S131 Pioneer 3 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter

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S131 Pioneer 3 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter

Merits Health Products is the maker of yet another mobile scooter that provides stability, elegance, and a safe journey. The S131 Pioneer scooter model is equipped with fantastic features whose accessibility and functionality is easy to understand and use.

Key Features

Key Specs

• Adjustable delta tiller and single frame design
    • 400 lbs weight capacity
      • Sliding captain seat with adjustable armrests
        • 5 mph top speed
          • Steel bumper, carry basket, rearview mirror & lighting package
            • 18 miles drive range
              • 6-speed configuration
                • 225 pounds total weight

                  This innovative three-wheel scooter is an excellent choice for all who need assistance in moving and quickly arriving at a specific location. There are many functions in this compact edition, so let's see them in a more detailed review.

                    In addition to its high functionality, the look of this scooter is refined and elegant, making it great for carrying out activities outside your home. Merits Health Products is a company that aims to meet the needs of its clients and provides them with comfort and enjoyable driving with their mobility scooters.

                    If we start talking about this mobility scooter's features, it's inevitable to mention just how comfortable it is thanks to its 20 inches wide seat. The width of the chair provides you with sufficient space that will make the ride feel enjoyable and quite relaxing. The backrest has a folding function, which provides easier access to the scooter.

                    For an even more effortless use of the S131 Pioneer 3, the 45-degree rotating feature of the seat can help you determine the angle of the entry or exit from this three-wheeler. The armrests of the scooter are designed to accommodate you with flexible height and width for greater control over the scooter.

                    Compact dimensions and lightweight portability

                    S131 Pioneer 3 has a capacity of up to 400 lbs and is excellent for people with average and larger body construction that require a simple transportation tool. You can quickly pack it and transfer it by a car somewhere else.

                    The scooter weighs 225 lbs, while the heaviest part of this model is its battery. While on that matter, despite being heavy, the battery allows S131 Pioneer 3 to reach a maximum speed of 5 miles per hour, which is a very decent speed range.

                    Smooth and classy ride around town

                    The S131 Pioneer 3 features 10-inch flat free tires, which will save you from pumping them, and enable you with a smooth drive. This scooter includes 10-inch flat free caster as well, which will prevent the scooter from losing balance on bumpy roads.

                    The distance to the lowest part of the scooter from the ground is just 4 inches, which means the scooter is fairly low, and its turning radius is 39” which makes the scooter easily movable even in tighter places.

                    The steel bumper protects the scooter from scratches, enabling it to last longer and look like new even after a long time use.

                    S131 Pioneer scooter contains all the options for easy movement in different places plus the ability to carry other necessary things for worry-free operation during the day.

                    High battery and motor capacity for a long ride around town

                    Battery care and charging the scooter is quite simple and does not require almost any maintenance, as long as you properly follow the instruction manual.

                    Charging the scooter is the same as any other battery-operated device that needs to be recharged, only plug the scooter into the socket after you have previously turned it off.

                    The lights on the scooter are indicators of whether it is full and ready to drive, or it needs more energy. The batteries are quite powerful and combined with the scooter’s 250W motor, they allow the passenger to travel up to 18 miles on a single charge.

                    Extremely easy to operate

                    Managing the scooter is quite easy as there are no obstacles that would prevent the user from driving safely and easily. The controls are precisely arranged and positioned so that the driving and controlling process is easily done by pressing a few buttons.

                    When designing this scooter, all the principles of interaction have been worked out, so that the connection between the scooter and the user is direct and the controls are placed on the transport means itself.

                    Speed Controls

                    The speed controls are visually marked for the user to be able to easily understand which control is for increasing and which one is for reducing the speed.

                    The S131 Pioneer 3 scooter features 6 speeds which are changed by pressing the buttons intended for them. The scooter has a speed and a battery indicator that give the users feedback on the speed at which they drive, as well as the battery level.


                    In order to avoid additional risks, this scooter also contains a siren that allows you to signal to other traffic participants that you are approaching them.

                    Turn Signals and Headlight

                    Like the other functions, the turning signals are placed on the tiller of the scooter. Their activation occurs when you press one of them, and stops automatically after 15 seconds.

                    The main purpose of the headlight is to allow you better visibility during the night hours. The headlight is turned on by pressing the headlight button and turned off by pressing the button for the second time.


                    The electromagnetic brakes allow the scooter to move whenever the speed lever is pushed and stop the scooter at the moment the speed lever is released. The brakes themselves function quite simply, as well as the other scooter controls.

                    The scooter's principal function is to provide fast but safe arrival from one place to another. You can also use this scooter to perform indoor activities, but you have to be very careful and operate the vehicle at a speed which is comfortable for you to control.


                    • Oxygen tank holder
                    • Cane & crutch holder
                    • Walker holder
                    • Canopy
                    • Foldable rear basket

                    S131 Pioneer 3 Key Features and Specifications

                    • Dimensions of the scooter: (H) 45.5” x (L) 46” x (W) 23”
                    • Max Speed: 5mph
                    • Range: Up to 18 miles
                    • Weight Capacity: 400lbs
                    • Wight of product: 225lbs
                    • Seat width: 20” with a flip-back armrests
                    • Seat height: 16"-19"
                    • Seat depth: 20"
                    • Turning Radius: 39"
                    • Ground Clearance: 4"
                    • Motor: DC 24V, 250W
                    • Controller: Dynamic Rhino 70A
                    • Battery: 12V/U1(34AH) x 2pcs or group 22
                    • Battery Weight: 38lbs
                    • Charger: 5A off-board
                    • Gradient: 8°
                    • Casters: 10" flat free tires
                    • Drive Wheels: 10" flat free tires
                    • Brakes: intelligent, regenerative, electromagnetic

                    S131 Pioneer 3 Warranty

                    • Warranty on frame: 5 years
                    • Warranty on electronics and motors: 18 months


                    If you have any more questions about the S131 Pioneer 3 3-wheel mobility scooter, please give us a call at 1-800-314-8225 or email us at hello@sprylyfe.com.