Sprylyfe Brand Partners

Sprylyfe is an authorized dealer of the following brands.

Arya BioMed

Arya Biomed logo

Arya is the leading brand of portable oxygen concentrators on the market. They’ve focused their efforts on research and developing cutting-edge solutions, meeting the needs of people relying on oxygen therapy. Learn more about Arya BioMed here.


CAIRE Inc logo

CAIRE Inc. has been a leading global manufacturer of oxygen supply equipment for more than 50 years, and one of the first companies to achieve FAA airline approval. Learn more about CAIRE Inc. here.

GCE Healthcare

GCE logo

GCE Healthcare is committed to offering high-quality breathing equipment and other respiratory products. They provide innovative solutions that can help people with respiratory issues. Learn more about GCE Healthcare here.

Philips Respironics

Philips Respironics logo

Headquartered in Monroeville, Pennsylvania, Philips Respironics has been around for over 46 years. The company's main goal is providing innovative and effective products to treat various respiratory conditions including sleep apnea, COPD, and asthma. Learn more about Philips Respironics here.

Precision Medical

Precision Medical logo

Precision Medical is a global leader with their products in the medical industry. They make devices that are both durable and have longevity. Their products are used all over the world, providing an assortment of respiratory needs to different patients.


ResMed logo

ResMed has always been uncompromising in its goal to provide market-leading medical devices and equipment for treating sleep-disordered breathing and many other chronic diseases. The company has been a pioneer in sleep health, inventing CPAP machines, concentrators, and other life support ventilators. They are now the biggest producer of these devices, helping millions of people with their products around the world. Learn more about ResMed here.

Rhythm Healthcare (Previously Lifestyle Mobility Aids)

Rhythm healthcare logo

Lifestyle Mobility Aids, now called Rhythm Healthcare, has supported consumers with mobility issues since 1992. They partner with you past the prescription and offer guidance to keep you comfortable and educated. Their products include concentrators, mobility aids, bed accessories, and more.