Stander CouchCane Swivel Tray

by Stander

Stander CouchCane Swivel Tray

The Stander CouchCane Swivel Tray is an accessory tray perfectly designed for your Stander Couch Cane. The tray can be easily attached and installed within seconds.

Manufactured by Stander, the CouchCane Swivel Tray is one of the most helpful and innovative mobility aids found on the market. The company creates various medical devices with the purpose of making people feel free and to live their lives without restrictions.

Not only Stander manufactures medical aids, but they also manufacture numerous accessories. One of these accessories is the CouchCane Swivel Tray. The tray swivel tray, as an accessory, is convenient for everyday use when having a meal, reading a book, surfing the web and so many more things.

The design of the CouchCane Swivel Tray will absolutely match the interior of your own home, not jeopardizing the feeling of comfort and security.

Why Choose Stander’s CouchCane Swivel Tray:

  • Convenient
  • Easy to install
  • Multi-use
  • Durable

Key Features

  • Bamboo Tray swivels 360°
  • Includes utensil and a cup holder
  • Tray Size: 16" x 18"
  • Weight capacity of tray: 30 lbs
  • TV & laptop tray
  • Length: 23 inches
  • Width: 16 inches
  • Height: 3 inches
  • Weight: 4.9 lbs.
  • Color: Brown

Stander CouchCane Swivel Tray is a multi-function tray table that can be used for many different purposes. Regarding the user's desires, they can dine, watch TV, read a book or simply drink coffee.

The tray itself is designed to easily match various interiors, making it even unnoticeable. The tray table swivels 36o, which means it can be used from multiple positions. The CouchCane Swivel Tray can be installed in seconds and does not require a lot of effort in the process.

The CouchCane Swivel Tray from Stander is an amazing accessory that can be used for many diverse daily activities.

Multi-Use Swivel Tray

The swivel tray, an accessory for the Stander Couch Cane, includes multiple uses. Stander CouchCane Swivel Tray can be used as a traditional table with the exception of the weight capacity of the tray. This accessory has a limited weight capacity of a maximum of 30 lbs. signifying it can serve as an aid for many indoor activities.

The users of this swivel tray are able to use this tray to craft, dine, work, surf the internet, draw, paint, and drink coffee. The list of uses is basically limitless as you can use the accessory according to your wishes.

Convenient for Different Furniture

Stander's CouchCane Swivel Tray is the only accessory of the Couch Cane. The Couch Cane is an upgradeable medical aid that is highly adjustable for different types of furniture. The device is designed to fit most of the chairs, sofas, and couches, ultimately making the product perfect for anyone's living room.

Due to the reason, the Couch Cane can be installed for a temporary or permanent use next to any piece of furniture, the swivel tray can also be an occasionally or regularly used.

The CouchCane Swivel Tray is very convenient for using and it does not require a permanent installation. The process is very easy and literally, anyone can do it.

Regardless of the furniture, the CouchCane Swivel Tray will fit any type of furniture such as sofas, love seats, couches, chairs etc.

Effortless to Install

The CouchCane Swivel Tray can be purchased additionally, as an accessory for the Couch Cane Stander Company also manufactures. Although it is perceived as an ornament, the swivel tray is more than just an addition to the cane. It is a very advantageous apparatus that guarantees everyday use.

The installation of the swivel tray is very easy. All you have to do is attach the tray to the bracket of the Stander CouchCane, and swivel it accordingly your wishes. That is it.

The CouchCane Swivel Tray weighs only 4.9 lbs. making it lightweight to be picked up, assembled and disassemble.

Ability to Rotate

The ability of the CouchCane Swivel Tray to swivel is most certainly the best feature of this accessory. As a result, it does not obligate the purchasers to use the tray from one single position. You do not necessarily have to be seated to use the swivel tray due to its ability to rotate 360 degrees.

The tray and its capability to pivots ease the things for the users, as it does not require a disassembling when it is not used. All you have to do is push it away from you in order to make yourself a space to stand up or sit down. No matter the situation, the swivel tray will not mind in your way as you are allowed to rotate it as you please. Instead of removing the table immediately after you have finished with your activity, you can simply just put it away. The disassembling process is equally simple as the installation, and thanks to this feature, it is not mandatory.

A Touch of Luxury

As an addition to the Stander Couch Cane, the tray looks good and perfectly matches the design of both, the Couch Cane and the interiors. The CouchCane Swivel Tray is made of wood, more specifically bamboo, that not only looks high-class but it is also is very smooth on touch. The wood is brown colored mixed with black plastic details. On the surface of the tray, there is a cup holder that is black colored and made of plastic. As an accessory, the CouchCane Swivel Tray also includes an extra tinier tray where utensils and small items can be stored.

The cup holder can obviously be used to hold your beverages without damaging the wooden surface of the tray. The black extra tray that is made of plastic, allows the users to put small items in the compartments in order not to make a mess on the table. Here, a lot of different utensils, pens, or phone can be put to be stacked safely.

Overall, the Stander CouChCane Swivel Tray looks amazing. The wooden surface and the black small details make this accessory perfectly good looking. The tray table definitely gives a touch of luxury wherever it is placed.

Long-Lasting Accessory

Not only the original Couch Cane, as a medical device, is durable, but the CouchCane Swivel Tray, as an accessory to the model, is sturdy too. The tray table, whether it is assembled as a temporary or permanent use, will last for a very long time.

The Swivel Tray is made of wood, which is a very strong material for manufacturing tables. Such an accessory is nearly impossible to completely damage or break. The CouchCane Swivel Tray is a supplementary part of the Stander Couch Cane, is going to be of great use and is definitely worth the money.


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