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ResMed is a renowned medical device company and manufacturer that focuses on building and developing technology and equipment that can help people live healthier, happier lives. 

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About the Company

ResMed’s main drive and focus have always been to develop and manufacture market-leading medical devices and equipment for treating and managing sleep-disordered breathing (SDB), COPD, and other chronic diseases. They offer pioneer solutions to help improve the quality of life and health of those who suffer from these diseases and conditions. 

Currently, ResMed has become a global leader in sleep health. They developed CPAP machines, masks, and life support ventilators that helped millions around the globe. Its primary purpose has been to leave behind a positive impact on millions of lives in more than 140 countries worldwide. 

Company History

While the company was established in 1989, ResMed’s technology story dates back to 1981. It all started when Professor Colin Sullivan and his colleagues at the University of Sydney developed CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure), which served as the pioneer non-invasive ventilation treatment for OSA (obstructive sleep apnea). 

Professor Sullivan, the one who patented the technology, sought out a manufacturer that could distribute and commercialize the device. He came in contact with Chris Lynch, the Managing Director of Baxter Center for Medical Research. From there, Dr. Farrell got involved. 

Dr. Farrell participated in further developing the CPAP machine prototype by performing clinical trials. When Baxter expressed their decision not to enter the sleep apnea or SDB market, Dr. Farrell bought the technology and worked on establishing his own company. Respiratory Medicine, or ResMed for short, was born after that.

From the get-go, ResMed’s core focus and mission has always been to treat SDB, with obstructive sleep apnea as the primary focus. Recently, the company decided to widen its scope and reach. They dived into respiratory care and cardiology for further growth while still leading the SDB market. 

ResMed Products

ResMed developed several exceptional and high-quality medical devices in the 30 years of its active operation. Here are a few of their best-selling products that dominated the sleep health and respiratory care market in the past years: 

AirSense 10 Series (CPAP machine)

ResMed’s AirSense 10 includes a wide variety of features created to give comfortable therapy and myAir access to keep you on track throughout your sleep apnea treatment journey. It has an enhanced digital health technology with four therapy modes; CPAP, Elite, Autoset, and Autoset for Her.  

AirSense 10’s Autoset and Autoset for Her adjust their airflow pressure levels throughout the night. The for Her model version includes a gender-specific therapy mode. Meanwhile, the CPAP and Elite models are fixed-pressure machines that can deliver a consistent and steady pressure prescribed by your doctor. 

AirTouch F20 (CPAP Mask)

Aside from CPAP machines and ventilation devices, ResMed also has a line of efficient CPAP masks. Among the best sellers is the AirTouch F20 mask. It is a mouth and nose coverage mask that promises both comfort and convenience.

This mask is made of UltraSoft memory foam that can deliver a comfortable experience and help you attain a good night’s sleep. It requires minimal cleaning, giving you more time to add to your morning routine.

AirTouch N20 has magnetic clips. Two simple snaps will immediately turn your mask on or off. Finally, it has a quick-release elbow that allows you to move freely and get up at night.

Astral (life support ventilator)

ResMed’s Astral life support ventilator gives patients personalized care every step of the way. With adaptive technology and exceptional battery life, you have yourself an efficient and reliable ventilator that can meet your needs. There are two models under ResMed’s Astral series; Astral 100 and Astral 150. 

Astral 100 is a light and portable life-support ventilator that can give you invasive and non-invasive options. Meanwhile, Astral 150 offers the same functionality as the former model, with a few additionals such as a double-limb circuit and FiO2 monitoring. 

FAQs About ResMed

How long has ResMed been around?

ResMed has been around since 1989, founded in Sydney, Australia. The company’s core market was to provide treatment for sleep-disordered breathing (SDB), with special emphasis on sleep apnea. The company’s target areas recently grew and extended to respiratory care and cardiology.  

Who owns ResMed?

Dr. Peter Farrell is the founder and current chairman of ResMed’s Board of Directors. His son, Michael “Mick” Farrell, took over recently and was appointed as CEO in 2013.

Is ResMed a good brand?

Yes, ResMed is undoubtedly a brand you can trust. It is currently the leading global manufacturer in terms of sleep apnea therapy and has produced several efficient and high-quality sleep and respiratory care products. Their brand has been proven and tested over the years. 

What awards does ResMed have?

ResMed is a top-ranking brand with several awards under its belt. Among the most renowned awards they received are “One of America’s Most Responsible Companies (2021)”, “#1 Healthcare Equipment & Services Company to Work For”, “2019 Dealmaker of the Year”, and “Best Overall Health Administration Software”.

Who makes ResMed CPAP machines?

ResMed’s CPAP machines were developed and produced by the company’s team themselves.

Is ResMed part of Philips?

No. ResMed is entirely independent. On that note, ResMed devices are safe to use and are not subject to nor part of Phillips’ June 2021 recall. 

Is ResMed made in China?

All finished products sold outside of China are built or created outside of China. However, there are Chinese-made components that are used on ResMed products. 

Is there a shortage of ResMed CPAP machines?

There is an increased demand for CPAP machines after Philip’s recall in June 2021. ResMed expects at least 12 months of the incredible demand for ResMed products, which leads to constraints on supplies. Fortunately, the company has a clear and detailed plan on how to mitigate the supply constraints. 

Where to Buy ResMed Products?

There are various websites and places where you can purchase genuine ResMed products. The brand has an online store where you can directly purchase its products. You may also visit CPAP stores near you and check if they have ResMed products available.

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