs to disassemble it. Furthermore, the headgear stays in place when it is being removed. After cleaning each part of the mask, the assembling process is as easy as the disassembling one.

The patient needs to hand wash the mask and the headgear. However, the headgear doesn’t need to be removed from the headgear clips. Another important issue is the fact that the user mustn’t use any strong products to clean the mask, such as alcohol or bleach. The headgear must not be ironed because of its heat sensitivity (you may damage it in the process).

Designed for different lifestyles

The support package of the Mirage Liberty comes with a travel bag, quick-fitting guide and user guide. Additionally, the mask is customized for active sleepers (it prevents mouth leaks), claustrophobic patients (it has the least material around the face), and it accommodates a wide variety of facial hair styles.

However, the Mirage Liberty full face mask doesn’t have a specialized “For Her” version.

Even though the Mirage Liberty offers a wide range of features, each patient needs to choose accordingly to his/her needs. If this model is not suitable for your needs or preferences, you may choose among the rest of the ResMed full face masks.


Choosing the right type of mask depends on your personal needs and preferences. If you have any questions about the ResMed Mirage Liberty Full Face CPAP Mask, all you need to do is contact us through mail or give us a call at 1-800-314-8225.