S539 Mini-Coupe 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter

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S539 Mini-Coupe 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter

Performance-inspired S539 Mini-Coupe scooter is one of the simplest mobile scooters for independent mobility management, produced by the manufacturer Merits Health. This mini scooter fills the requirements of all users who desire, easy, compact and advanced means of transport.

Key Features

Key Specs

• Folding stadium-style swivel seat • 300 lbs weight capacity
• Auto-latching lockup mechanism • 4.5 mph top speed
• Adjustable tiller height and angle • 12.7 miles drive range
• Easily disassembled into 5 parts • 104 pounds total weight

This mobility scooter also has a 4-wheel version, the S549 Mini-Coupe, which offers better stability.

Of course, the futuristic and ultra-modern look is not missing out on the offer of Merits Health Products. In addition to the spotless exterior, the manufacturers designed this scooter with special care for users who are looking for simple and safe control of mobility scooters.

Therefore, S539 Mini-Coupe is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that allows adjusting the scooter according to your needs and wishes. So, let's take a closer look at all the options that make this scooter roadworthy.

Safe and smooth driving is ensured by the comfort that the vehicle offers. The comfort of this scooter is provided by the seat and its personal adjustment options that you can feel as soon as you sit down on it. The backrest has a folding function, for easier storage and transfer of the scooter.

The length of the seat is 17 inches and the distance from the scooter floor is 18.5 inches. As the S 539 mini-coupe is intended for people who need assistance with movement, the seat also has a rotating function of 45 degrees which makes it easier to sit and get out of the scooter.

Stylish driving experience

Riding this scooter starts just like any other vehicle, that is, by entering the key in the key switch. Besides the modern technology implanted in this scooter, the traditional way of using a vehicle is also applied to the S539 Mini-Coupe.

This means that the controls are easy to use and anyone who has had previous experience in driving a car will be able to use this scooter trouble-free. For a better user experience, all controls are placed in front of the driver and are controlled by direct push.

Speed Control

The control of the scooter certainly depends on the speed at which you move. You should always be careful and choose the proper speed according to your own abilities. Selecting the fitting speed on S539 Mini-Coupe is done by simply rotating the speed control. For easier understanding of the control, the scooter has an arrow that graphically shows the increase and reduction of speed.

The excellent versatility of the scooter allows you to use it for both outdoor and indoor activities. At speed of up to 4.5 miles per hour and 12 miles traveling rank with one charge, the S539 Mini-Coupe will allow you to independently navigate and perform all daily activities.

Battery Gauge

The scooter features a battery indicator that will always alert you on how much energy is left in the scooter. The indicator is designed to show the level of energy through red and green color. When the needle is in the red part, the scooter must be recharged as soon as possible, if the needle is in the green part then your scooter is full.


For greater driving safety, the S539 Mini-Coupe has its own horn to alert other traffic participants that you are in their vicinity. The siren is activated by pressing the button intended for it and then stops when you release the pressure from the button.

Power eye

If there is any problem or situation you need to pay attention to, the scooter is equipped with power eye. Through luminous intervals, the powerful eye indicates whether there is any problem with the scooter. The different number of flashing, point to different situations. This way, you will always be aware of whether your scooter needs recharging if the battery voltage is too high or there is something else that you need to pay attention to.

Tiller Angle Adjustment

Tiller angle adjustment is an option you can use for a more comfortable ride and therefore more control over the scooter. Adaptation of the tiller allows you to place it closer or further from you, and therefore the controls that are placed on the tiller will be at the distance that suits you the most.

Capacity and weight of the scooter

S539 Mini-Coupe only weights 104 lbs. Despite its relatively low weight, the scooter has excellent durability and a weight capacity of up to 300 lbs. The scooter is easily portable, and you can disassemble it in five parts. Each of the parts weighs less than 31 lbs. The disassembly and assembly are done with only a few moves, which if you follow the manual, you will be able to do it very quickly.

The innovative design of the S539 Mini Coupe aims to make the getting in and off the scooter as smoother as possible, therefore the ground clearance is only 2.50 inches. 

Battery and Motor

The scooter comes with two 12 volt batteries with a capacity of 22 AH and a scooter charger. The electric motor is with a voltage of 24 volts and a power of 110 watts. The weight of the battery pack is 28.6 lbs and it can be removed from the scooter in order to be transferred more easily. On the plus side, the battery doesn’t require any additional upkeep other than charging it correctly. 


Another thing worth mentioning for the S539 Mini Coupe is its foam filled wheels. These wheels are ideal for carrying out external activities. The foam filled tires are much more durable, unlike the traditional air-filled tires. The foam will prevent the tire from going flat thus will relieve you of worries about possible roadblocks due to puncture tires.

S539 Mini-Coupe 3-Wheel Features and Specifications

  • Dimensions: (H) 32” x (L) 40” x (W) 21”
  • Maximum speed: 4.5 mph
  • Travel range: 12.7 miles
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Weight of product: 104 lbs.
  • Battery type: Sealed Lead-Acid batteries
  • Charger: 1.5A off-board battery charger
  • Battery size: 12V 22AH
  • Battery weight: 28.6 lbs.
  • Brake: Electromagnetic
  • Electronics: S-Drive 70A
  • Flip-back armrests: No
  • Grade climbable: 6°
  • Ground clearance: 2.50"
  • Motor size: DC 24V, 110W
  • Seat rotation: Yes, 45-degree increments
  • Seat type: Foldable
  • Seat width: 17"
  • Seat depths: 15.5"
  • Seat options: Folding back
  • Seat to ground height: 18.5"
  • Turning radius: 34"
  • Tire type: Foam filled
  • Wheels: Front: 8" PU Tire
  • Wheels: Rear 9" PU Tire



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