Stander Walker Replacement Hand Grips (Set of 2)

by Stander

Stander Walker Replacement Hand Grips (Set of 2)

In order to be able to move around more freely, people with restricted motion have to use a different kind of mobility aids such as walkers and canes. Due to their frequent use, these devices or parts of them might be damaged. That is why Stander has the perfect solution for damaged handgrips, as their Walkers come with the ability to replace the existing hand grips with brand new ones.

Manufactured by Stander, these replacement hand grips are a convenient way to renew your Stander walker within minutes. The company has a mission of making the lives of the people with limited mobility freer and less restricted. Stander currently offers over 40 contemporary life-changing mobility aids as well as parts and accessories of these devices.

Among the replacement parts that the company manufactures and offers, are the Walker Replacement Hand Grips, perfect for anyone who already uses a Stander Walker.

Why Choose Stander Walker Replacement Hand Grips:

  • Easy to install
  • Fit Stander Walkers
  • Low Profile
  • Durable

Key Features:

  • The installation does not require using tools
  • Rubber Handgrips
  • Compatible with the Able Life Space Saver Walker
  • Compatible with Stander EZ Fold-N-Go Walker
  • Two hand grips included
  • Length: 5.3 inches
  • Width: 1.3 inches
  • Weight: 0.4 lbs.
  • Color: Black

The Walker Replacement Hand Grips are made of rubber and they are very strong and durable. The replacement hand grips are compatible with the Able Life Space Saver Walker and the EZ Fold-N-Go Walker. They are black colored, and their design completely matches the overall look of the Stander walker.

Substitute Components

Stander's Walker Replacement Hand Grips are the perfect substitute for the handles on your walker that no longer serve their purpose. Stander, as a company, grants their users with the ability to remove and replace crucial parts, like the handles, which additionally increases the use of their mobility aids.

Although Stander manufactures extremely quality walkers, there are components such as the handles or the wheels that often suffer from overusing the device. This situation is completely normal and the problem can be solved in no time.

If you use a Stander Walker, you can always buy supplementary parts for your walker in order to upgrade or renew it. Stander offers this option to purchase substitutes beforehand or when the part is damaged in order to use the device the same as before. Having Walker Replacement Hand Grips, just in case, will help you not to worry about any potential damages and injuries of your walker's crucial parts.

Hassle-Free Assembly

It is very common for people to think that handles, as an essential part of mobility aids, are very complicated to install and remove. Although there are products that do not offer the ability to remove and replace the hand grips, this is not the case with the walkers Stander manufactures.

The best thing about the Walker Replacement Hand Grips is that they can be put into use within minutes, without using any tools for the installation or the removal process. The setup is effortless, as all you have to do is remove your old and damaged hand grips and put the new ones in the same tube. That is it. Once the new Walker Replacement Hand Grips are in the right place, you will be able to use your walker as comfortable and secure as you did before.

To remove the handgrips, you will have to pull them out of the tube. It is very simple, easy and effortless to both, install and remove the handles.

Compatible with Stander Walkers

The set of two Walker Replacement Hand Grips manufactured by Stander is compatible with the Able Life Space Saver Walker and the EZ Fold-N-Go Walker.

These two Stander walkers come with the option for their initial hand grips to be replaced with new ones, which is a very advantageous option for people who frequently use their walker. The benefits of Stander's mobility aids are countless, and this is just one of them.

Match the Look of the Walker

The Walker Replacement Hand Grips are designed to match the look of Stander Walkers easily. They look like the initial handles, the ones the walker come with when you purchase it. They are black colored, therefore effortlessly matches the overall look of the walker. When you replace your old hand grips with new ones, you will not even notice that adjustments have been made. They are equality good-looking and quality as the initial handles for your walker. Regardless of the hand grips being new, you will get used to the look quickly.

Comfortable Grip

When it comes to devices with handles, it is utmost important for the handles to provide comfort so the customers can be satisfied by the product. Stander Walkers come with handles that are very comfortable to hold on to, ultimately avoiding any kind of displease, irritation or pain.

The set of two Stander Walker Replacement Hand Grips is no different. Not only the primary handles are soft and easy to use, but also the replacement handles initiate an equal convenience. The replacement hand grips are made of rubber, which is very soft and cozy; therefore, the customers only have pleasant experiences.

No matter how long or frequent you are using the walker manufactured by Stander, you will never experience discomfort or any troubles caused by these Replacement Hand Grips. Because of the design the Walker Replacement Hand Grips have, there is no risk of potential aches or hardships while using the walker's handles.

Durable Handles

Unless you intentionally destruct the Walker Replacement Hand Grips, they are going to last for a long time. They are made of rubber, which even though is a soft material, it is also very resistant and durable. These grips will provide you with comfort, security, and durability for many years.

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