Stander Recliner Lever Extender

by Stander

Stander Recliner Lever Extender

The Lever Extender is a useful tool that helps the users effortlessly reach leverage. If you are constantly struggling to reach the handle for adjusting your recliner leg rest, then this tool is just the perfect fit for you.

Stander is the manufacturer of this Lever Extender. The company has a mission that matters. Their focus is put on people who face issues with mobility, ultimately providing them with various medical aids that can help them live freely and more independent.

One of these mobility tools is the Stander Lever Extender, which is a helpful and everyday tool. While there are no strict limits about who can and should use this Lever Extender, it is perfect for people who are pregnant, obese, suffer from arthritis or recovering from surgery.

Why Choose Stander Recliner Lever Extender:

  • Convenient
  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • Secure

Key Features

  • Large curve grip providing leverage to make rising and lowering leg rest easier
  • Puts handle within easy reach
  • Installation without additional tools
  • Protection of the chair handle due to padded design
  • Blends in with your home
  • Four bolt attachment method
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Length: 8.5 inches
  • Width: 6 inches
  • Height: 1 inch
  • Weight: 2 lbs.
  • Color: Black

This Lever Extender Stander have created is a unique yet very simple solution that makes using and reaching your recliner easy again. When purchasing the tool, it comes ready to be installed and includes several pieces that complete the overall security and installation.

The setup should not take more than a few minutes and little to no effort to put the handle into use. Anyone can use the Lever Extender. It will also perfectly match the look and the feel of many different interior designs.

Quick Installation and Removal

To install Stander's Lever Extender you do not need any additional tools. The handle comes with all the tools and hardware you need to install it properly. Once you purchase the Lever Extender you will be provided with everything you need, so you will be able to put the handle into use in no time.

The removal process of the handle is equally simple and effortless as the installation. Once again, use the tools that you will be given with the purchase, unscrew the Lever Extender and remove it. If you need to install it on another chair or piece of furniture you can freely repeat the installation as many times as you need.

Ergonomic Grip

For the people with mobility challenges, reaching a recliner handle can be one of the hardest tasks to do. This is why Stander's Lever Extender serves with the purpose of bringing your recliner handle closers to you so you can perfectly adjust the leg rest.

The oversized Lever Extender has an ergonomic curved grip, allowing people with different heights to be able to reach the handle. The handle is comfortable to grasp, therefore use. It is also a very stable tool providing secure reach.

The length of the ergonomic handle is 8.5 inches, the width is 6 inches and the height is 1 inch.

Easily Portable

The Lever Extender, as a mobility aid, can serve you no matter where you go. Even though it is made of steel, the tool's weight is only 2 lbs. Due to the reason the handle is lightweight and compact, you can take it with you while traveling or visiting your family, if there is a possibility to use it. You will not even notice you are carrying the handle around thanks to its conveniently lightweight design.

No Risk of Damaging

With Stander's Lever Extender you will not have to worry about potentially damaging the handle of your chair. Due to the padded design of the tool, your chair handle is completely protected from any kind of injuries or damages.

The Lever Extender's usage is safe for both, you and your furniture. Regardless of how long you are using the tool, it will not make any harm to your furniture. When removing the Lever Extender the handle of your chair will look exactly the same as before, meaning it will not jeopardize the comforting feeling of your own home.  

Effortlessly Adds Leverage

Stander's Lever Extender effortlessly adds leverage to raise or lower the leg rest. It does not really need a lot to be able to perfectly use this tool for the purpose it was invented. Because it already is an oversized mobility aid, once it is installed on the chair handle, it will immediately be able to be used. Every user is able to easily reach the ergonomic handle that serves as addition and adjust the height of the leg rest.

The Lever Extender makes reaching the handle of your chair easier than ever.

High-Quality Secure Fit

The only time the Lever Extender may not be secure to use is if the tool is not tight enough. Otherwise, it is very safe and easy to use the grip to get your leg rest to your desired height.

Even though you should be able the tighten the Lever Extender excellently, if you are unsure about your own strength capabilities, ask for additional help.

No matter how hard you push up or down, the high-quality design of Stander's Lever Extender will prevent it from bending, breaking. With such a tool you do not have to worry about any stability problems, as it is manufactured to serve as a secure fit.

Lifetime Service

When it comes to the durability of the Lever Extender, it can really last you forever. Although the tool is extremely lightweight, it is made of heavy-duty steel. This construction of the Lever Extender, as previously mentioned, make this mobility aid unable to break by itself, nor bend or damage completely. Unless you no longer want to use your Lever Extender, it is unlikely to get naturally destroyed.

Once you install the ergonomic handle on your favorite chair or the chair you mostly use, you may even forget you are using a mobility aid. Stander's Lever Extender also smoothly blends in with the look and the feel of your home. Thus, the lifetime service of this handle is guaranteed.


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