Stander Walker Replacement Wheels (Set of 2)

by Stander

Stander Walker Replacement Wheels (Set of 2)

Having mobility issues will force you to constantly use all sorts of walkers and mobility aids. However, some of these tools come with wheels, and wheels, when used very often, are getting damaged and no longer have the ability to serve their purpose.

That is why Stander puts all your worries to rest with their Walker Replacement wheels. Instead of buying a brand new walker, you can simply change the old wheels with the new ones and you have a completely functional tool all over again.

Manufacturing these kinds of products, Stander Company desires to make all people with restricted mobility to live without restrictions while feeling safe. That is why they have a wide range of innovative mobility aids that the users naturally love using.

Not only does Stander have complete medical tools available for purchasing, but they also offer replacement parts for their products. Among these complementary parts you can find the Walker Replacement Wheels that will allow you to renew your walker and use it accordingly your wishes and needs.

Why Choose Stander Walker Replacement Wheels:

  • Fit Stander Walkers
  • Safe and secure
  • Convenient
  • Low Profile

Key Features:

  • Made of Urethane
  • Smooth roll over all surfaces
  • Fits Space Saver Walker 2.0
  • Fits EZ Fold-N-Go Walker
  • Set of 2
  • Length: 6 inches
  • Width: 6 inches
  • Height: 1 inch
  • Weight: 1.2 lbs.
  • Color: Black

Made of Urethane, these wheels are going to last you for a long time. The wheels are compatible for two Stander walkers such as the Space Saver Walker 2.0 and the Stander EZ Fold-N-Go Walker. The wheels weigh only 1.2 lbs. and are 6 inches long and wide. The color of these wheels is black, which perfectly matches the look of the original walker.

The design of the wheels allows a smooth roll over all kinds of surfaces, ultimately making the wheels and the walker altogether entirely fine for using it either indoors or outdoors. You can maneuver around your home easily and you can also run errands outside your home. The wheels will grant you with the use of these walkers wherever you need them.

Substitute Components

Stander's Replacement wheels are an extremely useful substitute for the already-existing wheels on your walker. Some walkers do not offer the possibility for additional purchases of such components, which is not the case with the walkers Stander manufactures. With purchasing Stander strollers that immensely increase your maneuverability, you also have the option to purchase supplementary parts to have them just in case.

Since the Stander's Walkers are very agile and resistant, you will probably never have to buy another walker in your life. The only thing you may need to do is replace the wheels with brand new ones, so you can have the feel of using a brand new walker all over again.

The replacement wheels can be bought when the existing wheels of your walker no longer serve their purpose or you can simply purchase them beforehand so you have them in store at all times. The truth is- you never really know when a wheel might be damaged or completely destroyed, and that is why it is better to always have an extra stocked.

Easy to Install and Use

Stander Walker Replacement Wheels can be easily installed and put into use. The installation part is pretty straightforward, as it does not require a special type of technique or tools.

As substitute components, the Walker Replacement Wheels are installed just as same as the initial wheels of the walker. To replace the old wheels, you will be obligated to first, remove the damaged wheels and put the new ones in the same place. Fasten and lock the wheels so they can offer you stability and safety while moving around. Once the new replacement wheels are locked into place, you can use your walker as comfortable as you did before. The usage of the replacement wheels comes with their installation, and you will not be required to do additional setups in order to use the wheels.

Compatible with Stander Walkers

These Stander Walker Replacement Wheels can be used for Stander Walkers, but not all of them. Due to the size of the walker's wheels, these wheels are compatible with the EZ Fold-N-Go Walker and the Space Saver Walker 2.0.

If you are already using a Stander walker, means that the replacement wheels will be the perfect fit for your walker, so there is no need to worry about not having substitute wheels.

Increased Measure of Independence

Mobility issues seriously harm one's independence as the people who face these issues have a constant need for mobility aids. However, Stander's Walkers are perfect for helping you feel freer in your movements in and outside your own home. The design of the walkers Stander manufactures includes wheels that just add to the level of independence the customers are looking for. With wheels, you are able to move comfortably and freely maneuver around. The 6" design allows the users greater freedom and safety of movement.

Once you feel that your Walker's wheels do not function properly, replace them with new wheel specifically designed for such walkers, and increase your own measure of independence once and for all.

Smooth Roll over All Surfaces

Stander's Walker Replacement Wheels, due to their composition are perfect for rolling on different surfaces. Thanks to their design, such wheels allow the usage of the walker inside or outside the comfort of your own home.

If you are using the walker inside your home, these wheels prevent damaging your floor or carpets, and you will not even notice any kinds of marks on the ground. They are subtle, and will not do any harm to the interior of your house and will avoid jeopardizing the comforting feeling of your home.

The wheels, however, are also perfectly made for outdoor use as well. They are very resistant, which allows you to use the walker to run errands outside your home. Because of the wheels, your Stander walker can assist you while grocery shopping, visiting friends and family, or when you simply go for a walk. The wheels also permit using the walker on off-road trails, for instance, while hiking or spending time in nature.

With these wheels, Stander walkers can be used anywhere you want while offering you a complete feeling of security and freedom.

Strong and Durable

Made of Urethane, Stander's Walker Replacement Wheels are very strong and durable. While the initial wheels of your Stander walker can last you for a long time, you can never really predict the circumstances that may potentially damage the wheels and make them unable to use.

That is why the replacement wheels are made absolutely strong and durable for the purpose you need your walker for. The design will grant you the ability to use these replacement wheels for many years to come.

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