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GCE Healthcare became one of the standards in providing medical equipment worldwide. The company constantly improves their reputation in the industry, making them one of the most trustworthy sources of high quality equipment.

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About The Company

The GCE Group is one of the leading companies and manufacturers of gas control equipment in the world. They already have almost 100 years of experience in this industry, making them reliable in terms of medical equipment.. 

GCE Healthcare is considered the heart of the GCE Group. They are committed to providing innovative, high-quality medical gas equipment and other related accessories that can help people with breathing problems.

The company is also dedicated to coming up with leading and rightful solutions for their valuable customers. Since their number one priority is to care for their patients, they work together with professionals in different parts of the world.

Company History

The GCE Group was developed in 1987 when the world’s leading welding and gas companies combined and worked together. This is also the reason why they started to become an independent company. Since then, GCE has begun to grow efficiently.

This growth included the development of GCE Healthcare which was introduced as a global brand that offered healthcare products for years. Since it is a worldwide brand, they integrate the names into Healthcare businesses such as GCE mediline and GCE Sabre medical.

With the help of research and programs developed by the company, GCE has started to set standards, which serve as a guide for the people working in the industry. They became a trusted brand internationally and have manufacturing facilities in the United Kingdom, China, and the Czech Republic.

GCE Healthcare Products

GCE Healthcare provides safe, reliable, and good-quality medical devices. They ensure that each piece of equipment is designed, produced, and delivered in compliance with the rightful quality and standards.

Provided below are some of the GCE Healthcare products that might be helpful to you.

1. Zen-O Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Zen-O is a portable oxygen concentrator that can help those who have a passion for traveling despite their respiratory problems. This device helps them have their needed therapy whether in-home or outdoors.

The Zen-O’s weight stands at 4.66 kg, which can deliver 2 liters of oxygen per minute. You do not have to worry because it will automatically increase when the patient's breath rate rises. 

Zen-O also has a field-replaceable sieve bed, which is essential for the concentrator device. Take note that you can replace the sieve bed depending on the condition. On the other hand, Zen-O is used with other equivalent accessories such as a carry bag or pull cart for its mobility.

2. Zen-O Lite Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Zen-O Lite is considered one of the quietest and light portable oxygen concentrators. With a standard weight of 2.5 kg, it can deliver 1,050 ml of oxygen per minute. It is also set in a self-regulating pulse mode, making it easier to use as you sleep.

The device also comes with travel essentials such as a discreet carry bag and a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 4.5 hours. There is also an available remote referred to as Clarity that can give a predictive alert to oxygen providers, family, and friends.

3. OC-E Series Oxygen Concentrator

OC-E Series is composed of the OC-E80 and EC-100 oxygen concentrators, which can provide 8-10 liters of oxygen each minute. Both of these OC-E Series devices have sensors that can monitor the purity level of the oxygen given to the patients. It also has an alarm called “No-Flow”, signalling the patient's alertness when no oxygen is supplied. 

4. M50 Stationary Oxygen Concentrator 

This oxygen concentrator is considered a light and compact device that applies PSA technology. This is to efficiently provide an oxygen flow of up to 5 liters every minute. It also has a sensing device that can monitor oxygen levels, and an alarm referred to as “No Flow” that can signal the patient when there is no oxygen supply.

5. Aquapak Sterile Water Packs

An Aquapak sterile water pack is a humidifier combined with an adaptor that is easy to use. The adaptor has an alarm that can serve as an alert to the clinician. It is latex-free, single-use, and individually packed.

It is also composed of a disposable humidifier bottle, oxygen adult mask, oxygen connection tubes, extension adapter, water traps, and angle trim of aquapak.

FAQs About GCE Healthcare

How long has GCE Healthcare been around?

GCE Healthcare was founded right after the GCE Group was formed. It has already been years since GCE Healthcare started to provide reliable support to oxygen patients. Up until now, GCE Healthcare still offers good performance for their current and future patients.

Who owns GCE Healthcare?

GCE Healthcare is owned by the GCE Group.

Is GCE Healthcare a good brand?

Its long-time service proves that GCE Healthcare is a good and reliable brand. They are one of the leading companies providing high-quality medical-related equipment globally.

What awards does GCE Healthcare have?

GCE Healthcare received plenty of awards and certificates addressing its good performance and quality standard. On the other hand, HME Business also awarded GCE Healthcare for their outstanding overall readership in their advertisement. They were able to accept the following certifications:

  • Advertising Excellence Award
  • Management System Certificate
  • EC Certificate for quality assurance system

Is GCE Healthcare made in China?

All of GCE Healthcare’s products are manufactured in Sweden, where the GCE Group’s main office stands. However, due to its global and international presence, it became possible to have manufacturing facilities in China. 

What makes GCE Healthcare different?

GCE Healthcare is different because they set the standards and expectations through extensive research and programs. These standards have become the benchmark for the entire industry.

Where To Buy GCE Healthcare Products?

Since GCE Healthcare is a well-known brand in the medical field, you can easily find their products in physical and online stores. There are plenty of websites and authorized sellers who can help you find the right device that will provide your oxygen requirements.

If you’re looking to buy right away, you can easily find them at SpryLyfe. All you have to do is to search for GCE Healthcare products and select your preferred device. The team will accommodate all your concerns and inquiries to find the right product that will suit your needs.

Feel free to explore our website, or you can directly call us at (800) 314-8225 for more details.