S331 Pioneer 9 3-Wheel Heavy-Duty Scooter


S331 Pioneer 9 3-Wheel Heavy-Duty Scooter

S331 Pioneer 9 is the name of yet another advanced and affordable heavy duty scooter from the Merits Health Products Company, intended for easy and improved movement. Its glossy and sleek looks make this three-wheel-drive scooter even more rewarding for customers.

Merits Health Products takes care of your freedom of movement, but also the style in which you do it. S331 Pioneer 9 is an innovative vehicle with plenty of high functionality options that enable safe and ergonomic drive experience.  So, lets’ take a look at all the noteworthy features S331 Pioneer 9 offers to its drivers.

Key Features

Key Specs

• Sliding captain seat with a 45° swivel feature
    • 500 lbs weight capacity
      • Sensor-controlled safety turning half speed
        • 6 mph top speed
          • One piece frame for a sturdier build
            • 32 miles drive range
              • Lighting package and heavy-duty bumper
                • 246 pounds total weight

                  The great number of features this scooter offers are not difficult to master at all.  On the contrary, the functions are easily accessible and simple to operate, making this scooter even safer for the elderly.

                  Comfort is another one of the principles that Merits Health Products believes in. Therefore, they made the 22-inch high backrest captains seat a part of this scooter. In addition to the exceptional enjoyment offered by the chair itself, you can adjust it according to your needs and height.

                  The S 331 Pioneer 9 is designed to provide you with maximum pleasure, so you can additionally rotate the seat to 45 degrees for easier entry and exit from the scooter.

                  The captain's seat is made in two colors which give the scooter a stylish and modern look. Furthermore, the armrests are adaptable and you can accommodate them according to the height that suits you most.

                  The best part about the armrest adjustment is that you can do it within a few seconds and it doesn’t require any tools. This scooter is excellent for both outdoor and indoor activities, as you can drive in tight spaces thanks to its turning radius of 50”.

                  Agile performance and smooth driving

                  This heavy-duty scooter is excellent for active users who need a safe and comfortable ride. The purpose of the built-in functions of this model is to suit as many diverse needs as possible. So we have a universal scooter that responds to almost all kinds of demands. That's why this vehicle has a flexible tiller, which can be adjusted just like the seat, depending on the proximity that you think suits you the most.

                  Controls and manner of management

                  S 331 Pioneer 9 is designed for easy operation and control of the scooter. The controls are mounted on the scooter's tiller itself explained through the drawings, which are clear indicators of its steering.

                  For every experienced driver, this scooter will be an easy and fun ride, which at the same time will help in carrying out everyday activities. The digital dashboard is arranged with the most important indicators that should help the user to drive the scooter with ease.

                  Speed Control

                  Unlike other vehicles, the performance of this scooter is at its highest level and the ease of its handling is much better, compared to other mobile scooters or traditional vehicles. Gears are set to only two buttons designed for faster or slower driving.

                  The S331 Pioneer 9  is a six-speed scooter, which allows you to change the speeds by simply pressing one of the two buttons dedicated to it. For greater visibility, the speed at which you are driving is displayed on the LED display.

                  Battery Level Indicator

                  Because it's an electric scooter, the power level is one of the most important things for the normal operation of the scooter. The battery level can be easily seen through the led lights placed on the scooter’s tiller.

                  The indicator is designed for users to easily and even intuitively know when the scooter needs recharging. The battery together with the scooter’s engine provide a movement at a maximum speed of 6 miles per hour.

                  With this scooter you can drive an impressive 36 miles with just one battery charge. Also, the charging of the scooter works very simply and does not require any complicated connections.

                  Horn and Headlight

                  As part of the package dedicated to traffic safety, this scooter has a signaling siren and lights that will allow you to carelessly move in the traffic and with a better visibility.

                  Turn Signals, Hazard Light and Status Indicator

                  No vehicle can operate without turning signals. For easier and more flexible movement, the scooter S 331 Pioneer 9 is equipped with turn signals and a hazard light.

                  The status indicator is subtle and represents only one small bulb on the scooter handle. Different light intervals indicate different special conditions that you need to pay attention to.


                  Electromagnetic brakes provide extra safety and carelessness when driving. Unlike other vehicles, this scooter does not require fast reflexes thanks to the electromagnetic breaks which stop the scooter after releasing the pressure from the speed lever.

                  Of course, in addition to situations in which you need an instant stop, you can also use it the emergency brake, which will immediately bring the scooter into a static position.

                  Overall dimensions and weight capacity

                  In addition to the excellent safety and elegance of the driving offered by this scooter, it is very important to be compact, easily portable and durable. Likewise, Scooter S331 Pioneer 9 does not disappoint the expectations of the users.

                  This scooter has a weight capacity of up to 500 lbs., while S331 Pioneer 9 itself weighs 246 lbs. This scooter belongs to the group of heavy-duty types and it is incredibly dynamic and fast.

                  As far as its length is concerned, it is 56 inches long, 27 inches wide, and 47 inches high. Its optimum size allows you to feel comfortable but at the same time it doesn’t take up a huge space in the garage or at the parking lot.

                  Taking into account all the needs of the people for whom this scooter is intended, S331 Pioneer 9 has room for all additional necessary items like oxygen tank holder, cane and crutch holder, walker holder, canopy or a foldable rear basket place for some of your items.

                  S331 Pioneer 9 Key Features and Specifications

                  • Dimensions: (H) 47” x (L) 56” x (W) 27”
                  • Maximum speed: 6 mph
                  • Travel range: 32 miles
                  • Weight capacity: 500 lbs.
                  • Total weight of product: 246 lbs. (batteries included)
                  • Battery charger: 6a off-board
                  • Battery size:12v group 24 (70ah-80ah)
                  • Battery weight: 86 lbs.
                  • Brake: Electromagnetic
                  • Curb climbing: 3"
                  • Electronics: Dynamic Rhino 160
                  • Flip-back armrests: Yes
                  • Grade climbable: 12°
                  • Ground clearance: 4.00"
                  • Motor size: DC 24V, 400W
                  • Seat type: High back sliding captains seat that can easily be rotated and height adjustable
                  • Seat width: 22"
                  • Seat depth: 20"
                  • Seat to ground height: 25" - 28"
                  • Turning radius: 50"
                  • Tire type: flat free
                  • Wheels: front 10" pneumatic tires
                  • Wheels: rear 12.5" pneumatic tires



                  We are at your service for any questions you may have about the S331 Pioneer 9 3-wheel Heavy-Duty Scooter. For the information that interests you contact us through our e-mail hello@sprylyfe.com or you can just call us at 1-800-314-8225.