Stander Furniture Risers (Set of 4)

by Stander

Stander Furniture Risers (Set of 4)

Stander Furniture Risers are very useful tools for raising your table, couch or any other kind of furniture. These risers come eight in total, offering you a variety of options for their usage. Furniture Risers are strong and durable, which makes these tools a perfect fit for every piece of furniture.

The Furniture Risers are manufactured by Stander. The company's mission is to ease the lives of the buyers by constantly creating innovative solutions for their everyday problems. Although their medical aids are mainly focused on people with restricted mobility, every now and then you will be able to find other regular tools that can drastically change your life for the better.

Among these tools, you can find the Stander Furniture Risers that will help you raise your tables and sofas. This ultimately makes standing or sitting easy once again.

Why Choose Stander Furniture Risers:

  • Easy to install
  • Convenient
  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Secure

Key Features

  • Height of Risers: four 4" risers and four 3" risers in each set
  • High 5'' if 4" & 3" are stacked
  • Height Furniture is raised: 4" riser = 3.875", 3" = 2.875", 4"+3" stacked = 4.875"
  • Width of 4" Risers: 5" at the base, 3.75" at top
  • Width of 3" Risers: 4.5" at the base, 3.75" at top
  • Compatible with Furniture leg: Furniture legs fit into the top of each riser
  • Able to accommodate legs up to 2.5" in diameter
  • Weight Capacity: 350 lbs. including person and furniture
  • Heavy plastic construction
  • Blends with any interior
  • Nonskid pads
  • Color: Gray

Stander Furniture Risers come handy for various occasions. You can use them every single day. You can also install them either permanently or temporarily.

If you frequently travel especially to places where the furniture barely fits your height, you can also carry the Furniture Risers with you. They are lightweight, compact and extremely easy to transport. As tools, they are very useful for a number of reasons, one of which is to provide you with comfort and security without changing the furniture you already have.

Easy to Install and Remove

The installation process of the Furniture Risers is not really a traditional one. The setup does not require using any kind of additional tools nor assembling.

To put the risers into your, you have to lift the furniture you desire raised, and put the furniture feed carefully into place. The only issue you may come across is the heaviness of the furniture you are lifting. In a case the furniture is too heavy for you to lift it, do not even try because you may hurt your back or yourself. Ask for additional assistance for heavy furniture pieces such as couches or larger seats.

For the pieces of furniture you do not need help for lifting, the installation process is basically the same.

To remove the Furniture Risers, once again, lift the furniture up, remove the risers and then put the furniture to the group. It is literally that simple.

The best thing is- Stander Furniture Risers do not require permanent installation. If you want, you can place them underneath a piece of furniture and always keep them there, but you do not have to. You can remove them and place them under any other piece of furniture you may need to be raised higher.

Convenient Help

Standing up from a seated position or simply sitting down can be a real challenge sometimes. As a result, we seek some alternative medical help for these issues. Often times than not, it is a result of age rather than anything else, so we are left with nothing else to do.

Here is where tools such as the Stander Furniture Risers come to the rescue. By raising your furniture to another, more convenient height, you may get rid of your problem once and for all. The higher your furniture is, the fewer troubles you will have for standing or sitting down. That is how such simple movements become easier and easier. By adjusting your furniture to a desired, more comfortable height, you will find yourself not frustrated about your inability to get yourself in an upright position without struggling.

Stable Fit

Stander Furniture Risers come in different heights in order to meet the needs and the wishes of various customers. Although people can choose the height model of the risers, the stability of these tools is not jeopardized by its design. As a matter of fact, the cup-like risers are big enough to fit any kind of furniture feet. The surface has a deep cavity securing the balance of the riser even more.

The width of the 4-inch risers is 5 inches at the base, and 3.75 inches at the top. The 3-inch risers have a width of 4.5 inches at the base and 3.75 inches at the top.

The 4-inch risers add exactly 3.875 inches to the height of the furniture; the 3-inch risers add exactly 2.875 inches to the height of the furniture piece. If stacked together, the 4-inch and the 3-inch risers add exactly 4.875 inches to the height of the furniture.

Regardless of whether the Furniture risers are used individually or together, they provide a stable foundation for both, the furniture and the users.

No Potential Damage

Due to the protective nonskid pads of the Stander Furniture Risers, you will not have to worry about damaging your floor, carpet, or furniture. The risers are designed to prevent sliding and any potential damage to the grounds. The non-slippery bottom helps the risers to be fixed in one place eventually providing a stable base.

Neutral Color

Seemingly insignificant, the color of the Stander Furniture Risers play such a huge role. Thanks to the amazing design, these risers are created to perfectly blend with any interior. This means that despite the color of the room, the Furniture Risers will match the look effortlessly. Because of their neutral color, people may never even notice you use Furniture Risers. They are super good looking and at the same time serve a great purpose.

Quality Construction

Stander Furniture risers are made of wide heavy-duty plastic and they are reinforced with ribbed construction. This design makes the risers durable and you will probably be able to use them for a long time.

The weight capacity of the Furniture Risers is 350 lbs. including the person and the furniture. Due to their strength and durability, Stander Furniture Risers are one of the most useful tools anyone can use to ease their standing or sitting down movement.


For any additional questions regarding Stander Furniture Risers, please email us at or give us a call at 1-800-314-8225.