Stander BedCaddie

by Stander

Stander BedCaddie

In case you have troubles sitting up in bed, the BedCaddie is just the perfect medical aid for you. The BedCaddie is a three grip ladder system that helps the users rise gradually until they find themselves in a stable seated position.

Manufactured by Stander, the BedCaddie is yet another medical aid that provides the customers with comfort and security. The company's aim is to grant the users with independence and freedom in their mobility, constantly improving their lives.

The product line of Stander consists of many original mobility solutions that meet the needs of the seniors.

The BedCaddie is a unique-design product that gives the users the extra support they need while sitting up. With such a medical device getting out of bed will not your issue anymore.

Why Choose the Stander BedCaddie:

  • Universal
  • Easy to install
  • Adjustable
  • Durable
  • Secure

Key Features

  • Ladder-like design makes sitting up easy
  • Attaches to any bed frame
  • Installs and removes in seconds; no tools required
  • Adjustable in length from 48”-84”
  • Cushioned non-slip rubber contour grip
  • Sturdy nylon construction
  • Length between handles: 12”
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Weight of product: 0.8 lbs.
  • Handle grip: 5’’
  • Color: Black

The BedCaddie is a perfect product for anyone who has back problems, is in post-surgery rehab, or simply has a limited range of motion. Pregnant women can also use the strap to improve their in-bed mobility.

Hassle-Free Assembly

Stander's BedCaddie can literally be installed and removed in seconds. The best thing about this product is that it does not require using tools for both, its installation or removal.

The setup process is also very effortless. No matter how strong you are,  you will most certainly be able to put the device into place for proper use.

All you have to do is stabilize the strap underneath your bed or any other heavy piece of furniture, adjust the length accordingly your needs, and use the strap in a ladder-type of motion.

Leave your BedCaddie installed and placed on your bed at all times. This way you will not have to worry about your struggles when getting yourself in an upright seated position as you will have the device near hand.

The BedCaddie's hassle-free assembly makes this product extremely convenient for using it at home or when traveling. Wherever you go, you can bring your BedCaddie with you to have assistance for getting up regardless of the type of bed you are sleeping in.

Universal Fit

The universal design of this medical device makes the BedCaddie a perfect fit for every bed.

The BedCaddie can be attached to any bed frame, which means that once you install it on your bed, you can remove it and again install it on another bed.

This extra support, you can bring anywhere with you no matter how frequently you change beds. One thing is for sure - Stander's BedCaddie will fit any bed you try to attach it on.

Adjustable Length

The BedCaddie is a strap made of sturdy nylon and has an adjustable length from 48 to 84 inches. The adjustments can be done regarding the user's height as well as the size of the bed the device is attached to.

The strap should not be too tight and too lose because in both cases it will require an extra effort from the user in order to get up.

To be able to measure the length of the strap that will perfectly meet your own needs lay down and reach out to the handle. It should be near and comfortable for grabbing. If you effortlessly get yourself in a seated position then you will know that is the perfect length for your device.

Once the length is adjusted for a particular bed and user, the device will require additional adjustments if the user or the bed is changed.

However, do not let this scare you because the process of modifying is extremely quick and easy.

Three Grip Ladder System

Stander's BedCaddie is a ladder-like design that ultimately helps the users to get themselves in a stable sitting position. The method of using is pretty self-explanatory as there are three separate handles placed on the strap itself. The three handles, all equally comfortable, serve as a ladder for getting up. All you have to do is use the handles consecutively until you get in the position you desire.

This system makes the BedCaddie perfect for all the people who have difficulties getting themselves in a comfortable position. Sometimes it can be a real challenge, and thanks to the ladder-like design the Stander's BedCaddie makes the siting up easy again.

Comfortable Grip

Following, the structure of the handles makes the gripping comfortable for all the users. All three of the handles are cushioned in rubber. This design makes the handles non-slippery ultimately improving the safety of the user. The handle grip is also 5 inches long, allowing the users to pull themselves up by using one or two of their hands.

All of the handles are equally long and comfortable, and the length between the handles is 12 inches. The length provides enough space for the user to be able to reach out to the second and then the third handle grip. It is not necessary to get up by using all three of the handles as every user needs a different amount of support while sitting up. However, the handles serve as an option that will perfectly work for many different users and their desires.

Long-Lasting Tool

When it comes to the construction of Stander's BedCaddie, you will not have to worry about a thing.

The medical tool is made of sturdy nylon that assures the usage of the BedCaddie for a long time. The weight capacity of the BedCaddie is up to 300 lbs. which makes the strap extremely strong.

Such design of the medical support tool provides a long-lasting safety for all the users.

The BedCaddie will probably serve you for a lot of years since it most unlikely to break or damage by itself completely. By taking care of the device, you will only do yourself a favor and increase the number of years for using the BedCaddie.


For any additional questions regarding Stander BedCaddie, please email us at or give us a call at 1-800-314-8225.