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Arya Biomed Corp is a leading oxygen device manufacturer that utilizes modern technology to develop innovative oxygen therapy devices designed to give patients the lifestyle they dream of and desire.

They are a true expert in the field of oxygen therapy, making products and devices that improve the lives of oxygen patients around the globe. Read on to know more about Arya Biomed Corp!

About the Company

Oxygen therapy is a life-saving treatment that involves providing supplemental oxygen to patients with COPD, sleep apnea, pulmonary fibrosis, and other respiratory health conditions. Over the years, hundreds of oxygen therapy devices have come out, further revolutionizing the oxygen industry. Arya Biomed Corp was one such company that released its oxygen device, the well-famed Arya Portable Oxygen Concentrator.

Arya Biomed Corp is a successful oxygen device manufacturer that rose to the ranks after its POC release a few months ago. It is a brand that incorporates modern technology to create and develop innovative and reliable oxygen therapy devices to help patients achieve the lifestyle they dream of. 

It is a company that commits fully to quality, providing only effective and tested respiratory solutions to oxygen therapy patients. Not only do they aspire to meet all the oxygen needs of their customers, but Arya Biomed Corp also seeks to motivate them to reach their goals outside of oxygen therapy. 

Company History

Arya Biomed Corp started as a movement devoted to research and developing products that can help improve oxygen patients’ quality of life. It was formed and organized by a group of experienced respiratory health professionals with over four decades in the business. They used decades of feedback after helping more than 40,000 oxygen therapy patients regain their freedom and independence. 

The goal and mission behind Arya Biomed Corp are to improve the experiences and outcomes of respiratory and oxygen patients. Arya’s newly released POC is the product of years spent refining, re-thinking, and improving oxygen therapy devices, which quickly dominated the oxygen industry! 

Arya Biomed Products

Arya is a known brand in the field of oxygen therapy. Below is their award-winning top-seller product that saved and improved the lives of thousands of oxygen patients!

Arya Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Arya’s POC is a top-tier concentrator that provides oxygen users a better quality of life than the traditional oxygen sources and tanks are offering. Arya portable oxygen concentrator is an ultra-lightweight oxygen device that boasts a powerful battery-powered system. It is currently one of the most innovative and powerful oxygen therapy machines on the market.

Arya — realizing that patients’ need for portable oxygen sources means compromising mobility and comfort to haul around heavy oxygen tanks — took up the challenge of developing a small portable oxygen unit. The outcome is a quant device weighing only 5 pounds with many features and benefits.

This petite and light Arya device features a powerful pulse flow setting ranging from 1 to 5, advanced oxygen monitoring and delivery with AutoDOSE safety features, and sensitive breath detection with ultra sense technology. It has a convenient and easy-to-use user interface LCD and a glow-in-the-dark keypad to top it all up. Moreover, Arya portable oxygen concentrator is FAA approved, making it easy for out-of-town and country travelers.

This oxygen device can give you the oxygen you need without needing to sacrifice parts of your life you enjoy.

FAQs About Arya Biomed

How long has Arya Biomed been around?

Arya Biomed Corp was established by a group of respiratory health professionals with more than four decades in the business. It has helped more than 40,000 oxygen users worldwide by providing reliable, improved, and enhanced portable oxygen concentrator devices.

They stood by their promise of helping oxygen patients retain their freedom, independence, and dignity. 

Who owns Arya Biomed?

The conglomerate founder of Arya Biomed is Gary Luckner. He is a passionate consultant who aims to help oxygen patients regain freedom and take back parts of their lives. 

Is Arya Biomed a good brand?

Arya Biomed is a good brand that oxygen patients can trust. Being the product of several experienced respiratory health professionals, it is a guarantee that Arya Biomed’s products have undergone the proper clinical trials and tests, ensuring that they are safe, effective, and risk-free. 

What awards does Arya Biomed have?

The brand earned a couple of prestigious awards over the past months.

  • They were awarded the “Best Oxygen Concentrator Manufacturer - 2022 - USA” during the GHP 2022 Global Excellence Awards.
  • They were also proclaimed the “Best Specialist Respiratory Medical Device Manufacturer - 2022” during the Corporate Excellence Awards.

Is Arya Biomed made in China?

No. Arya Biomed products are made in the USA. The products are designed and assembled in the US to avoid several supply lines and production snags plaguing the oxygen industry. 

How can you buy Arya oxygen concentrators?

Aside from their official website, you can buy Arya products from Sprylyfe. Arya sought out various trusted distributors in the oxygen industry to help sell their products. You will only be able to find Arya products in a small, select group of businesses that proved their credibility and excellent service.

How much do Arya Biomed products cost?

Arya’s trademark Portable Oxygen Concentrator costs $3,450. The prices and shipping fees might vary depending on your location. 

What makes Arya Biomed different?

Arya’s portable oxygen concentrator is unique in its own way. It is the only oxygen device that is light and explicitly designed to sit comfortably on the curve of the patient’s hip. While still maintaining its compact and small design, it has a powerful pulse flow operation and setting that can fulfill most oxygen patients’ needs and prescriptions. 

Where to Buy Arya Biomed Products?

Arya has put their trust in several credible online retailers to help distribute its products across the globe. SpryLyfe is among those retailers. 

SpryLyfe is a company you can trust for genuine and high-quality oxygen devices. We can help fix you up with your own Arya Biomed product now!

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