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CAIRE is probably one of the biggest names in today's oxygen supply and delivery market. It has a long history of providing proven and tested respiratory care diagnostic equipment and oxygen therapy devices.

Read on to know and learn more about CAIRE oxygen and respiratory products and company profile.

About the Company

CAIRE Inc. is a leading and award-winning global oxygen supply manufacturer that offers some of the most innovative and effective oxygen products to date. It is a brand that provides quality services for long-term care, home care, hospitals, hospice, military, and vital industrial applications.

CAIRE has a motto of "O2 is what we do". They take pride in exceeding expectations, setting standards, and challenging boundaries in the oxygen delivery industry. The brand enjoys having a leading edge over its competitors, mainly due to its diverse and broad portfolio that covers patients' continuum of care throughout their oxygen therapy journey — from hospital to home.

The company leverages its rich legacy and history in oxygen delivery technology expertise to create and develop innovative solutions to provide respiratory care and therapy, as well as meet the needs for oxygen therapy. They developed outstanding oxygen concentrators to support respiratory patients' long-term health and wellness worldwide.

Aside from POC units and travel oxygen, CAIRE also produces high-quality oxygen generation systems fit for industrial and commercial applications. 

Company History

CAIRE has been developing innovative oxygen equipment for the past 50 years to help respiratory patients who require constant oxygen therapy. The brand brought together countless solutions through various markets and brands across the globe. 

CAIRE's outstanding portfolio, marketed under SeQual, AirSep, HELiOS, and Caire brands, includes various stationary and portable oxygen therapy devices and turnkey on-site oxygen generation commercial solutions. 

Recently, the CAIRE brand was acquired by NGK SPARK PLUG. NGK shared unique technology and innovations in spark plugs through this acquisition. That includes their ceramics and sensing technology with the help of CAIRE in developing new oxygen solutions. 

CAIRE has proven time and time again that they are a true pioneer in oxygen delivery technology. One of the more notable proofs was when the brand was dubbed one of the first companies to achieve FAA airline approval. 

Caire Products

Caire medical grade oxygen devices and equipment have progressed and developed over the years. Today, these devices are among the leading oxygen products in the market. Here are some of Caire's exceptional products: 

FreeStyle Comfort 

FreeStyle Comfort is arguably CAIRE's best-selling oxygen device. With this, you can expand your comfort zone and become more productive. Paired with a stunning, durable design and unmatched comfort, you will undoubtedly experience a new standard in portable oxygen.

It is lightweight with a curved design that can hug your body. Moreover, it has long-lasting battery life with great flexibility to flow rates that can adapt swiftly with your prescription changes.

Eclipse 5

For a high-grade transportable oxygen concentrator, CAIRE has Eclipse 5. It is an award-winning oxygen device with stunning clinical efficiency that can quickly adapt to your oxygen needs. With this concentrator, you can perform more activities and be more productive.

Intended for personal use, Eclipse 5 is made to meet the oxygen needs of respiratory patients with a more active lifestyle. It has a flow rate of 0.5 to 3 liters per minute with both pulse and continuous settings. 

Companion 5

Companion 5 is a low-maintenance stationary oxygen concentrator with a versatile and energy-efficient design intended for home use. It is a large, innovative piece of equipment that gives COPD patients the confidence to breathe easier with advanced components and technology. 

It incorporates CAIRE's continuous flow technology, offering a constant and steady oxygen flow. This unit has a modular design that makes it easy to operate and use.

Airsep NewLife Intensity

If you are looking for a capable, high-capacity stationary oxygen concentrator with an outstanding continuous flow setting, CAIRE's NewLife Intensity ticks all the boxes. This unit combines high pressure (20 psi outlet pressure) with a high flow rate to produce up to 10 LPM of oxygen. It is perfect for long-term care facilities and hospitals where high oxygen flow is needed.

This unit has a 10 LPM dual flow unit that can offer additional savings to long-term oxygen facilities. It can deliver and provide oxygen to two patients simultaneously from a single concentrator, saving both energy and time.


Read through the frequently asked questions about the CAIRE brand.

How long has Caire been around?

CAIRE has been around for more than 50 years. The company has a long history of developing and perfecting oxygen delivery equipment critical to providing support to those in need. 

Who owns Caire Inc.?

Recently, CAIRE has undergone significant changes. NGK SPARK PLUG CO., LTD acquired the Georgia-based oxygen device equipment supplier in 2018. The acquired company, CAIRE, joined the NGK SPARK PLUG group in building globally vital oxygen-related devices and products. 

Is Caire Inc. a good brand?

Yes, CAIRE is an excellent brand to trust. They are a leading brand for oxygen supply equipment, releasing some of the world's highest quality and most technologically advanced oxygen devices. They have a full line of oxygen devices that can aid in treating and easing the symptoms of respiratory illnesses.  

What awards does Caire have?

CAIRE has a few award-winning oxygen concentrator products that have dominated the oxygen supply market for the past years. Among these award-winning products is the FreeStyle Comfort Portable Oxygen Concentrator.

CAIRE's telehealth solution also received the New Product Pavilion Provider's Choice Award Silver Award during the Metrade West 2021. 

Where are Caire products made?

CAIRE is a leading oxygen supply equipment supplier that made a name across the globe. Aside from its primary manufacturing headquarters located in Ball Ground, other CAIRE's global locations include Buffalo, NY; Anjo, Japan; Padova, Italy; Chengdu, China; Wuppertal, Germany; and Wokingham, UK. They also have a distribution center that is located in Melbourne, Australia. 

Does Caire Inc. have a store?

The official website of CAIRE serves as an online store where you can purchase its products. 

Where to Buy Caire Products?

Aside from the official company website, there are also several authorized internet retailers where you can buy CAIRE products. Sprylyfe is among those trusted distributors that sell official and genuine CAIRE oxygen devices! 

Browse our website to see all the available CAIRE products for sale in our store today! If you need any assistance, don’t hesitate to call our respiratory specialists at (800) 314-8225, so we can assist you.