Stander CarCaddie

by Stander

Stander CarCaddie

Stander's CarCaddie is an extremely helpful medical tool for people with restricted mobility. The portable handle is very simple to install making it great for everyday use.

The CarCaddie is manufactured by Stander, a company that is led by the idea of making the lives of people who require certain medical help, easier. They firmly believe in granting their users with a feeling of independence and freedom. Among their products, many medical appliances can be found that serve the same purpose.

The CarCaddie has a simple yet very effective design, it is durable and provides a comfortable gripping surface. It is perfect for getting in and out of a vehicle, regardless of the size or type of vehicle. Such a tool does not know limits as it can be used in many cars, vans, and trucks by many different users. For the people who use cane or walker, the CarCaddie is a great assistance for shorter or longer trips in a vehicle. The handle is comfortable, easy to grab and hold on to.

In short, Stander's CarCaddie is perfect for people with limited mobility who still like to travel around.

Why Choose Stander CarCaddie:

  • Universal
  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • Adjustable
  • Secure

Key Features

  • Installs and removes in seconds
  • Buckles around window frames in most cars, vans, and trucks
  • Sturdy nylon construction
  • Ergonomic handle for a comfortable transfer
  • No-slip rubber contour grip
  • Adjustable length: 7-16 inches
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs.
  • Weight: 0.25 lbs.
  • Width: 5 inches
  • Height: 2 inches
  • Color: Black

This handy tool manufactured by Stander, allow the users to stand from a sitting position and it contributes to the stability in a moving vehicle. The item is high quality, it feels strong, is easy to put together and provides assurance. Stander's CarCaddie is a functional medical tool that is changing the lives of people on a daily basis.

Quick and Effortless Installation and Removal

Getting in and out of a vehicle can sometimes be really challenging. Such situations usually require additional assistance and support- something that people cannot provide at all times. It is not unusual for people with limited mobility to go places and sometimes they do it alone. This is when the Stander's CarCaddie comes to the rescue.

This CarCaddie can be installed within seconds immediately improving your balance. The set up includes a set of several actions as rolling down the window, buckling the CarCaddie around the top of the window frame, snapping the buckle in place, adjusting the height of the handle and optionally rolling the window up.

When installing this portable handle, no great amount of effort is required. You will need to fix it into place so it can actually help you. The only time the CarCaddie might not work is if it is loose because it will not be able to handle your body weight. Otherwise, it will work perfectly for the purpose.

It is easy to open and close the buckle, so every user should be able to install and remove it in no time with no effort.

Universal Fit

Stander's CarCaddie is designed to fit any framed window vehicles such as cars, vans, and tracks. This means that users of all kinds can use the CarCaddie for security and comfort.

Medical aids such as the CarCaddie can be purchased not only for car owners but also for people who do not have a car. Since it is easily transported, installed and removed, it can be used in anyone's car. It is universal, compact and as a result, it is convenient categories of people.

If you frequently travel, with either your or other person's car, such a tool can come very handy because you will most likely be required to stand up and sit down often. Regardless of the type of the car, van or truck, the CarCaddie will be able to buckle around the doorframe in just seconds.

Adjustable Length

Stander's CarCaddie is a nylon strap that has an adjustable length from 4-16 inches. The ability to be adjusted has the purpose of making all of your relocations as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

Accordingly your height and preference, you can adjust your desired length without difficulty. Once you accommodate to meet your needs, you will be perfectly ready to go.

Keep in mind, different vehicles may require length modifications. The CarCaddie strap is designed to fit any window-framed vehicles, but not all vehicles window frames are the same size and height. Therefore, an additional few minutes of adaptations should make the work. Always adjust the length appropriately to your needs so the CarCaddie can provide you with stability and comfort.

Travel Companion

No matter how long or short your trips are the CarCaddie will significantly help you with many of your travel activities. Navigating from one destination to another can be a real struggle for some people. A medical device such as Stander's CarCaddie should and will become your best friend for activities that include vehicle transfer. It makes the process of going places easy again!

If you use the CarCaddie while in the vehicle, it will afford you feel stably seated and secure. You can use the buckle with an opened or closed window, accordingly your own wishes.

If you have no problem with balance while sitting, you can use the CarCaddie as an assistance tool to either get up or sit down. Once again, the tool can be used with both, opened or closed windows.

Especially if you are traveling frequently, the CarCaddie, as a travel companion, will be very useful to you. It does not require a lot of space to be stored as you can put it in your bag, purse, and backpack or leave it in the car. It is lightweight and you will barely notice that you are carrying it around with you.

Comfortable Grip

The CarCaddie made by Stander is a long adjustable nylon strap that ends with an ergonomic handle made of rubber. Because the handle is made of soft and elastic material such as the rubber, it provides a comfortable grip while standing up from the vehicle or sitting down in it.

The rubber handle does not leave any kind of imprints nor will you feel any pain of holding on to the handle. With the rubber handle, the security is improved as contour grip is ensured and the material prevents potential slipping.

Durable and Strong

The construction of Stander's CarCaddie makes the tool very strong and durable. Its weight capacity is up to 250 lbs. It is composed of sturdy nylon strap ending with a no-slip rubber handle for a convenient gripping surface.

It is very unlikely that you, as a frequent user, will damage your CarCaddie naturally. Unless damaged, it is designed to be a long-lasting tool providing security assistance for the users.

For any additional questions regarding the Stander CarCaddie, please email us at or give us a call at 1-800-314-8225.