Ventura 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter

by Drive

Ventura 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter

Aside from the Ventura 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter, Drive Medical has also designed a 4-Wheel version for those who require an even more stable design. The 4 wheel configuration is better for outdoor activities, a rougher terrain, and more bumpy roads.

Key Features

Key Specs

• Stadium seat (4 height adjustments)
    • 400 lbs weight capacity
      • Adjustable delta tiller angle
        • 6 mph top speed
          • Full lighting package
            • 16 miles drive range
              • Plastic front basket
                • 185 pounds total weight

                  The Ventura 4-Wheel Scooter is an excellent combination of comfort, compatibility, and modern design. The 24V x 350W x 5100 rpm motor and 12V x 33AH batteries provide a 400-pound weight capacity and a top speed of 6 mph with a maximum range of 16 miles.

                  Furthermore, the turning radius of this scooter is 54 inches, the climbing angle is 7.5° and the ground clearance is 2.5 inches. The combination of these 3 features with the full safety package, including the full lighting package and rearview mirrors, make this mobility scooter an excellent alternative for longer travels and outdoor terrains.

                  Apart from these features, the Ventura 4-Wheel has certain specifications which make this device suitable for any user’s needs.

                  Personalized design & Comfort adjustments

                  Drive Medical has always understood the diverse needs of its customers. For this cause, the company designs its products in order for them to be highly adjustable and reach optimum comfort.

                  Swivel seat

                  The seat comes with the possibility for rotation. More specifically, you can rotate your seat and lock it in position at 45° intervals. This way, you can try different settings and find the most suitable one for yourself.

                  Adjustable seat height

                  Apart from the rotation, you can adjust the height of your seat too. There are several possibilities for the height adjustment, you just need to remove the nut and bolt of the seat, adjust to your desired height and return the nut and bolt to the primary position.


                  When it comes to the armrest, many users consider this feature as the decisive factor of comfort. For this reason, Drive Medical has designed the armrest of Ventura 4-Wheel to have an adjustable width, angle, and height. Each user has different preferences and needs, so according to yours, you can try out different combinations of the height and width. What is more, you can adjust the angle of the armrests by simply tightening or loosening the bolt underneath.

                  Stable, yet easily transportable

                  The Ventura 4-Wheel’s dimensions are 48 inches (L) x 25 inches (W). The four-wheel configuration provides better stability than the three-wheel scooters. The total weight of the Scooter is 185 pounds, while the overall size of the Scooter allows users to navigate easily and maneuver obstacles, both inside and outdoors.

                  What is more, the four-Wheel Ventura can be disassembled into five pieces without the use of tools. More exactly: the seat, basket, battery pack, front section, and rear section. There are two possibilities for the seat’s dimensions: 18” (W) x 18” (D) or 20” (W) x 18” (D). However, the floor to seat height is the same in both cases (22-24 inches), so the process of assembling and disassembling is the same.


                  Weight capacity

                  The weight capacity of the Ventura four-Wheel Scooter is 400 pounds. So, the device is pretty much designed for a wide range of users.

                  Travel range

                  The maximum travel range which you can reach is 16 miles. However, the estimated range highly depends on the conditions such as user weight, type of terrain, battery charge, and condition.

                  Battery capacity

                  There are two Lead Acid batteries included with the 4-Wheel Ventura. More specifically, they are 12V 36Ah. In order to indicate the battery capacity at the moment, there are three color indicators: red, orange and green. The red color shows that you must charge your scooter as soon as possible, the orange stands for a short-term trip only and the green color indicates that your scooter is at its full capacity.

                  Charging your Scooter (4A Offboard Charger)

                  In order to ensure maximum use and life of your new batteries, you need to potentially adjust your charging habits. For instance, when you change your batteries for the first time, make sure you leave them at the charger for 8-12 hours and charge them fully.

                  For a daily use of a scooter, it is highly recommended to leave the scooter at the charger once you finish with your daily use, and don’t disconnect it until the following day.

                  Even if you don’t use the scooter, make sure you plug it in at least once a week for a minimum of 10 hours. Yet, don’t forget your scooter at the charger for more than 14 hours, because it can harm the batteries.

                  Safe and secure

                  Drive Medical has included several features in Ventura 4-Wheel’s design in order to increase its security and safety level.

                  Anti-tip / flat-free tires

                  The 4-Wheel Ventura Scooter contains 10 x 3 inches Flat-Free front and rear wheels and 2.5” anti-tip wheels. What is more, the wheels are non-marking.

                  Freewheel mode

                  The 4-Wheel Ventura Scooter comes with the possibility to operate without power. This mode is called the freewheel mode. When this mode is disengaged, the scooter can roll without the use of motor power. Yet, when freewheel mode is engaged, the scooter cannot roll freely, and it is once again in the drive mode.

                  Brakes and stopping

                  The Ventura 4-Wheel Scooter contains electromagnetic brakes. More exactly, a stop is done by simply releasing the throttle. In addition to this, there are two types of brakes: regenerative and park brakes. The difference between these two is that the regenerative brakes decelerate the vehicle and the park brakes automatically lock the tires, simultaneously stopping the vehicle.

                  Safety belt (optional)

                  The positioning belt may or may not be included with your Scooter. More exactly, you are the one who decides if or if not to order the safety belt. If you cannot make this decision by yourself, you may contact a Drive Medical Provider for advice.

                  Available accessories (optional):

                  • Dust cover
                  • Trailer
                  • Oxygen Tank Holder
                  • Crutch/Cane Holder
                  • Drink Holder
                  • Rear Basket
                  • Armrest Bag
                  • Backpack


                  Many users are concerned with the quality of a certain device. For this cause, Drive Medical has provided an exceptional warranty. More specifically, the Ventura 4-Wheel Scooter provides a lifetime warranty on the frame, two years warranty on the Electronic Controller and a year warranty on the batteries.

                  Ventura 4-Wheel Features and Specifications:

                  • Dimensions: 48” (L) x 25” (W)
                  • Floor-to-Seat Height: 22” - 24”
                  • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs.
                  • Total Weight: 185 lbs.
                  • Top Speed: 6 mph
                  • Maximum Range: 16 miles
                  • Captain’s Seat with four height adjustments, from 20 to 23 inches; 18 or 20 inches wide possibility and auto-style sliders
                  • Interchangeable color panels: red and blue
                  • Flat-free / anti-tip wheels (both front and rear): 10” x 3”
                  • Adjustable height and width armrest (which are also removable)
                  • Adjustable angle, delta tiller
                  • Electromagnetic brakes
                  • Motor: 24V x 350W x 5100 rpm
                  • Batteries (pair): 12V x 33AH
                  • Off-board Charger 4A
                  • Turning Radius: 54”
                  • Climbing Angle: 7.5°
                  • Ground Clearance: 2.5”
                  • Large plastic front basket (flip-down handle included)
                  • Ergonomic controls (for limited-strength and dexterity users)
                  • Full lighting package
                  • Rearview Mirrors


                  In order to get more detailed explanation about the specifications of the Ventura 4-Wheel Scooter, you can contact us by giving us a call at 1-800-314-8225 or emailing us at