Spitfire EX 2 4-Wheel Travel Scooter

by Drive

Spitfire EX 2 4-Wheel Travel Scooter

Drive Medical has been dedicated to providing patients with mobility problems an easier way to navigate and go about their daily lives. Its recent model, the Spitfire EX2, is a 4-wheel mobility scooter that is packed with features engineered to make your life better and more comfortable.

Key Features

Key Specs

• Delta Tiller and Swivel seat
    • 300 lbs weight capacity
      • Swivel mount cup holder and carry basket
        • 5 mph top speed
          • Extra bright LED headlight
            • Up to 15 miles drive range
              • 6 sets of interchangeable color panels
                • 105 pounds total weight

                  This travel scooter also has a 3-wheel version, the Spitfire EX2 3-Wheel, which is perfect for people who prefer a scooter with a tighter turning radius.

                    6 sets of interchangeable color panels

                    In an effort to give the users a more personalized experience, the Spitfire EX2 4 Wheel Scooter comes in 6 sets of interchangeable color panels. You can pick your desired color, depending on your mood and preference, from the following choices: red, blue, silver, black, white, and pink.

                    Safety and security features

                    User safety is one of the priorities that mobility aid manufacturers should never take for granted. Drive Medicals’ Spitfire EX2 is equipped with an electromagnetic braking system. It also comes with several bells and whistles that many basic wheel mobility scooters don’t have.

                    This feature helps to alert people of your presence to prevent accidents. For better visibility in poorly lit areas, it also comes with a bright white LED headlight on the front and a red light on the back. As the saying goes “be seen, be safe” so this 4-wheel mobility scooter also has reflectors on the armrests for additional safety.

                    Durability and capacity

                    The Spitfire EX2 has a durable build designed to cater to the needs of a wide range of patients. Aside from its safety features, it has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds.

                    When fully charged, your scooter can cover up to 15 miles of travel distance while running up to 5 mph. This means that you can use the Spitfire EX2 travel scooter to navigate your way outdoors without having to worry about the device being discharged any sooner.

                    You can also use the scooter on slopes, inclined pavements, and wheelchair ramps that have a maximum of 6° climbing angle.

                    Comfort, design, and functionality

                    Drive Medical’s Spitfire EX2 features a simple light and digital gauge cluster display for a user-friendly experience. Unlike other mobility scooters for sale in the market, the Spitfire EX2 already provides its users with many functionalities, limiting the need to purchase additional accessories.

                    When you purchase a unit, it already comes with a free, swiveling mount cup holder for your convenience and a durable front basket with a removable liner to house your necessities.

                    The Spitfire EX2 has a Delta tiller for easier throttle control. This handle design also makes it easier for both right-handed and left-handed users alike to maneuver the scooter. The wrap-around style of the handle provides additional comfort as it helps reduce the strain on the user’s hand while allowing the wrist to rest on the handlebar.

                    This mobility scooter is also designed in a way that it can be disassembled easily into 5 separate, easy-to-carry pieces.

                    When choosing a mobility scooter, you should also consider your comfort as you will be using the device for several hours every day. Drive Medical knows the importance of this factor, that’s why Spitfire has adjustable, well-padded armrests and an adjustable swivel seat that you can customize depending on your comfort preference.

                    Battery, charging, and power source

                    Another great feature that Spitfire EX2 users love is the availability of a board charging port in the tiller and the battery pack, making charging the unit easier and hassle-free. The wheel mobility scooter comes with a sealed Lead acid battery that weighs 22 lbs (12AH) and 28 lbs (21AH).

                    If your order arrives and you find it difficult to mount the seat and put the batteries in, you can opt for the white-glove delivery. This way, a trained technician can guide you on how to use the device, assist you in mounting the seat, place the batteries, and dispose of the packaging.


                    • Oxygen tank holder, 1/ea
                    • Rear basket, 1/ea
                    • Cane/crutch holder, 1/ea

                    Spitfire EX2 4 Wheel Scooter Specs:

                    • Product weight: 105 lbs (111 lbs with 21 AH batteries)
                    • Dimension: 20 in W x 42 in L x 36 in H
                    • Weight capacity: 300 pounds
                    • Maximum speed: 5 mph
                    • Maximum travel range: 9 to 15 miles
                    • Battery type: Sealed Lead Acid
                    • Battery Charger: 2A offboard
                    • Battery size: 12V 12AH or 12V 21AH
                    • Battery weight: 22-28 pounds
                    • Brake: Electromagnetic
                    • Curb climbing: 2 inches
                    • Electronics: Light and digital display
                    • Ground clearance: 3”
                    • Grade climbable: 6 degrees
                    • Motor size: 24V x 270 W x 4700 rpm
                    • Controller: 45A
                    • Seat rotation: Yes
                    • Flip-back armrests: Yes
                    • Seat type: Padded, folding
                    • Seat width: 17 inches
                    • Seat depths: 16 inches
                    • Seat options: Height adjust
                    • Power elevating seat: No
                    • Seat to ground height: 19-21 inches
                    • Turning radius: 54 inches
                    • Tire type: Flat free
                    • Front wheels: 7.5 in x 2 in
                    • Rear wheels: 8.5 in x 3 in
                    • Base weight: 66 lbs
                    • Battery weight: 22 lbs (12AH), 28 lbs (21AH)
                    • Seat weight: 12 lbs

                    Spitfire EX2 Warranty:

                    • Warranty on frame: Limited lifetime
                    • Warranty on electronics: 24 months
                    • Warranty on batteries: 12 months


                      If you have any questions about the Spitfire EX2 4-Wheel Travel Scooter, please give us a call at 1-800-314-8225 or email us at hello@sprylyfe.com.