Stander Handybar

by Stander

Stander HandyBar

If you are a person of any age that faces mobility issues, you may be interested in the HandyBar by Stander. Even though as the baby boomers age, they are the most interested target market; there is a wide range of consumers who don’t belong to this group.

The concept of the HandyBar by Stander is as simple as it can get: it is a tool that slips right into the bracket on your car door. As a user, this lets you get in and out more easily than ever.

Why Choose the Stander HandyBar?

  • Comfortable
  • Strong and durable
  • Universal
  • Safe and secure
  • Easy to install

Key Features

  • Color: Red
  • Weight Capacity: 350 lbs
  • Length: 9”
  • Width: 1”
  • Height: 1”
  • Weight: 0.75 lbs
  • Protects against falls and makes standing or sitting from the car easy
  • Secure fit in both driver and passenger doors
  • Non-Slip Ergonomic Grip
  • Bonus Features – Emergency Window Breaker & Seat Belt Cutter
  • Lifetime satisfaction guarantee

Nowadays, cars have become much more complex than before. Some of them have gotten higher, some of the lower, yet they have all become much harder to get in or out. However, the extra handle was designed in order to make each car the “just right” height. This is especially important to people with certain disabilities, injuries or simply age.

What is more, the HandyBar has various applications, apart from its main function. For instance, apart from offering support and protection, the HandyBar can also be used as a seat belt cutter or a window breaker. So, the product is certainly an all-in-one solution for automotive safety and independence.

Safety and Mobility

As mentioned above, the main function of the HandyBar is to promote safety and provide mobility to its users. Due to this fact, most of the customers consider this product as the ultimate automotive safety tool.

The HandyBar provides a safer and easier way for safely sitting or standing. Mainly, the product is used as a support for entering or exiting a vehicle. In addition to this, it is a strong protection against falls and instability, especially to disabled or old people. It can be placed on almost any car model. So, modern and advanced vehicle designs can finally be adapted to customers’ needs.

As a consumer, you should find the most suitable place for the HandyBar. This is not provided by the manufacturer, simply because different users have different needs and preferences. However, the HandyBar should be placed in the right spot – where you can grab it so you don’t fall back into the car, and can slow your decent on your way sitting down. When it comes to higher vehicles, it is great to have something to grab on in order to rise up or slide down.

Universal and Comfortable

The HandyBar weighs only 0.75 and has a weight capacity of 350 lbs. From the standpoint of consumers, it is certainly the ultimate solution. Considering the weight capacity, the HandyBar can accommodate a wide range of consumers. Furthermore, it can be used by both male and female users, no matter their age or height. The HandyBar is as universal as it can get!

Furthermore, the HandyBar fits 99% of all vehicle makes and models.  The HandyBar simply slides into the striker to provide extra support when getting out of the car, so there is no need for car modification of any kind.

When it comes to comfort and leverage, the HandyBar includes a non-slip ergonomic grip. This allows the product to fit perpendicular to the car for a comfortable grip and optimal leverage.

Always ensure that your vehicle has two bolts or screws attaching the striker to the door frame. If your vehicle has a light switch in the striker, be sure the Avin HandyBar does not interfere with its operation.

All-in-one solution

Apart from its main function, the HandyBar can be used for various purposes. The best-known functions of the handle are as a window breaker and a seat belt cutter. Both of the applications of the HandyBar are used in the case of an emergency.

Even though the product is mainly used by the injured or elderly people, it is designed in order to be simple and applicable in such situations. This means that almost anyone can react in case of an emergency in order to free themselves or their loved ones.

When it comes to using the HandyBar as a window breaker, the consumer works with the nose of the HandyBar. The device can be used to safely and easily break a car window or windshield in the case of an emergency.

Also, the HandyBar has an added feature to be used as a Seat Belt Cutter. There are a lot of situations where people in accidents end up trapped with their seat belts. The users of the HandyBar can use their product in such situations, in order to cut their seat belts and exit the vehicle.

These two added features for automotive emergencies make the HandyBar a 3-in-1 automotive safety tool essential to any person with mobility issues.

Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee

As a user, even after reading the features of the product, you still may doubt its quality. This is a normal occurrence, especially if you have never purchased a product from Stander. However, the manufacturer has recognized this issue and has included a guarantee in order to ensure the potential customers of the HandyBar performance.

So, as a customer, if you are unsatisfied with the product for any reason, the company will fix the HandyBar, or even replace it if that is your requirement.

All in all, the Stander HandyBar is one of the best solutions for disabled people who face mobility issues. Unlike the built-in handle, the HandyBar can be placed wherever the consumer prefers.


If you are interested in purchasing the Stander HandyBar, or simply want to gather additional information regarding the product, don’t hesitate to contact us. Feel free to reach as out at any time as you please. You can do so by giving us a call at 1-800-314-8225 or emailing us at