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Philips Respironics is a well-known brand for its exceptional devices and technology that helped transform today's healthcare industry. The company values health in every stage of human life, and its innovations seek to find a way for life to be better.

With that in mind, let's know more about Philips Respironics.

About the Company

The main goal of Philips Respironics is to provide innovative products to treat several breathing disorders like sleep apnea, COPD, asthma, and more.

They are one of the leading medical equipment manufacturers in the world today. They offer non-invasive ventilation systems, oxygen concentrators, CPAP and BiPAP therapy devices, diagnostic sleep systems, masks, and anything else related to breathing management.

Company History

Respironics started as an independent manufacturer of anesthesia masks in 1978. Gerald McGinnis founded it near Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, and the product research and initial manufacturing began in the founder's kitchen.

They introduced the first continuous positive airway pressure, or CPAP, machine to the public to use to treat sleep apnea in 1985. In 1988, they eventually went public after getting a stock ticker symbol RESP.

They received their first patent for bi-level technology in 1992. It was supposed to be an improvement on the CPAP, but its use expanded to treating other breathing issues common at the time like Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

The company was also able to acquire these companies in the following years:

  • LIFECARE International (1996) – Ventilator company
  • Healthdyne Technologies (1998) – sleep apnea competitor
  • Novametrix (2002) – mMedical monitor and sensor leader

After being successful in the industry, they announced on December 21, 2007, that Respironics would enter a merger agreement with Philips, acquiring $66 per share of all shares of Respironics for approximately $5.1 billion.

On March 14, 2008, Respironics officially became a company under Philips. 

Philips Respironics Products

Philips Respironics has some of the best devices when it comes to respiratory health care. These are some of their most innovative products as of today:

1. SimplyGo

For portable oxygen concentrators, the SimplyGo from Philips is one of the best options you’ll get anywhere. It offers continuous flow, pulse flow, and sleep modes. This device will meet your needs with the three different oxygen delivery modes available. 

2. SimplyGo Mini

The SimplyGo Mini is the smaller version of the SimplyGo oxygen concentrator. Although it’s tiny, it can provide up to nine hours of constant flow with an extended battery! It is also tank-free, so you can conveniently bring it wherever you go. 

3. InnoSpire Go Portable Mesh Nebulizer

The InnoSpire Go is perfect for both children who have asthma. The treatment only lasts for at least 4 minutes, which is faster than most devices. It is also easy to use and non-intimidating so that the child will feel safer and comfortable upon usage.

4. Philips NightBalance

Nightbalance is an excellent alternative for treating sleep apnea. It is mask-free, compact, and easy to use by anyone in need. It can be worn on the chest with an adjustable strap that would not feel uncomfortable.

NightBalance gives off gentle vibrations to signal if you need to shift off your back without disrupting your sleep. 

FAQs About Philips Respironics

How long has Philips Respironics been around?

Philips Respironics has been around for over 46 years in 2022. Since its foundation in 1978, Respironics's devices have been a fundamental component in quality patient care, diagnosis, and treatment.

Who owns Philips Respironics?

Philips Respironics is owned by Philips, a company that mainly focuses on providing health-related technology and innovations. Respironics has been an independent company since its foundation in 1976, and it announced in 2007 that it would enter a merger agreement with Philips.

On March 14, 2008, the company announced that the acquisition was complete, and they are now known as Philips Respironics. 

Is Philips Respironics a good brand?

Yes. Philips Respironics is a good brand and is often included in the top picks for the best manufacturers of CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) devices for sleep apnea treatments. It is a trusted brand for sleep therapy. They have products that can be used both in hospitals and at home and a variety of masks and accessories.

What awards does Philips Respironics have?

Philips Respironics were awarded for their numerous contributions to the healthcare industry, and these are only some of their many recognitions:

To see more of their awards and recognition, click here.

Who makes Philips Respironics products?

The company itself manufactures Philips Respironics products. They are based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, specifically in the suburb of Murrysville. 

Is Philips Respironics made in China?

In 2013, it was recorded that Philips has 111 manufacturing facilities globally, and one of them is Mainland China, the brand's second-largest market. However, the majority of its products are manufactured in its plant located in New Kensington, Pennsylvania, USA.

Does Philips Respironics have a store?

Yes. In 2014, they announced the launch of Philips Respironics Home Health Store, a site where you can get all of their products. This is to utilize ordering online and have it delivered straight to your home.

You can also purchase their products from medical equipment suppliers near you if you still prefer seeing them in person before committing to getting one. 

Is Philips Respironics being recalled?

Some of the Philips Respironics products are being recalled due to the possible health risks for some people. The devices use polyester-based polyurethane foam to reduce the sound and vibrations of their specific products. If this material breaks down, it may enter the machine's air pathway and enter a person's respiratory system.

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How much does a Philips Respironics cost?

Philips Respironics machines and accessories vary in price. Masks and nasal tubes may cost less, while portable and stationary respirators may cost a few thousand. The site or place where you plan to purchase a Respironics product may affect the item's overall cost.

Where to Buy Philips Respironics Products?

There are many sites where you can buy your own Philips Respironics product. If you have a medical equipment supplier nearby, you can check out their available products and see if they have exactly what you need.

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