Stander CouchCane & Organizer Pouch

by Stander

Stander CouchCane & Organizer Pouch

The CouchCane with Organizer Pouch from Stander is a folding chair cane that provides greater mobility. It is suitable for people who face mobility issues. So, if you or one of your loved ones faces a problem with transitioning from a sitting position to a standing one, you can certainly consider this product. The CouchCane is simply a couch-side handle that makes standing from your favorite couch or chair… Easy!

Why Choose CouchCane & Organizer Pouch?

  • Convenient
  • Adaptable
  • Stable
  • Low Profile
  • Lifetime Guarantee

Key Features

  • Color: Brown
  • Height adjustable cane grip for fall protection
  • Length: 34-40
  • Width: 20-36
  • Height: 7
  • Weight: 19
  • Adjustable base placed under legs of most couches, chairs, and lift chairs
  • 4-pocket pouch to store small items
  • Height Adjustment: 34"- 40”
  • Base Adjustment: 20”-36”
  • Weight Capacity: 250 lbs
  • Lifetime satisfaction guaranteed

The CouchCane with Organizer Pouch, like any other product by Stander, is designed in order to keep a low profile. More exactly, the product doesn’t take much space and is constructed in a way to easily blend with the rest of the furniture.

What is more, the product is adaptable, meaning it can be adjusted to different lengths to fit either side of the couch/chair. The combination with the Organizer Pouch allows the user to keep convenient items close by. The whole product is perfect for anyone with impaired balance, back pain or recent surgery.

Highly Adjustable and Upgradable

As mentioned above, the CouchCane can be easily adapted to the various needs of the users. First of all, you can place it wherever you like. It can be adapted to different lengths and heights to fit the couch or chair, it can be placed at the left or at the right side of it etc. In addition to this, the CouchCane also works perfectly with a lift chair.

The base of the CouchCane can be adjusted from 20” to 36” and the whole device’s height can move from 34" up to 40”.

As a user, you can even upgrade your CouchCane by purchasing the convenient swivel-tray that is sold separately from the product.

Low Profile

The CouchCane with Organizer Pouch comes in brown color and is designed in a way to match the furniture in each user’s home. The base is adjustable and can be placed under legs of most couches, chairs or lift chairs. The dimensions of the product are 34-40” length, 20-36” width and 7” height. Furthermore, it only weighs 19 lbs which makes it easy for transportation. As a user, you may frequently move it around the house or out of it, depending on your needs at the period.

No Potential Damage

The CouchCane features super grip rubber pads which ensure stability. Apart from this, they protect the floor from being damaged. The CouchCane doesn’t need to be permanently installed, and it doesn’t require professional installation.

Easy to Install and Use

The CouchCane is extremely easy to install. The design of the product allows each user to be able to set it up by himself/herself. The installation process consists of 4 easy steps. First, you need to slide the two base pieces together. Next, insert the handle into the base. Adjust the depth of the base and the height of the handle depending on your desired position for the product. Finally, slide the base of your CouchCane under the feet of your favorite couch, chair or recliner.

When it comes to the use of the CouchCane, the product allows up to 250 lbs weight capacity. Furthermore, the CouchCane is appropriate for standing up with confidence from your favorite couch or chair. The product can also help you to get up from your recliner or even provide additional support when it comes to your lift chair.

Keeps convenient items closely

Apart from the sturdy, ergonomically designed handle, the CouchCane also features a handy Organizer Pouch. This accessory allows the users of the CouchCane to store their favorite items closely. The Saddle Bag Pouch consists of four pockets appropriate for keeping the convenient items close by.

Lifetime Guarantee

Even though the manufacturer provides any information regarding the product, as a user, you may not find this product convenient or effective enough. However, in order to free you from concerns, Stander includes lifetime guarantee for the CouchCane with Organizer Pouch. So, if you are not sure about purchasing the product, this may come as a big plus to your decision.

In case anything undesirable happens with the product, wither the CouchCane or the Organizer Pouch, feel free to contact the company in order to fix the product or even return it.

All in all, the CouchCane with Organizer Pouch is highly recommendable to disabled persons to provide minimal to moderate weight support while standing and walking.


If you are interested in buying the CouchCane with Organizer Pouch or you have additional questions regarding the device, feel free to contact us and get our assistance. You can do so by giving us a call at 1-800-314-8225 or emailing us at Feel free to contact us at any time as you please!