ResMed Mirage Micro Nasal CPAP Mask with Headgear

by Resmed

ResMed Mirage Micro

The ResMed Mirage Micro is one of the masks on the market which provides the highest number of positions – 24. The personalized fit of the mask accommodates the ultimate fit and seal. More exactly, each patient is only a step away from effectively adjusting the mask to his/her preferences.

What’s more, this CPAP nasal mask features a MicroFit dial which is designed for one-hand adjustments. Apart from these features, the ResMed Mirage Micro CPAP Nasal Mask offers a variety of characteristics which differentiate it among similar masks on the marketplace.

Key Features

  • MicroFit Dial (24 positions / tightness settings available)
  • 360° elbow rotation
  • Dual-wall cushions available in 6 sizes: Kids, Small, Medium, Large, Large Wide, and Extra Large
  • Streamline Design which opens up the sight of the user
  • Improved ventilation with a circular design
  • Quick removal headgear clips – designed for fast removal of the mask
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Travel bag included in the package
  • Available in 3 sizes: small, medium/large and large wide/extra large
  • Mirage Micro for Kids

The ResMed Mirage Micro was the first nasal mask of the company which utilized the MicroFit forehead support system. It features dual-wall cushions available in 6 sizes. Due to this fact, the mask provides a personalized fit for over 95% of the apnea therapy users. 

Personalized fit and adjustable design

The ResMed Mirage Micro consists of dual-wall cushions which vary in sizes in order to fulfill the needs of the widest audience possible. The silicone cushions are in combination with a polycarbonate frame and clear dial. In addition to this, the headgear is polyurethane, nylon, spandex one and is in combination with headgear quick clips which improve the functionality of the mask design. The user of the nasal mask can easily remove the mask without the need of re-adjusting it.

Apart from being highly effective and adjustable to different structures and preferences, the design is extremely thin. This feature improves the sight of the patient and allows him/her to wear the mask while doing everyday activities, such as watching TV.

The most important, key feature regarding the personalized fit is that each patient is able to choose among 24 positions. This stems from the specialized MicroFit Dial which is located on the forehead support pad on the mask. The MicroFit Dial has a total of 24 tightness settings which contribute to achieving the most optimal and comfortable position for each user of the mask.

Improved Diffusion Vent

It is a known fact that apnea therapy patients usually face problems regarding the noise which comes out from their therapy sessions. Furthermore, their bed partners usually face the consequences and difficulties in the process too. ResMed has dedicated special time and effort to eliminate this problem. For this reason, they have designed an improved diffusion vent which uses advanced technologies in order to provide a noise-free environment for both the patient and everyone in the environment.

More specifically, there are strategically placed exhalation holes through the ResMed Mirage Micro Nasal Mask. Their main function is to reduce the noises produced in the process to a substantial degree. The exhalation holes also push the air away from the patient and their bed partner. This way they can both enjoy their night of sleep, without being disturbed or distracted by outgoing air.

Easy to clean and maintain

Due to its convenient design, the ResMed Mirage Micro mask is one of the simplest ones when it comes to disassembling and assembling. This nasal mask features the quick headgear removal clips which allow the patient to detach the headgear in a simple step, simultaneously preserving the patient’s fit.

When it comes to the cleaning of the nasal mask, each component needs to be cleaned and hand washed separately. Furthermore, the mask doesn’t allow the use of strong detergents or strong smelled ingredients because these can affect the quality of the mask. It is highly recommended to use only a gentle soap or a baby shampoo and warm water.

The drying for the mask must not include direct sunlight because the mask is also sensitive to this part. The best timing for cleaning the mask is in the morning, after each use. This way each patient can remove the oils which are left behind from the skin. If you constantly delay the cleaning of the mask, the oils can seriously harm the lifespan of the mask.

Available in different sizes (Version for Kids included)

The ResMed Mirage Micro is available in 3 sizes. There is a fitting template from ResMed which assists patients in their decision to choose among different sizes. The fitting template needs to be cut out and placed around the nose of the patient (using a mirror in the process). The important fact is that the user needs to obtain a close fit around the nose, yet allow some clearance around the nostrils and the nasal bridge.

  • Small Nasal Mask: Small Mask Frame, Small Cushion, Forehead Pad, Small Headgear
  • Medium & Large Nasal Mask: Standard Mask Frame, Cushion – Medium and Large, Forehead Pad, Headgear
  • Large-Wide & Extra-Large Nasal Mask: Standard Mask Frame, Cushion – Large Wide and Extra Large, Forehead Pad, Headgear

Apart from the above-mentioned dimensions, the ResMed Mirage Micro Nasal Mask is available in another form – the one “For Kids”. The mask specialized for kids uses a custom frame which is accommodated for small facial profiles. More exactly, it features a small headgear and a cushion.

This version is approved from the FDA and is suitable for kids from seven years and older. Another important requirement is the weight of the kid which needs to be more than 40 lbs. or 18.2 kg.

Considering all of the above-mentioned features, the ResMed Mirage Micro Nasal Mask is truly a device which provides appropriate services to a wide range of audience. There are countless patients which have started with the use of this nasal mask and have found it as more than a useful and comfortable tool.

Yet, as a patient, you may consider your options before making a purchase. The Ultra Mirage Full Face Mask and Original Mirage Activa are two similar masks to the Mirage Micro Nasal Mask, so if you don’t feel satisfied with the features of this model, you may consider the other two.



If you have any questions about the ResMed Mirage Micro Nasal CPAP mask, all you need to do is contact us through e-mail or give us a call at 1-800-314-8225.